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Guest Post. Fungi Foul Play

 June 8 – My Reading Journeys –

Hi there, how are you? It is my pleasure to introduce myself, my name is Kandi and I have the privilege of living in the beautiful town of Carolan Springs. I’ve lived here, like, forever. I have been living here since I was a child, and I cannot envision living in any other place. The town I live in is situated a few hours away from Denver and has a charming Main Street that I adore. I have the option of driving to it, or I can take the trail that goes through the town and out to the lake. It’s beautiful too. Winter brings such a magical feeling to the atmosphere, like you’re living in a snow globe. It’s when we have quite a few tourists, too. Along with the fall, when the town hosts a homesteading fair. 
I was left a large, old house by my grandfather, and it is currently my home. My house is on a cul-de-sac, and I have chickens I care for in the backyard. It was because of one of my mischievous chickens escaping from its cage, I had the chance to meet my new neighbor. Anne Freemont moved here from another state, but if it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t be able to, like, write this. Oh, almost forgot, that’s another thing. She despises it when I use ‘like’ a lot, but I’m trying to do better. But I’ll probably always use it cause I like the word, like. So why not! 
Oh, that reminds me. The first year she lived here, Anne spoke about chickens. I wonder if there will be something about mushrooms this year. I should make a note about that. Now, like, where was I? Oh, yeah. She may laugh at some things I say, but my curious mind is something I have had since a very young age. And I know she isn’t making fun of me. In many ways, I believe that I remind her of her younger self. 
Anyways, I thought life was good before she arrived. But afterwards, we’ve gotten involved in so many mysteries it’s not even funny. Though I’m not sure why mysteries would be funny. Oh well. Once Anne has heard of a mystery, she will not stop until she solves it, she is like a dog with a bone. She is determined to find a resolution to this issue and will not rest until she is certain justice is served. That’s the thing about her. She puts up a front of toughness, but in reality, she has a heart of gold. And the fact is, I just love her to bits. And she feels the same way. You can’t get any better than that. 
Apart from us, there are other inhabitants that call this place home. Of course, Stewart, who’s such a sweet guy. There’s Hope. Her mom, Faith, well, I can’t give that away. Hope is much more pragmatic than the rest of us, and as such, is often the level-headed one in our group of sleuths. She is highly skilled in both the medical and herbal fields. She is the proud owner of the Herbal Shoppe, which is located in the center of town. 
Who else? Um, Sheriff Carson. He and Anne like oil and vinegar on some days. When they come together, they make an incredible team. Along with other businesses, our town also has a bookstore, which Sorcha runs. Sam is a wonderful person who works as an EMT and supports the coroner in their duties. 
I almost let this slip my mind, but thankfully I caught myself before I did. Not only do regular people live in this area, but there is also a cool model who makes it their home. She wants to keep this quiet, so we are keeping it on the hush-hush. 
I know that there are many more people living here than I can list off, but I cannot recall them all. As of now, I will give you an overview of the situation and events in town. We were horrified to learn that someone had died, and it seemed to be caused by the ingestion of poisonous mushrooms. I know what that means. Anne will be ready to get back to her sleuthing once more. As she needs my help, I am certainly going to join in on the ride. And probably Hope too. But we can’t seem to get hold of her for the last few days. But I’m sure everything will be revealed when she returns. 

I hope you’ll come to visit us in Carolan Springs. So many people say they’d love to visit here for reals. Well, you can visit us! Just open up any of the books and we’ll be ready to welcome you to our town. You can meet all of us in Chicken Culprit (the first book) or the most recent book, Fungi Foul Play. 

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