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The Drop Dead Temple Of Doom by Heather Have Great Escapes Tour Review

 September 9 – My Reading Journeys – REVIEW 

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Ace detective Lee Alvarez is perfectly cozy at home with her cats when she and her former Navy SEAL husband receive a panicky call from JJ, an archeologist cousin, who’s on assignment deep in the Guatemalan jungle. The news? JJ is pregnant– and the father of her child has gone missing in the wilderness. The site director won’t let JJ call the police, so she asks Lee to travel to the jungle and track down her missing man.

Begging for help from Lee Alvarez sure makes sense–Lee’s family runs Discretionary Inquiries, a ritzy Silicon Valley P.I. firm. Lee is the star detective, her Uncle Tio’s on staff as the genius chef, and Lee’s brother, Richard, is a whiz at all things technology. Not to mention the presence of Lee’s very high class, upscale, and frankly scary mother Lila. Who–by the way—steamrolls her way onto Lee’s jungle trip.

A beleaguered Lee, the judgmental and prissy Lila, and Lee’s gorgeous SEAL husband (turned partner-in-crime) depart on the adventure of a lifetime, perfect for cozy mystery armchair travelers. And, once in the jungle, the already-gripping story takes a grisly turn: the three investigators have barely arrived in the lush, verdant wilderness when they discover a dead man–the assistant to JJ’s missing husband–dressed in traditional Mayan warrior garb with a poisonous frog crammed in his mouth.

And that’s just for starters: author Haven concocts a wild ride through the jungle that’s simultaneously fun, potentially fatal, and always entertaining.

Fans of cozy authors like CeeCee James, Hope Callaghan, and of course Janet Evanovich, will discover a new favorite series! Lee’s gang will also appeal to lovers of female PIs, especially those with lots of colorful friends and relatives, like Linda Barnes’ Carlotta Carlyle and Lisa Lutz’s Izzy Spellman. A near certainty: If you like THE SPELLMAN FILES, you’ll love the Alvarez family! 

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And I thought

This is a fun series.  I have read a couple of the others too so I knew I would enjoy turning the pages.   

The cover didn't really draw me in.  Don't let keep you from reading this one.  

I am learning over and over not to judge a book by its cover!  

The reader is caught up in a fast paced adventure with Lee and her ex Navy Seal husband who jets them off to Guatemala when his cousin J.J. calls for help. 

The matriach of the Alvarez family and Lee's mom or should I say Mother Lila shows up just in time to jet with the couple.  

Lila is quite a character.  She is along for the trip because she has special training.  

All the special training is needed when people start dying suspiciously.   Then when Martin J.J.'s  husbandis found the truth comes out that he was kidnapped. 

Why?   A kidnapping. A couple of of murders. Mayan artifacts come up missing. 

The reader is on a wild ride trying to figure out who is behind all the unpleasantries. 

In the end clues are solved and Lila, Lee and Guen jet home.  

And receive a letter from J.J. so are we going back to Guatemala for book 8. 

This was a fun read.  The main characters are smart and with.  And fun. 

I enjoy this series and wait expectantly for the next one. 

I received a complimentary copy. 

My review will appear on Amazon and Good Reads. 

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