Wednesday, November 8, 2023

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November 9 – My Reading Journeys – REVIEW WITH EXCERPT

 About the book 
Twelve days before Christmas, the forecast calls for snow with a hundred percent chance for love as the owner of the Seaside Bookshop risks everything, including her heart.

Christmas returns to Bluestar Island in this heartwarming page-turner. While the small town’s holiday calendar is filled with festive events, the friendships of Bluestar’s residents are put to the test. Melinda Coleman owner of the Seaside Bookshop finds herself making a deal with the town curmudgeon that could cost her everything. While furniture maker Liam Turner is suddenly a full-time single father. He’s in over his head with an active three-year-old. It will take these two friends helping each other to keep their lives from imploding and in the process, they find the most precious gift of all—love.

Includes a holiday recipe for Santa’s Mitten cookies!

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He glanced over at Mel. “If you can point out where you have the salt, I can take care of the walks for you.”

“I cleared them a little while ago.”

“I can tell. It’s just one of those snowy days where they’ll have to be shoveled multiple times.”

She nodded her head. Her long ponytail swished over her shoulder. Her cheeks still had a rosy hue. It looked cute on her. But there was this look in her warm brown eyes that caught and held his attention. He knew that faraway look. He’d seen it before when he’d kept her company in the hospital after her father’s heart attack. She was worried about something and he didn’t think it had anything to do with the weather.

He raised his voice to gain her attention. “Mel?”

She blinked before focusing on him. “Um… You don’t have to do the sidewalk.”

“I know I don’t have to do it, but I’d like to. Besides, I can’t take the chance of a beautiful woman falling into my arms every time I walk past the bookshop.” Now why had he gone and said that? Although he did find her attractive—very attractive. And if he was in a position to date, he’d ask her out.

As the color in Mel’s cheeks deepened, a smile pulled at the corners of her rosy lips. “I, uh… It’s in the back.”

And then he realized why he’d uttered those words—to make her smile. It warmed him like the sun, even though it was a cloudy day with snowflakes. No matter how challenging the day may be, when she smiled, it lifted his spirits. He followed Mel to the back room where she had a shovel and a bag of salt as well as a bucket. 

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And I thought  
I usually start with my review but . . . 
The cover spoke Cozy.  As in just a warm sit by the fire read.  

I was beckoned.  

A few of my favorite things lured me in  Christmas.  Small town charm.  

A sweet romance. 

And fun recipes at the end. 

A perfect preholiday read cuz' it really isn't Christmas yet.  But a read that speaks Christmas maybe even in July.  

I enjoyed meeting Jennifer Faye and her characters. 

I enjoyed the charming town. 
A Hallmark movie in a book! 

I enjoyed reading this one and plan to read more in the series by Jennifer Faye. 

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  2. I'm looking forward to scoring a copy of the book from my local library. I can't wait to read it.

  3. Thank you so much for hosting my book!