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To Love A Cowboy feat. Coming Home To Maverick by Sophia Summers

Coming Home to Maverick

About the book 
Bailey is back. Maverick thought he was over her. But neither can deny the feelings that will always be there.

Bailey has made mistakes, so many she doesn't think she'll really ever forgive herself. But her daughter deserves the kind of life Bailey had growing up. When she shows up on her parents' doorstep back to her hometown, the one person she isn't ready to see is Maverick. But will she ever be able to face him?

The minute Maverick hears Bailey is back, he knows his heart still belongs to her. But what kind of man trusts a woman who left him at the altar? As he grapples with a new daughter that he can't help but wish was his, all the responsibilities of running his family's ranch, and the hurt he feels about Bailey's betrayal, he finds new love and hope not only with her but with God. 

As soon as God is a part of the equation, the sweetness they find is better than they ever had. Just maybe this second chance around is God's gift of happiness to them both.

And others are saying 
Coming Home to Maverick is a story of forgiveness and redemption. It is a story that will tug on your heart because who hasn't made mistakes, sometimes big ones, that require the forgiveness of others and also the hard task of forgiving yourself? 
rated it it was amazing
I loved reading this one! The little bit of escape it gave me to a small Texas town was one of my favorite things about it. And that small Texas town was one of the hardest things for main character, Bailey.
rated it it was amazing
The characters and struggles in this book are so real and compelling. They have struggles you will relate to. Dreams that they have to choose between. Mistakes that haunt them and fill their nights. 

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To Love A Cowboy-Feat. Poppy- The Root Of Murder by Lauren Carr

Welcome to Day 3 of the To Love A Cowboy Book Tour 
I knew when I planned this tour that I wanted to include Poppy and J.J.'s Love Story it begins here . . .

Excerpt . . .

“I’ve never asked. Do you like dancing?” J.J. looked across the passenger compartment of his truck to Poppy when she didn’t answer. They were on their way to Beaver Falls to visit Madison Whitaker’s studio. Preferring to make use of the element of surprise, he hadn’t called to make an appointment.
Staring straight ahead, Poppy chewed her bottom lip. She picked at the brim of her western hat, which rested in her lap. Why she had taken it with her to sign up for dance lessons, she had no idea. It must have been because she was wearing it while riding Gulliver when J.J. told her it was time to leave. She hadn’t even bothered to change out of her riding boots.
“I wasn’t planning for us to learn anything too complicated,” J.J. said.
“I haven’t danced in years.” She sighed. “My dad wanted his little girl to be a dancer.” She shot a glance in his direction. “A ballerina. I was in dance classes from the time I could walk.”
“I pictured you more as a line dancer than a ballerina.”
“Yeah, who would’ve thought. Mom let me continue with the lessons after Dad disappeared. That was only because all of the right people had their daughters in dance.” Sadness filled her face. “But then, after …” Her voice trailed off.
“Forget about that.” He reached for her hand. “Think about here. Now. Today. You loved dancing. I love to dance. It’s something we can love together. Let’s have fun with it.”
She squeezed his hand. “And drag information out of your former girlfriend.”
He smiled at her. “Have I told you today that I love you?”
She brushed her fingers down his cheek and across his jaw. “Maybe not in so many words.”
In the middle of the lunchtime rush, downtown Beaver Falls was busy with customers filling the cafes and restaurants, which made it impossible to find available parking in front of the studio. J.J. circled the block twice in search of a space big enough for his truck when he spotted a familiar face behind the wheel of a purple SUV that had scored a spot in front of the dance studio.
Her long dark hair spilled in long waves over her dark cloth coat. J.J. recognized her even with sunglasses covering her eyes. He was so focused on watching her enter the dance studio owned by her rival that the car behind him had to lay on the horn to move him along.
“There’s a spot right there.” Poppy pointed to the empty space on the next block.
After putting coins in the parking meter, he took her hand and kissed her on the mouth when she stepped up onto the sidewalk. “I saw Heather going inside just now.” He led her across the street.
“Why would someone go into a dance studio owned by her archenemy?”
“Good question.” He flashed a grin at her. “I intend to use all of my charm to find that out.” He grabbed the door handle to open the door for her.
“And I’ve never seen you charming before,” she whispered as she stepped inside.

Hoping that Madison would fill the void of silence with useful information, J.J. waited. Madison stared at him while chewing on her bottom lip. He could see her mind working. He felt like she was about to say something more when Elizabeth announced that she had a lesson in five minutes.
Madison uttered a visible sigh of relief.
Inwardly, J.J. groaned.
“Well, it was good to see you again, J.J.” Madison moved for the door.
“Would you believe I forgot what we had come in for.” J.J. took Poppy’s hand. “We would like to schedule some private lessons. As you know, we’re getting married at the end of March and I hear a lot of couples have the first dance choreographed for them. I was hoping—” Taking Poppy into a bear hug, he flashed a wide toothy smile.
“You brought your fiancĂ© to your old girlfriend for dance lessons for your wedding?” Aaron asked from under the desk. “Dude! You’ve got more guts than I ever did.”
Madison regarded the two of them for so long that J.J. feared she would refuse and usher them out of her studio with an order to never return. Finally, she asked, “What’s your song?”
Unarmed with that information, J.J. paused while Poppy answered promptly, “We want to do the Viennese Waltz to ‘Endless Love.’”
Madison took a step back. Slowly, she looked Poppy, dressed in jeans, riding boots, and a western hat in hand, up and down. “The Viennese Waltz?” Her lip curled up. “That’s not exactly for newbies. I’m sure J.J. could handle it but—”
“I danced in the children’s company of the Rocky Mountain Ballet Theater for five years.” Poppy put on her hat and cocked her head to look at Madison out of the corner of her eye. “I can handle anything you throw at me.”
Madison let out a sigh. “I’m sorry. I misjudged—”
“That’s okay.” Poppy winked at her. “You’re not the first one to underestimate me.”
“Being underestimated is Poppy’s superpower,” J.J. said.

About the book
Homicide Detective Cameron Gates learned long ago that there is no such thing as a typical murder case. Each mystery is special in its own right—especially for the family of the victim.

The homicide of a successful executive, husband, and father seems open and shut when the murder weapon is found in his estranged son-in-law’s possession. The circumstantial evidence is so damning that when her step-son, J.J. Thornton, agrees to act as the defendant’s public defender, he assumes his first murder case will be a loss. Only the report of a missing husband proves that this case is not as open and shut as it seems. 

Strap on your seat belts for a wild ride in this mystery rooted in decades of deception that sprouts into murder.

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Read my review
I read The Root Of Murder when it was released in 2019.
I loved the book.  Which for this Lauren Carr is no surprise.  
Click here to my review.
The Lover's In Crime series features J.J.'s dad and his wife Cameron. If this little excerpt and Poppy's Interview (it's over herehave you wanting to read more check out the series.
Dead on Ice (Lovers in Crime Mystery Book 1) - Kindle edition by ...

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To Love A Cowboy Tour Day 2 Feat-Lost Billionaire Heir by Sophia Summers

book cover of Lost Billionaire Heir

About the book 

A man who doesn't know he's about to be a billionaire. A woman who is forced to marry well.

The tall Texan ranch hand leaned back against the corral fencing as he waited for the ranch guests to gather by the stable. His cowboy hat was pulled down shading his eyes as he chewed on the end of a tall piece of grass. This was his time to get a good look at the guests before he saddled their horses and helped them into the saddle. Working at the exclusive Rio Lago Ranch gAmazave him a birds-eye view of a class of people much different from those in his home town in Minnesota. Jacob could size up most of the guests just by watching them a few minutes. Some guests were more trouble than others. He had learned how to avoid the advances of the women who found him very similar in appearance to the cover models on the western romance novels they loved. He wasn't interested; the only woman he had ever loved he met on the run hiding floating down the Mississippi River years ago. What will happen when she shows up as a guest at the Rio Lago Ranch? 

Will his late grandfather's lawyers find him before she marries someone else?

And I thought
I really enjoyed this book.  So much that I invited the author to be a part of this tour.  Click here to read my review.

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Finding Hope by Pamela Gossiaux-To Love A Cowboy Tour

About the book
A Sweet, Inspirational Romance about Hope, Horses, and Second Chances!

An introverted horse-whisperer, a famous equine artist, and the mare who brings them together.

“If you are looking for a read to give you comfort, boost your faith, and make you remember how it feels to fall in love, this book is for you!”- 
Pamela Stewart, Amazon bestselling author

Main character Tori Reynolds has never liked the term “breaking” horses to ride. Instead, she earns their trust, and can climb aboard a wild mustang the same day she meets it. Her life as a B&B owner and sought-after horse whisperer is pretty much perfect—until a visit to New York City changes everything.
Matt Cheval is a handsome, nationally-known artist. When Tori steps into his Manhattan art show, she unexpectedly finds herself and her horse in his paintings. Angry and frightened, she is now faced with the memory of a day she has spent years trying to forget.

Read an excerpt 

This painting is of a real horse,” he said. He had never admitted that before. He had always kept it a mystery.
“What about the woman?” someone asked.
He smiled. “The woman?” he said. “Well, every man has a dream woman. I guess she’s mine.” 

Matt put the book down and met her eyes. “I came to apologize,” he said. He shoved his hands into the front pockets of his jeans. 
Tori crossed her arms. “Apologize for what?” she said.
Matt looked down at the table, considering. Then he looked back up at her. His eyes were soft, honest. “For that day. Four years ago. I had no right.”

Legend says that the dead sheik arranged with the gods to commend the dedication of his mare, so that from then on, any descendant of hers who was possessed of outstanding courage or ability would bear the bloodstains as a mark of honor.

The wind stirred the quiet breeze, and all Matt could see was a rounded hill, and behind that, the top of the barn.
Tori whistled again. Matt heard a subtle rumbling, and then Hope appeared over the hill, trotting in their direction. He would recognize her anywhere by the marking on her shoulder. She was still as beautiful as he remembered.

“A sunset looks better from horseback,” she said, smiling down at him. Suddenly her shyness was gone. Her eyes sparkled as she held a hand out for him. “Come on.”

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Meet the author

Pamela Gossiaux an international bestselling author and the author of the books Good Enough, The Russo Romantic Mysteries, Ordinary Girl, Why Is There a Lemon in My Fruit Salad? How to Stay Sweet When Life Turns Sour, and A Kid at Heart, as well as the highly praised Horses and Hearts inspirational romantic series.

Pamela has been writing and working with writers for several decades. She has a dual BA degree from the University of Michigan in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature, and over 20 years of journalism writing experience. She teaches writing workshops and has been the editor for published books in a wide variety of genres, both fiction and non-fiction, including best sellers. She has self-published a book on writing called Six Steps to Successful Publication.
An avid horse enthusiast, she enjoys being outdoors and working in her garden. She also loves chocolate and prefers to curl up with a good book in her downtime. Pamela lives on a horse farm in Michigan with her family and three cats. Visit her website at 

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Cross Shadow by Andrew Huff- I Read With Audra Book Tour-Review/Giveaway

A Cross to Kill is an ACFW Carol Award Finalist in the debut category! You may want to mention that as a reason why your audience will want to read this series.

About the book
All journalist Christine Lewis wants is the truth. All pastor John Cross wants is to avoid it.
Former CIA agent turned evangelical pastor John Cross is busy caring for the small community of believers he ministers to in Virginia. Journalist Christine Lewis is busy with the demand for her talents from top news agencies in New York City. Neither has any time left for their relationship, which began eight months before when they paired up to prevent the detonation of a chemical bomb in the nation’s capital.
But when Christine hears that her stepbrother has been arrested for murder in Texas, they team up again to discover the truth about the crime. Untangling a web of conspiracy, the couple finds themselves in the center of another dangerous situation-and in trouble far deeper than they expected.
With an assassin on the loose, a trusted colleague acting as a double agent, and unreliable artificial intelligence connected to mercenaries who have Cross on their hit list, these two may not get out of the Lone Star State alive
And I thought
Fast paced page turner that will keep you on the edge of 
your seat.
I love this series. I had the opportunity to read book 1 and I knew that book 2 would be a great read,
Author Andrew Huff gives the reader suspense and just  a bit of romance.
The suspense, drama and the romance is woven into the story without a lot of violence, language and descriptive bedroom scenes.
The characters grab your interest and you'll be turning the pages as you cheer them on.
This is a great series.  I am anxiously waiting for book 3.. 

I received a complimentary copy. 
My review will appear on Amazon, Good Reads and promoted on Social Media.

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Die A Yellow Ribbon by Teresa Trent- Great Escapes Tour

About the book
Betsy Fitzpatrick, a local helpful hints columnist, feels she has found her own personal guru after reading a book on organizing. Her beloved town of Pecan Bayou is competing in the Annual Golden Pecan Treasure Hunt in the suffocating heat of a Texas summer. The prize is a cruise out of Galveston, and Betsy’s husband Leo is looking forward to a little alone time with his wife, if they can only win it.

After a curious accident and an unsolved murder, Betsy finds it takes more than a precision sock drawer to spark her joy. No matter how neat and organized it might be, murder is always messy.

Die a Yellow Ribbon features the cast of loveable characters from Pecan Bayou including Ruby Green from The Best Little Hairhouse in Texas, Mrs. Thatcher the dispatcher, and Lester Jibbets the port-a-potty king. Come along and follow the clues to find the Golden Pecan.

Recipes and helpful hints included!

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Booked for Death by Victoria Gilbert-Great Escapes Tour

About the book
From the critically acclaimed author of SIBA Okra Pick A Murder for the Books, Victoria Gilbert embarks with a new series for perfect for fans of Kate Carlisle and Juliet Blackwell.

A book lover’s B&B in an idyllic waterfront village becomes the scene of a grisly murder–and a ruthless battle between treachery and the truth.
Nestled in the historic waterfront town of Beaufort, North Carolina, Chapters Bed-and-Breakfast is a reader’s paradise. Built in 1770, the newly renovated inn hosts a roster of special events celebrating books, genres, and authors. It’s the perfect literary retreat–until a rare book dealer turns up dead in the carriage house during a celebration of Golden Age mystery author Josephine Tey.
The victim’s daughter points the finger at forty-two-year-old widow and former schoolteacher Charlotte Reed, who inherited the B&B from her great-aunt Isabella. Charlotte is shocked to discover that the book dealer suspected Isabella of being a thief who founded Chapters on her ill-gotten gains. Charlotte has successfully learned the B&B business in a year, but nothing has prepared her to handle a death on the premises.
Armed with intelligence and courage and assisted by her vibrant older neighbor, a visiting author, and members of a local book club, Charlotte is determined to prove her innocence and to clear her great-aunt’s name. But the murderer is still at large, and equally determined to silence anyone who might discover the truth behind the book dealer’s death. Now, Charlotte must outwit an unknown killer–or end up writing her own final chapter.
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