Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Author Spotlight feat. Cozy Author Sharon Michaels

Welcome Today we have a fun treat!

A chat with Author Sharon Michaels 

Hello Sharon thanks for joining us!  It is a warm and pleasant  day here on Galveston  Island perfect for a tall glass of Ice Tea.  

Is it Ice Tea weather where you are? 

I’m here in the very warm desert Southwest United States. A tall glass of iced tea sounds perfect! I don’t have an ocean to listen to, but I am watching the cacti bloom. Here’s a picture I took on this morning’s walk.

We got acquainted  when I began reading the doxie Detective  Series (which I  ❤ btw) would you share with the readers a few of the other series  you write? 

Writing a series is fun and challenging. It’s fun because you can delve into a character’s personality and get to know them better. It’s bit challenging because as an author you have to make sure you keep the stories interesting and the character growing and evolving. I’ve written several different series, so I guess I like a good challenge.

The Oscar the Doxie Detective four short read book series was my first fiction series and probably my favorite. It was written to honor the memory of our mini-dachshund Oscar. I wanted to capture his never-give-up curious attitude and sense of adventure. I laughed and cried while I was writing that series. It was truly a labor of love! 

Here’s a link to Oscar the Doxie Detective on Amazon – available in Kindle – Kindle Unlimited and Paperback:

Since that first series published in 2017, I’ve written several different series – most of them are cozy fiction, a few sweet romance, and one a dual timeline series of nine books about an antique hat (The Hat with Nine Lives). 

Toward the end of last year, I published my first woman’s paranormal fiction series called Witch’s Creek. The House on Whitmore Road and the House on Warwick Pond. The stories aren’t scary but will keep you guessing with all the cozy mystery twists and turns. And, there’s a later in life romance too. 

You can see all the books on my Sharon Michaels Author website:

You seem really  busy writing and promoting  I am always seeing lots of posts on Facebook. 

 Writing is my full time career and I love it!!! 

I get up around 4:00 AM and write on my current work in progress (which is a prequel to the Oscar the Doxie Detective series) for at least two hours. I take a break and then dive into the marketing aspect of the business. I have a reader’s group on Facebook called Chatting with Sharon where I post fun things, a behind the scene look at what I’m writing and answer readers’ questions. 

This year I’ve started something fun and different In my Chatting with Sharon Group – a chapter a month of a new book, The Happy Cookie Jar Bakery.  

The last day of every month the group members get to download another chapter. By the end of 2022, they’ll have the complete book on their e-reader.  

Here's the link to come join my Chatting with Sharon Facebook Group:

On my Sharon Michaels Author website I have a blog and usually post there twice a month. I communicate several times a day with my readers on Facebook with posts and make sure to do at least one Facebook Live each week. This month I’m starting a Book Club featuring one of my books. At the end of April, I’ll be doing a Facebook Live Book Discussion. It should be fun! 

But, what do you do for fun?  Hobbies? 

Honestly, writing books is the best fun I can have! 

During the last couple of years, my husband and I have gotten away from traveling as much as we used to. We live in a beautiful part of the United States so driving to the grocery store and looking at the mountains and Saguaro cactus in bloom brightens my day.

I love to read and am an avid reader. I read anywhere from 20 to 30 books a month. 

 How about holidays.   Do you have a favorite?   Do you decorate  for holidays? 

 I enjoyed all the holidays. Holidays are fairly quiet around our house. My favorite holiday time is when my husband and I decorate for Christmas. We put lights up in front of the house and make sure it is festive and cheery. 

Here’s a picture from last Christmas: 

 Spring is upon us but summer is right around the corner.  We could sit and have a cold slice of watermelon soon!

If I stopped in for an afternoon  visit we gather? 

If you stopped by during the summer, we’d be sitting in the living room enjoying the air conditioning. Or, maybe we’d rent a cabin for the summer up in the mountains or next to a cool lake. Summer in the Southwest is HOT!!! My favorite month is April when the cacti are blooming, the wildflowers are vibrant, and the temperatures are in the 80’s. Come visit me then and we’ll take a walk to enjoy the beauty of the springtime desert.

The sun is setting here so it's  about time to get supper on the table.  Is that next on your agenda? 

 When the sun begins to set, that’s when I begin my relaxing reading. We have our big meal of the day around lunch time. By noon I’m hungry! I’m not much of a breakfast person and I’ve been working at my desk since four in the morning, so I’m ready for a hardy meal. Generally, we’ll have a main dish cooking in the slow-cooker, or my husband will be whipping up something delicious. We do like to eat! And yes, a big cold slice of watermelon sounds perfect. 

Here's what we had for lunch yesterday: 

 My next big writing project is writing the three short read book series prequel to the Oscar the Doxie Detective series – the first book will be available on Amazon May 2022. It’s an interesting series to write because in Book 2 of the Oscar Series, The Couponer’s Club Murder, we know how the main character, Paul Madison, in the prequel dies. Paul Madison comes back as Oscar the Doxie Detective. I know, sounds different, doesn’t it?

And, I am excited to collaborate with three other cozy mystery authors to write a cozy Christmas series you’ll find on Amazon in December, 2022. 

Plus – all the other hundreds of stories that seem to be rolling around in my head keeping me awake in the middle of the night. I wouldn’t change anything because that’s the fun of being an author!!!

It was fun sharing my love of writing and reading with you, let’s stay connected!

My goal as a fiction author is to write sweet, clean and fun short reads about strong women who create success, contentment, and happiness in life and love. 

Visit my website.  Click Here

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Thanks Sharon for such a nice chat!   

Come by anytime! 



  1. What a fun interview. Great questions; And those food pictures would make me hungry if I hadn't just eaten. We had fish today because I went thrift store shopping with a friend and got KFC coleslaw on the way home. My favorite meal.

  2. It was a fun interview! Thank you for commenting. :)