Monday, August 13, 2018

To Bead Or Not To Bed-Great Escapes Tour-Spotlight

About the book 
When a wealthy theater owner is killed by a falling art glass chandelier, glass beadmaker Jax O’Connell’s boyfriend, Detective Zachary Grant, quickly determines it was no accident. Jax and her friend Tessa try to carry on with a charity fashion gala at the theater, but with only a few days before the big event, they have to scramble to keep things from falling apart. The emcee quits, and to make matters worse, Tessa’s daughters are suspects in the murder. As the chaos unfolds, Jax discovers new suspects at every turn, including an edgy glass blower, an agoraphobic socialite, and a hunky former-cop-turned-actor. Can Jax piece together the clues to find the killer and uncover the dark secrets behind the victim’s family or will it be curtains for her?

And others are saying 
Jax and Tessa always have memorable adventures, and this is no exception . . . I was totally surprised at the identity of the killer, for sure.
~Book Babble
The book has a wonderful combination of humor and romance and danger and above all, mystery.
~Laura’s Interests
Delightful cozy mystery full of crafty bead details, a cute kitty, and a murder that will keep you guessing.
~Books a Plenty Book Reviews
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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Death Over Easy by Maddie Day-Great Escapes Tour-Review-Giveaway

About the book
Restaurateur Robbie Jordan is ready for the boost in business a local music festival brings to South Lick, Indiana, but the beloved event strikes a sour note when one of the musicians is murdered . . .
June’s annual Brown County Bluegrass Festival at the Bill Monroe Music Park in neighboring Beanblossom is always a hit for Robbie’s country store and cafĂ©, Pans ‘N Pancakes. This year, Robbie is even more excited, because she’s launching a new bed and breakfast above her shop. A few festival musicians will be among Robbie’s first guests, along with her father, Roberto, and his wife, Maria. But the celebration is cut short when a performer is found choked to death by a banjo string. Now all the banjo players are featured in a different kind of lineup. To clear their names, Robbie must pair up with an unexpected partner to pick at the clues and find the plucky killer before he can conduct an encore performance . . .
Includes Recipes for You to Try!
And others are saying 
The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read. The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and painted a clear picture of South Lick, Indiana and all of the town folk.
~MJB Reviewers
The interwoven storylines keep the story fresh, exciting, and engaging. If you are looking for a cozy mystery that is fast-paced (never a dull moment) and will keep you on the edge of your seat, I suggest you give Death Over Easy a try!
 ~Sapphyria’s Books
I enjoyed Robbie and seeing her parents show up was a nice surprise. A great read.
~Babs Book Bistro
Absolutely incredible cozy mystery novel!
~Books a Plenty Book Reviews
Death Over Easy is a charming cozy mystery that will have you eager for the next A Country Store Mystery.
~The Avid Reader
And I thought
Great series.  And they do keep getting better and better. 
Each one is fun and stands alone with just enough background to draw you right in and keep you turning the pages. 
Robbie is one busy girl with the feeding folks, and running a B&B
but she doesn't waste anytime when murder happens and friends become suspects.  
When it is found quickly that the victim had made quite a few people mad the suspect list gets bigger and the twists and turns
keep you guessing. 
I enjoy the recipes at the end too. 

I have enjoyed this series and look forward to reading more. 

I received a complimentary copy. 
My review will appear on Good Reads, Net Galley and retail sites.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Death On The Menu by Lucy Burdette-Great Escapes Tours-Review

About the book 
When a killer strikes just before flan time, beloved food critic Hayley Snow is forced to sniff out the killer before someone else bites the dust.
Hayley Snow, fiery food critic for Key Zest magazine, has just landed a ticket to one of the most prestigious events in Key West: a high-brow three-day conference at the Harry Truman Little White House. Even though she’ll be working the event helping her mother’s fledgling catering business, there’s plenty of spicy gossip to go around. But just before her mother’s decadent flan is put to the test, Key West’s most prized possession, Hemingway’s Nobel prize gold medal for The Old Man and the Sea, is discovered stolen from its case.
Unsavory suspicions point to Gabriel, a family friend and one of the new busboys working the event, who mysteriously goes missing moments later. Anxious to clear his name, Gabriel’s family enlists Hayley to help find him, but right as they begin their search, his body is found stabbed to death in the storeroom.

Hayley has no shortage of suspects to interrogate and very little time before the killer adds another victim to the menu in national bestselling author Lucy Burdette’s delectable eighth Key West Food Critic mystery, Death on the Menu.
And others are saying 
What a great addition to this wonderful cozy mystery series. . . Just full of Key West history, a mystery, and characters to liven up the book as the investigation goes on in between the plot twists.
~Books a Plenty Book Reviews
Death on the Menu contains good writing and engaging characters. Lucy Burdette does a wonderful job at world building.
~The Avid Reader

There is something in the book for any reader. The problems and crimes are definitely not simple to solve.
~Laura’s Interests
And I thought
8th in the series written as a stand alone.  This  was my first 
chance to read this series.  It was easy to get in at #8 even though 
I had not read any of the prior books. 
I was looking forward to reading this one since it was about a 
Food writer and the story revolved around a catering event.  I also 
usually enjoy the Florida locale.  

This one though fell a little flat for me.  Perhaps it was the historical/political aspect of the dealing of the U.S. and Cuba. 

Or perhaps it was the Hemingway references and locale of the historic buildings.  

Death On The Menu just seemed to be slow even though it took place in just a few days.  There didn't seem to be a fast paced ride. 

For me this one was just o.k. 

For you it might be the best so far! Death On The Menu is a Cozy mystery with no language or bedroom scenes.  Check it out and see for yourself.  

I received a complimentary copy.
My review will appear on Net Galley, retails sites and Good Reads.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Persuading Piper by Susan Boles-release Day-Review

Persuading Piper: Brotherhood Protectors World by [Boles, Susan]
About the book 
Piper McKenzie has a great life. She lives in a planation home that’s been in the family for generations with her overprotective father and Ham, the family guard dog. She dates, but keeps her broken heart under lock and key. Nobody will ever hurt her again like Ian Elliot did.

Ian “Hawkeye” Elliot lives his lifelong dream of being a Navy Fighter pilot until a busted eardrum clips his wings forever as a pilot. Brotherhood Protectors, Inc. throws him a lifeline working with other retired veterans offering valuable skills honed by military service. Until his latest assignment, nothing shakes him, but this job threatens not only the life of the woman he loves, but also his heart. 

Using a visit to his mother as cover, Hawkeye arrives back in town to provide bodyguard services to Piper’s father. His challenge is to keep his charge alive while avoiding the glares and hostility from the girl he left behind. Complicating his job is Ham-the-guard-dog, who hates him. 
The question is which is more deadly? Bullets, a mean dog, or emotions? Only time will tell.

And I thought 
It's always fun to get into a new series.   Susan Boles gives us a not only new characters to love but she spins a Romantic Suspense that will keep you turning the pages. 

You'll feel like your at home when you realize that this new one 
is a cross over to her fabulous Cozy Series!  

The locale takes place in the Lily Gayle town and a few characters join Piper and Ian making this a fun read. 

The romance is sweet and might make MaMa blush a little but she would be turning the pages all the way to the climatic ending 
that kind kept me on the seat with a little bit of a cliff hanger.

A cliff hanger that opens the door for the installment.  

If your a fan of Romantic Suspense and Cozy Mysteries you'll 
want to check out Susan Boles.  

I received a complimentary copy. 
This review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads. 

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Monday, August 6, 2018

The Scent Of Waikiki by Terry Ambrose Great Escapes Tour

About the book 
Honolulu landlord Wilson McKenna can smell a scam from across the room. So when one of his tenants loses everything in a work-at-home scam involving a new perfume, he’s shocked. With his wedding just weeks away, McKenna has to make a tough decision. Does he evict a woman who’s down on her luck? Or take time out from wedding planning to help his tenant?
Turning the case over to his PI-in-training friend Chance Logan seems like the perfect solution—until Chance tells McKenna he needs a wingman for a visit to fragrance entrepreneur Skye Pilkington-Winchester. McKenna’s sure he can keep everyone happy by helping Chance this one time. But nothing is ever as easy as it seems, and soon McKenna’s up to his board shorts in hot water. His tenant’s simple fragrance scam might involve industrial espionage, Skye’s assistant is murdered, and McKenna’s bride-to-be accuses him of having cold feet.
As McKenna and Chance dig deeper, it seems so much of what they’re being told doesn’t pass the sniff test. And the only way to get his life back is to find the dead girl’s missing boyfriend, unmask a killer, and finish up in time for the wedding. Other than that, it’s just another day in paradise.
And I thought 
This is the first book I have read in the Trouble in Paradise Series.
Having read Clues In The Sand  from another series by the 
author I was expecting to really, really love this one and get involved in a new to me series.  

The Scent of Waikiki is book 9 in the series.  I didn't feel lost jumping in at book 9 but I was somewhat disappointed.  It is definitely written as a stand alone.  It was easy to get into the story but I felt there was very little backstory at all.  I was left wanting to know more about how McKenna and Chance got to where they are now.  

I liked McKenna and Chance. I liked their characters.  I enjoyed their camaraderie.  They worked well together yet they were kind of stumble bums.

They did solve the mystery(s) in the end but they ended up getting help from a couple of different sources.

I did not like McKenna's girlfriend Benni.  I might have a different 
feeling about her if I had read at the least the previous book which centered around a murder with a suspect being one of her family members.  What I didn't like was she just kept jerking McKenna's chain.  First telling him not to get involved in another 'case'.  Then
telling him get involved.  Then whining because she wasn't involved.  She expected him to tell her everything he was doing and keep her posted on his progress on solving the mystery
She threatened to 'Take a break' and leave for a few days changes her mind and then goes off with Chance's girlfriend and starts playing sleuth and then won't give McKenna any idea what is going on when he texts only sending him texts with crude emojies. 

I did enjoy  some of the sub-characters.  Steward the elderly man that was the retired owner of the delivery service was a hoot.  He 
suffered from confusion at times from serving in the military.  He would get confused and think they involved in a military operation. 
But when he was lucid he was quite charming and actually helped with McKenna and Chances investigation. 

The other characters the witnesses and just people involved with what was going on were well developed and added to the story. 

The story and plot were well written and thought out.  For this 
reader The Scent of Waikiki was a fair read.  
Was it great?
Actually not. 
 But I liked McKenna and Chance enough to want to read more. 

I received a complimentary copy. 
My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads. 

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Midnight Snacks Are Murder by Libby Klein- Great Escapes Tour-Review/Giveaway

About the book 
When her sleepwalking aunt is accused of committing murder, Poppy McAllister finds out there’s no rest for the weary . . .
Between trying to get her gluten-free baking business off the ground and helping her aunt remodel her old Victorian into the Butterfly House Bed and Breakfast in Cape May, New Jersey, Poppy is ready to call, “Mayday!” And now Aunt Ginny—who’s a handful wide-awake—is sleepwalking on her new sleeping pill prescription and helping herself to neighbors’ snacks and knickknacks.
Even more alarming, a local humanitarian who worked with troubled teens is found murdered, and the police suspect the “Snack Bandit.” Other than a bad case of midnight munchies and some mild knickknack kleptomania, Aunt Ginny is harmless. Someone’s trying to frame her. Poppy will need to work tirelessly to uncover the killer and put the case to rest—before Aunt Ginny has to trade in her B & B for a bunk bed behind bars . . .
Includes Seven Recipes from Poppy’s Kitchen!
And others are saying 
This book has a lot of humor along with the mystery. I had a hard time putting the book down . . .
~Storeybook Reviews
Midnight Snacks are Murder will have you laughing the whole way through with Aunt Ginny and Georgina’s antics.
~The Avid Reader
A tightly-written narrative, strong supporting cast, and tons of humor combine to make Midnight Snacks Are Murder a thoroughly entertaining read.
~The Power of Words
And I thought
Do you love a good Cozy?  Do you need a chuckle?  
Midnight Snacks Are Murder by Libby Klein gives you a 
great Cozy.  And way more than just a little chuckle.  You might
just be cracking up while you ride along with Poppy as she tries to rein in  her eccentric Aunt Ginny. 

In this installment Poppy is up to her eyeballs with Ginny's escapades.  When Ginny ends up with a little medical condition that needs some medication that happens to cause sleep walking things get more than crazy.  

As poor Ginny unknown to herself and everyone begins visiting the neighbors in the wee hours and helping herself to a few snacks and a few trinkets the word get outs and someone decides to do a Copy Cat and commit murder.  Leaving everyone suspecting Aunt Ginny.

When the police end up charging Aunt Ginny and putting her on house arrest Poppy doesn't waste a moment to investigate and clear Aunt Ginny and solve the crime.   

Seriously this is a fun and funny Cozy read.   

Not only is murder a foot Poppy and Ginny are trying to restore Ginnys old Victorian and turn it into a B&B they are sabotaged by Poppys ex-mother in law. 

If you love a good Cozy filled with great characters and some twists and turns you'll want to read Midnight Snacks Are Murder
I enjoyed the yummy recipes at the end!

I am looking forward to the next one in this series!

I received a complimentary copy. 
My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads. 

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Friday, August 3, 2018

Psycho In Paradise by Deborah Brown-Beck Valley Tour-Review/Giveaway

About the book 
In the Florida Keys, you have to take the shady with the sunny. And Tarpon Cove has more than fifty shades of shady going on.

Shady No. 1: When Brad is caught with the dead body of his crazy ex-girlfriend—a body he swears was planted—the Westin family gathers to plan a strategy. That family now including Fab, Didier, and Creole by default.

Shady No. 2: Fab is having a hard time keeping her promise to go legit. It’s not her fault she tends to attract clients who want their problems solved without getting the cops involved. Trying to keep her reined in is a full-time job, and a thankless one, since Madison keeps getting roped in on “easy” jobs that wind up getting the kind of messy that require specialized cleanup.

Shady No. 3: Ferreting out the info needed to save Brad means using sources so deep in the friend-of-a-friend network they’re anonymous.

The only thing not shady is Creole’s love. Madison’s kept her promise never to lie to him. Mostly. But when the killer wafts like smoke through the cracks in the investigation, it reminds her she should’ve eaten dessert first more often.

The Paradise series, are Florida Keys mysteries, “great as stand-alone reads, but they're like won't be able to devour just one!”

And I thought
And they just keep getting better.  
For this reader it's hard to choose a favorite character in the series. 
Although Madison is the main character her bestie, room mate and business partner Fab is just as much a main character. 
Fab's shanagins/escapeds in the name of work are just hilarious.
Fab and Madison are always getting into some kind of trouble. 
The boyfriends Creole and Didier are fun characters and great guys watching out for these two fearless sleuths. 
The are a bunch of sub characters that are woven in and out of each of the stories.   They each bring another layer of calamity and humor.  

If you are looking for a great Cozy series to start check out the 
Paradise series.  All the books are written as stand alones.  
You'll enjoy each and everyone of them.  I have. 

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Knot My Sister's Keeper by Mary Marks-Great Escape Tour Review

About the book 
In tracing her ancestry, quilter Martha Rose discovers a ritzy half-sister, a stash of family secrets, and a decades-old mystery that only she can unravel . . .
Martha Rose is shocked to find she has a half-sister, especially one so different from her. Giselle Cole is wealthy, widowed, and lives a glamorous life in West Los Angeles. At least her grandmother was a quilter! But Giselle can’t answer Martha’s many questions about their father—he disappeared when she was only a child and the few clues left behind indicate he may have been murdered. So Martha and Giselle team up on an investigation that weaves them through the streets of L.A., their father’s hidden love affairs, and into some mysterious unfinished Cole family business . . .
And I thought
Delightful.  This newest book in the Quilting Myster Series is even better than the last.  (Knot What You Think click here to read my review).
In this newest installment #6 Martha is surprised, cautious and aprehensive to find out she has a half sister.  Not only that when she meets her half sister she finds out their father disappeared just before Martha's 21st birthday.  Giselle who Martha begins calling 'G' is rich, loud at times and says what she thinks without thinking.
In the beginning Martha almost loathes her but Giselle being Giselle seems to worm her way into every ones affections.  
As the two connect and decide to investigate their fathers disappearance together they become close and end up really liking and then loving each other as sisters. 
I loved Giselle's character.  She was obnoxious at times but she is also tender hearted and lonely.  Maybe the over the top attitude hides her loneliness. 
All of Martha's friends are back with the exception of Birdie who got married at the end of What Knot To Think she is traveling with her new husband. 
Jazz of course is back along with his little dog. Jazz is hard not to like even if you don't agree with his 'lifestyle'.  I began to really like him in the last book.  He's a good friend and he is a designer providing wedding gowns for his friends when needed.  
As with the last book this one ended with a wedding.  Hmm I wonder if the previous 4 ended with nuptials?
Martha and Giselle take the reader along for the ride as they travel to Arizona, NYC, Vegas and a few other places as they look for answers and actually have a little fun too.   As they begin to find a few answers they begin to realize that their father was quite the 
womanizer when it's discovered that they have a brother also that they didn't know about.  

I really enjoyed Knot My Sister's Keeper and I hope to read the new book in the series.  I hope that Giselle and Martha become a team!  

If you enjoy cozy's this series is a great one to get into.  The author gives a lot of interesting information about the Jewish faith and weaves the art of quilting into the stories.  

I received a complimentary copy. 
My review will retail sites, Net Galley and Good Reads.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Billionaire Auction by Debbie White-Beck Valley Tour

About the book 
When a single independent woman falls for a single dad, she has to decide if she’s willing to accept the whole package.

Jennifer Palmer is not especially excited about attending the charity event, but because it helps homeless animals and because her best friend and roommate asked her to, she agrees to attend. Besides, it might be sort of fun bidding on an eligible billionaire and just what Jenny needs to move forward after the break up with her loser boyfriend, Brad.

Single dad, Chase Marlow is well-known in the community for his work with disadvantaged women and children. He also loves animals, so when he’s asked to be one of the auctioned billionaires, he steps up to the challenge.

Jenny isn’t planning on bidding, but when Chase enters the stage, all bets are off. After all, it’s just one date.

Can Jenny and Chase get that one date off the ground, or will there be too many obstacles in their way?

And I thought 
This one was a fast sweet read.  Billonaire Auction is book 2 
of the series.  It was an easy to read story.  The plot/story was great and I enjoyed Chase's story as a single father trying to raise his 
daughter with the help of a housekeeper and nanny.
Jenny was a sweet young hardworking woman.  As a labor and 
delivery nurse she spends many odd hours working leaving her 
schedule for personal entertainment odd as well. 
Trying to date with odd schedules is a challenge she finds out 
when she meets and becomes interested in Chase after she 
wins a date with him at a charity auction. 
The story has some drama going on because Jenny just can't accept that Chase might really be interested in her.
Chase has his own drama and gets frustrated when Jenny goes 
all wishey washey over and over. 
The two finally straighten everything out and there is a happy ending. 
For me this one was just an o.k.  I just couldn't get into either Chase
or Jenny because they just kept making the same mistake with each
other over and over.  
If you a fan of a good sweet romance you might give this one a chance. 
MaMa would probably love it too! 

I received a complimentary copy.
My review will appear on Net Galley, Good Reads and retail sites.