Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Release Blitz-Carpool by Noelle Adams

Noelle Adams Carpool.jpg

About the book 
The last thing I want is to share a forty-five minute commute with the most obnoxious (and attractive) man I know. But I can't afford a new transmission right now, so I'm stuck with Marcus for at least a month.
He promises to be good, but Marcus Greene is never good. And I'm not sure how long I can resist him.
Carpool is the first book in the Milford College series, novellas about the faculty and staff of a small liberal arts college.

And I thought
I'm still thinking because I'm still turning the pages.  But I like what I am reading....

The main characters Marcus and Jennifer are just meant to be.  

It's expected.  There's chemistry that can't be denied. 

There are few hot bedroom scenes.  And actually Momma would toss this one.  But the Jazzy Grandma would be turning the pages while she fans herself.  

I am enjoying this story and fanning myself as I ride to the end.  

I received a complimentary copy. 
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Thursday, July 11, 2019

My weekend read . . .

Three Widows and a Corpse (A Food Blogger Mystery Book 3) by [Sennefelder, Debra] 
Hmm...this cover beckons.  I received an Advanced Ready Copy from the author. 
This is my weekend read

I did sneak to the end to check out the recipes and Oh My . . . 
There are:
Chocolate Walnut Muffins
Artichoke and Spinach Bake Pasta (my daughter would love it)

And a few more . . .
Maybe I'll share

What are you reading this weekend?

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

What You Did by Willow Rose-Silver Dagger Tour/Giveaway


About the book 
Former FBI-profiler, Eva Rae Thomas, faces the most personal case in her career, as bestselling author Willow Rose’s new hit series continues.

Three girls disappear on prom night at the local high school. One of them is the prom queen.

FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas is chasing her long-lost sister when detective—and boyfriend—Matt Miller asks her to join the investigation of the three girls’ disappearance. They were last seen walking home together after the dance.

When the body of a young girl shows up in her backyard, Eva Rae knows she can no longer watch from the sidelines, and soon she realizes not only is she involved in this investigation, she’s also this killer’s target.
WHAT YOU DID is the second book in the Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Series and can be read as a standalone.

And I am thinking 
This one is a page turner and I am still turning the pages.  It is promising to be a great weekend read. 

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Book Tour-Deadline with Death-Great Escapes Tour with Giveaway

Tour and book info below
About the book 
Dee Flanagan loves Irish history, bad rom-coms, and red lipstick. Dead clowns, injured time travelers, and shootouts don’t make it onto the small town reporter’s Top Ten list. After the bullets stop flying in Dunleagh Castle’s courtyard, it’s up to Dee to convince people she didn’t imagine a gunfight played out between two centuries. With the body count rising, and no one willing to believe Dee’s time travel theory, she’s forced to team up with a man who’s either a bona fide fruit cake or a police officer from the year 1919. Using her expert knowledge of the Irish War of Independence, Dee sets out to solve a century-old crime, plus a modern-day murder.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Book Tour Feature-No More Time by Suzanne Trauth-Great Escapes Tour with Giveaway

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About the book 
Restaurant manager Dodie O’Dell has found her niche in the cozy New Jersey town of Etonville, creating menus that make a delicious double-act with the community theater’s productions. Now she’s ready for a vacation at the Jersey Shore town she called home before a hurricane hit. Sun, salty air, and seagulls make for a nostalgic escape from regular life—until a contingent from Etonville arrives to compete in a Jersey Shore theater festival.
Roped into helping her former boss cater the event, Dodie also gets a visit from her old flame, Jackson, who’s hoping to revive his charter boat business and is looking for a place to crash. Before Dodie can tell him that ship has sailed, Jackson’s partner is found murdered on his boat. Dodie knows her ex is a mooch, but she’s sure he’s no killer. But as she follows a trail of evidence that leads into her own past, Dodie stumbles on a dangerous conspiracy theory that could bring the festival to a shocking finale…
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Monday, July 8, 2019

Left Fur Dead by J.M. Griffin-Great Escapes Tour-Giveaway Begins Today!

I have not read this book. 
This is a Spotlight post
About the book
 On Fur Bridge Farm, Jules cares for rescued rabbits. But when a killer strikes, she’ll need a rabbit to rescue her . . .
Juliette “Jules” Bridge prides herself on the tender rehabilitation she provides for injured or abused rabbits on her New Hampshire rescue farm, but she has a very special relationship with one bunny in particular. Bun is a black-and-white rabbit who happens to have the ability to communicate through mental telepathy. Once she got over the shock, Jules found her furry friend had a lot to say.
One frigid March morning on their walk together, Bun spots a body. The police identify the frozen stiff as Arthur Freeman, aka Arty the Mime. Jules and Arty knew each other on the children’s party circuit, where he’d perform magic tricks and she had an educational rabbit petting pen. With Bun egging her on, Jules decides it’s time they hop to it and put their heads together to discover who silenced the mime. But their investigation leads them down a rabbit hole of more suspects and lies, while a killer sets a trap for them . . 
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Friday, July 5, 2019

Book Spotlight-Beneath The Surface by B.K. Stubblefield-Silver Dagger Tour

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About the book 
He clutched his head in his hands. His shoulders shook, but no sound came. Minutes stretched, interrupted only by the pop of burning wood.”

Ryan Collins had it all – financial freedom, an exciting career, and attractive women. A favorite photographer in the glamorous world of fashion, his lifestyle is the envy of many. Only a few know of the demons that haunt him.
When Ryan and Emily Carmichael discover Oak Creek’s dirty secret, they become witnesses to a drug crime. With Ryan’s plans for a career change temporarily on hold, the physical and emotional attraction to Emily grows strong. But a twisted truth taught so many years ago spirals to the surface and strangles his heart. A romantic relationship just isn’t meant to be.
While assisting a friend with a documentary in the African wild, Ryan is forced to confront his terrors. As the battle within rages will he be able to permanently silence the voices this time? Will he find a way back to Emily, and the happiness he so desperately craves? Or is it too late?
The series
Click here to read my review of book 1 Secrets In Oak Creek.

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