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Guest post  
Richard Alvarez Speaks Out About His Sister,
Lee Alvarez, Protagonist Of
The Culinary Art of Murder

My sister is the best but she can drive a person crazy. She takes chances, she doesn’t listen to reason, and she certainly doesn’t listen to me. Maybe that’s because she’s three years older. Sure, Lee’s pretty smart, but don’t tell her that. I like to pretend I’m the smart one in the family. I’m a computer genius, if I’m to believe any of the write-ups in Wired. Frankly, I don’t. Silicon Valley is full of hype.

But Lee’s got this special talent, which is pretty awesome. She’s a natural born ferret. She can find anything or anybody, anytime, anyplace. And it doesn’t matter how long ago, either. That’s why she’s got a reputation as one of the best investigators at Discretionary Inquiries. Some people might say that’s only because our mother, Lila Hamilton Alvarez, is CEO of D. I., but nepotism will only take you so far, especially with the likes of Mom. Behind her back, I call her ‘Our Lady’ and she’s Godzilla tough. I’ve known her to crack open a coconut just by staring it down.
But back to Lee and her ferreting. I remember when I was in the 6th grade, this bully a year or two older, started beating me up after school for no reason. Lee found out that his dog had been missing for three weeks and he was taking his frustration and anger out on me. Wearing her non-judgmental hat, Lee went to him and said that she would find his dog if he promised to leave me alone after that. Even I didn’t think she could pull that off. The kid laughed in her face but she got him to promise. Long story short, Lee took her bicycle out every day after school and found the guy’s dog five days later chained in a yard in East Palo Alto. She had to walk back with dog in tow, because she’d traded her Schwinn for him. The bully turned out to be pretty nice guy after that, serving in Iraq now. We still keep in touch at Christmas.
Anyway, that’s the kind of sister Lee is. She’s got your back. Which is good. She may drive me crazy but when Murder is a Family Business --that’s Book One of the Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries -- she’s exactly who you want to be hanging out with.

About the book 
Lee’s Uncle ‘Tío’ is smitten with a visiting chef at a Silicon Valley culinary arts institute. When the lady is arrested for two murders, a fellow chef and the dishwasher, Lee Alvarez, lead investigator for Discretionary Inquiries, Inc., the family owned detective agency, agrees to help find the real killer. But undercover work at the institute proves to be more difficult than whipping up a chocolate soufflé. The killer tries to get Lee out of the way and permanently. But just who is it? The lady chef? One of her two sons? Or one of the other inmates from a cooking school with secrets as plentiful as sauces? Can Lee find the real killer before her own goose is cooked? And if it turns out to be the ambitious southern belle chef, will Tío ever forgive Lee for sending his new lady love to jail?
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And others are saying . . . 
I’ve been a long-time fan of the Alvarez Family (since finding her first book on Bookbub a few years ago) and enjoy Ms. Haven’s sense of humor as she spins her stories for us readers.
~Cinnamon, Sugar and a Little Bit of Murder

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  1. I remember having all the Trixie Beldon books. I loved each one of them! It's amazing what stays with you after all these years. Thanks for hosting me today.

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