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Death On West End Road-Book Review-Author Interview with Giveaway

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About the book (provided by Great Escapes Tours)
Like a basket of warm cinnamon buns, an unsolved crime is something that Hamptons innkeeper and sleuth Antonia Bingham just can’t resist. Despite a busy high-season schedule and an inn booked to capacity, Antonia has agreed to investigate a cold case in her beloved adopted hometown, East Hampton, NY: the killing of Susie Whitaker, whose brutal 1990 slaying on a tennis court in the poshest part of town was never solved. And the person who has hired Antonia? Prime suspect Pauline Framingham, a manipulative pharmaceutical heiress from a powerful family. The crime scene is compromised, the circumstances are complicated, and former witnesses are cagey, haunted and very reluctant to revisit what happened on that sun-splashed afternoon decades earlier. As Antonia attempts to unravel the mysteries of the past she unearths even darker secrets and ultimately wonders if it would have been best to let sleeping dogs lie. To make matters worse, past acquaintances and love interests reappear in the Hamptons, disrupting Antonia’s world and causing her to scurry to the fridge for comfort.
Death on West End Road is the third book in the Hamptons Murder Mystery Series. Along with a colorful cast of supporting characters, the beating heart of the book is Antonia Bingham, restaurateur, gourmand, and nosy carb-lover.

And I thought
Well the first line in the description got me ...'like a basket of 
warm cinnamon buns'.
It does appear that murder and mystery seems to follow Antonia
In this case a fellow resident of East Hampton asks Antonia to investigate an age old cold case.   The reader along with Antonio and her friends in sleuthing are left wondering why would 
a suspect be requesting Antonio to dig into the old case?

It doesn't take long for Antonio to begin to wonder just who did it.  
Along with the crime sleuthing Antonio has a penchant for 
match making.  When Giorgio Leguzzi of Milano registers at the hotel in hopes of finding a vanishing love interest (a women he met briefly in the Hamptons the previous year)  Antonio can't help but get involved and call in a few favors from friends to find the elusive woman.  

If your a lover of mysteries and maybe a little romance you'll enjoy reading Death on West End Road.  

I received a complimentary copy from Great Escape Tours
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Author interview

Hello Carrie I am delighted to chat with you today!  
Thank you I am so excited to chat with you as well.

I visited your website today.  What a delight it was!  
You are one talented and busy girl!
Thank you so much. I am a much happier person when I am busy!

When I visited your blog I noticed you write in a variety of different genre’s.
Do you have a favorite/ 
I'm enjoying writing mysteries. I am a big jigsaw and crossword puzzle fan and I think of mysteries as creating my own puzzle that I have to solve. The tricky part is to lay down some clues, but not too many that your reader guesses early on who did it. So you have to challenge yourself to conceal, disguise, misguide and yet ultimately discover.

This might be a hard question (it would be for me) but where is your favorite place to eat?  
Well, I love to eat. I am a giant foodie! As you can see from my books, I also like to write about food. My number one favorite restaurant in the world is Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, California, where I lived for five years. I haven't been there in over two years, but I love it. I have always gotten the same main course over the fifteen years I have been there on and off, and weirdly it is always a 'special.' That is homemade fettucini with white shitakie mushroom sauce. It's divine. And the people watching is insane! I always tell my friends who go to California that if they want to see a celebrity they should go there.
There is a restaurant in the Hamptons called Beacon that is in Sag Harbor and that is definitely the best food out there. They have wonderful fresh fish dishes and delicious eats like lobster mac and cheese and bouillabaisse and great appetizers like roasted mushrooms with smoked mozzarella and caper sauce. There is a beautiful view of the water. The only problem is that it is small so they bum-rush you out. The second you put down your credit card they clear your water glasses (practically grabbing it out of your hand) and push you out the door. I would never go there if not that the food is so darn good.
In addition, I also really like cooking and eating at my house in East Hampton. I designed the kitchen with my friend who is an architect and so it is totally customized for me. I love it.

As an author do you find yourself randomly thinking about stories and plots when you’re at a great restaurant?
Definitely. In fact, there are three cozy restaurants situated in inns in East Hampton that helped inspire the Windmill Inn and Restaurant in my series, The Hamptons Murder Mystery Series. I think there is something intriguing about everyone dining together then sleeping under the same roof yet no one talking to each other. It's very mysterious. One time my husband and I went to Bath, England and stayed in a strange Bed and Breakfast and there were some odd people there so that really got me thinking about murder! I locked my door that night.

What/where is the most random place that intrigued you to a storyline and what  was the story? 
There is a small graveyard in East Hampton that many people don't know about. It is tucked between two multi-million dollar houses in the estate section, and protected by a small white split-level fence. It is the graves of many of the founding family members. Actually a lot of the streets in East Hampton are named after the deceased who are buried there. I know this cemetery will appear in my series somehow, I'm still working out the details. Actually I filmed it for a teaser on DEATH ON WEST END ROAD, and you can see it on my Instagram page @carriedoylek

There’s a question I always like to ask. (I already know the answer)…I bet you have a dog that keeps you company while you write. Can you tell us about him/her?
Is ___________ the inspiration for a pet character?
I actually have two dogs! Scruff and Boo (you can tell my sons named them.) They are white and fluffy Coton de Tulears. Scruff is Boo's uncle and he is six and Boo is three. Scruff was always a very mellow dog, and friendly. I was so proud about how if my friends came over with their dog he didn't bark and was not territorial. He was almost human that way. Then I was talking with our breeder and she said she had a dog that she had planned on showing as he was a perfect specimen of the breed, but unfortunately he was very nervous and she couldn't keep him. So we got Boo when he was six months old. He is very beautiful and sweet but very nervous and now he and Scruff bark at everyone! It's embarrassing. Whenever my sons or husband go out and walk them, we always return and say, "Boo embarrassed the family again." One interesting fact is that three years ago The Westminster Dog Show decided to allow Coton de Tulears to compete and every year Boo's sister has won! I imagine if Boo were better behaved he would win. I think I would like to add a dog to my series, but it's tricky as Antonia owns an inn. But perhaps Joseph will need to get a therapy dog!

And now The Hampton’s what a lovely place!  Can you tell us why you chose this location for the series?  
East Hampton is my favorite place in the world and I know it well. I think a location that is robust with a variety of people from polarizing socio-economic backgrounds makes it ripe for drama. You have billionaires, millionaires, upper class, middle class, working class and very poor in a tiny village so there is bound to be intrigue. But the backdrop is this beautiful and historic town, with breathtaking beaches, spectacular farm lands, glorious oceans and woods and bays... It's like that line from the film American Beauty: "Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world, I feel like I can't take it, like my heart is just going to cave in." I think that can sum up what happens to the killers in my book!

I’m looking forward to reading book 3 Death On West End Road. 
 I’m curious; will I be missing a lot by jumping in at book 3?
I've tried to make every book stand alone so that readers don't have to read the previous books in order to enjoy the latest. Sue Grafton who writes the Alphabet series does that as well--we both provide a brief introduction to who is who in the first few chapters so you feel right at home.

Other than Antonio do you have a favorite character in the series?
Larry Lipper is the most fun to write because he says anything he wants, is totally offensive and is also mischievous. You always want to roll your eyes at Larry and yet you know that no matter how obnoxious he is, at the end of the day he will have your back. Even if he can barely reach it.

I know once I read Death On West End Road (closer to tour) I’ll think of many more
Questions.  I hope you’ll come back for another chat!
Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me!  I hope you enjoy the book!

Thanks for visiting! Best wishes for the tour. 

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Book Review-Fatal Facade by Wendy Tyson-Character Interview and Giveaway

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About the book
Allison Campbell accepted a dream assignment: a visit to the Italian Dolomites to help Hollywood socialite Elle Rose reinvent herself. A guest cottage on the grounds of Elle’s historic castle promises to be a much-needed respite from Allison’s harried life on the Philadelphia Main Line, and the picturesque region, with its sharp peaks, rolling pastures, and medieval churches, is the perfect spot from which to plan her upcoming wedding.

Only this idyllic retreat is anything but peaceful. There are the other visitors—an entourage of back-biting expats and Hollywood VIPs. There’s Elle’s famous rock star father, now a shadowy recluse hovering behind the castle’s closed doors. And then there’s Elle’s erratic behavior. Nothing is as it seems. After a guest plummets to her death from a cliff on the castle grounds, Allison’s trip of a lifetime turns nightmarish—but before she can journey home, Allison must catch a killer.
And I thought
Only a few chapters in I was wishing I read the 3 preceding books.
Not because it was necessary.  But because I was so enthralled with all the characters that I wanted to.  

But the good news is I got the opportunity to chat with 'Vaughn'
Allison's business manager and her gave me a little background info.  and even told me which book in the series is his favorite!

Fatal Facade was a fun fast paced suspenseful thriller.  That will keep the reader on the edge of the seat.  
The story begins with a flashback when Damian the heir/owner of the fabulous castle falls off a cliff to his death which is classified as an accident.  But was it really?
Allison and fiance Jason and niece Grace arrive to join a large group of visitors.  Each with their own baggage and motives. 
And then another 'accident' happens.  And everyone becomes 
a suspect.  
The reader is swept into a twisty turvey fast paced ride along with 
Allison as she rushes to find out what is going on and why.  
All the while trying to keeping her loved ones safe.   

And when one suspect disappears and then is found buried on the grounds the tension rises and it's a race to find out who dun it.

Fatal Facade was a great suspenseful thriller.  I am looking forward to backtracking and reading the beginning of the series. 

I received a complimentary copy from Great Escapes.
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Coffee with a character 
Hello and welcome to the blog.  I am excited to talk about Fatal Façade and maybe a little bit about your other adventures with Allison.

So before we get into our chat.  Should I call you Christopher or just 'Vaughn'?  Is 'Vaughn' reserved for close friends?   How did 'just Vaughn' come about?
Hi. Thanks for having me here today, Sherry. Please, call me Vaughn.
As a kid, I got in trouble a lot. I always knew I was in for it when my father would say “Mr. Vaughn” with a growl in his voice. My brother—he’s actually my twin—thought that was pretty funny, me being in trouble and all, so he started just calling me Vaughn. It stuck. Only my mother still called me Christopher, and now one of Jamie’s nurses does as well, a woman who has been a mother figure to us both since we lost our mom. 

Let’s just jump right in.  How did you first meet/ become acquainted with Allison?  
I first met Allison through First Impressions. She’d recently purchased the business from the woman who was her mother-in-law at the time, Mia Campbell. Mia had been Allison’s mentor in the image consulting world, throwing Allison a life line when she was desperate for something to root her.
Anyway, Allison needed some odd jobs done, mostly investigative work on behalf of clients—checking into cheating spouses and the like. I’d some similar work for Mia, so Allison used me. We hit it off, she saw how hard I worked when it came to my clients’ interests, and she offered me a full-time job at the office. My role grew as the business blossomed and as our friendship developed. 

Friend and business manager huh? What are your duties?
Anything pertaining to the business, really. I manage the financial end of things, handle appointments, negotiate contracts, deal with clients and the press.  Allison and I work as a team. The only thing I don’t do is consult with clients.

I’m curious—do you think mystery and suspense just kind of follow Allison Around?
Interesting question. No, I don’t. But Allison has a unique perspective. She viewed herself as an outsider for a long time. I think she still does. Despite working and living on the upscale Main Line of Philadelphia, despite all of her wealthy clients and fancy functions, she’s still the young girl who grew up poor under the rule of an abusive father. She’s never been able to outrun her past. I think that perspective, that ability to be on the outside looking in, allows her to see things others miss. Like true motives, and the goodness in people, and BS. Plus, she has a soft heart. She can’t pass up a chance to help out someone in trouble, so she often finds herself in the midst of it.

In Fatal Façade you spent a little time in Italy.   Have you traveled abroad in any of your earlier adventures?  
Previous adventures have taken us to Scranton, Pennsylvania and the Finger Lakes in New York, but this was my first trip abroad as part of First Impressions.

Besides your twin brother Jamie is there anyone else in the cast that you’re close to?  
Mia. Or I was close to Mia, anyway. That’s a story for another day. And Jason, Allison’s fiancé (and former husband)—we’ve been friends for years.

I jumped into the series with Fatal Façade. And now I am looking for my next
adventure.   If you had to choose/suggest which of your adventures is your favorite?
I’d like to say I enjoyed them all, but the truth is DEADLY ASSETS was pretty harrowing because two clients were missing and my freedom was on the line. DYING BRAND was scary, too, because of the impact on Allison. I don’t think she realizes just how close she came to being a victim.
Of course, it all began with KILLER IMAGE. You don’t have to start at the beginning of our story—each adventure stands on its own—but sometimes it helps if you want the background. KILLER IMAGE was perhaps our darkest hour.

Thanks for the suggestion and thank you for the chat.

This was great. I appreciate your time.

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Shades Of Murder by Lauren Carr-Review-Now on Audio-Giveaway-Author Interview

Shades of Murder Audiobook

About the book  (provided by I Read Tours)
Question: What do you get the man with everything?

Answer: When that man is the heir of the late mystery writer Robin Spencer, retired homicide detective Mac Faraday, you get him cold case to solve.

In Shades of Murder, Mac Faraday is once again the heir to an unbelievable fortune. This time the benefactor is a stolen art collector. But this isn’t just any stolen work-of-art—it’s a masterpiece with a murder attached to it.

Ilysa Ramsay was in the midst of taking the art world by storm with her artistic genius. Hours after unveiling her latest masterpiece—she is found dead in her Deep Creek Lake studio—and her painting is nowhere to be found.

Almost a decade later, the long lost Ilysa Ramsay masterpiece has found its way into Mac Faraday’s hands and he can’t resist the urge to delve into the case.

A world away, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; former JAG lawyer Joshua Thornton agrees to do a favor for the last person he would ever expect to do a favor—a convicted serial killer. 

The Favor: Solve the one murder wrongly attributed to him.

Joshua finds an unexpected ally in Cameron Gates, a spunky detective who has reason to believe the young woman known to the media only as Jane Doe, Victim Number Four, was the victim of a copycat. Together, Joshua and Cameron set out to light a flame under the cold case only to find that someone behind the scenes wants the case to remain cold, and is willing to kill to keep it that way.

Little do these detectives know that the paths of their respective cases are on a collision course when they follow the clues to bring them together in a showdown with a killer who’s got a talent for murder!

And I thought
Lauren just seems to do it over and over.  And I seem to enjoy each installment in all of her series more and more. 
Shades Of Murder book 3 in the Mac Faraday series was no 
From page 1 this reader is drawn in.  When I read one of Lauren's books I am so absorbed nothing else seems to get down.  I hate 
putting the book down even for a few minutes. 
What I really liked about Shades of Murder was the cross-over.
Joshua Thornton and Cameron from the Lovers in Crime series 
end up working with Mac and his gang when two different murders happen that are tied together.  
I was fun reading book 3 and seeing the relationships in the their beginnings.  Mac and Joshua are both in the early stages of their own romances.  The two men begin asking each other questions and comparing notes on romancing their women.  
Mac's half brother David and officer Bogie of the Spencer police department are all apart of the race to find the criminals before 
someone else turns up dead.

And of course Mac's inherited dog Gnarly is a Big main character.
He's a big kind of bumbling at times German Shepherd that gets into trouble from his own little escapades like not allowing delivery people to drive up the road to Mac's house until they give him a dog biscuit!  But Gnarly is always a hero defending his master and home when bad guys try to sneak in. 

Lauren Carr's Mac Faraday series along with the Lovers In Crime 
Series and Thorny Rose Series are great reads.  Check them out.

An Interview with Lauren
1.      What would be useful to new readers to know before picking up one of Lauren Carr’s mysteries?

They’re addictive. At least, that’s what readers tell me. I know I’m addicted to writing them.

Also, and most importantly, even though I write three murder mystery series, in which characters cross over into each other’s series, each installment is written as a stand alone. So readers don’t have to worry about being lost if they pick up a later installment of a Mac Faraday mystery. There’s no series arc that forces readers to read each installment in order. It’s all good.

2. There's an underlying humor running through your murder mysteries. What led you to inject humor into what many would view as a very serious subject matter?

Because where would we all be without humor? Studies have proven that people with a sense of humor are healthier and happier. Life is much too serious and I’ve noticed that entertainment—movies and books—have gotten much too dark. That’s one of the reasons that I started writing my own murder mysteries. I couldn’t find good challenging murder mysteries to read that weren’t so dark and heavy that I ended up depressed at the end. When a reader picks up a murder mystery written by Lauren Carr, I want them to be challenged to figure out who done it, and to smile and feel good when they reach “the end.”

3. What's the one (or two) book/movie/show in the last 5 years that made you say, "I wish I'd written that."?
Now You See Me. The twists and turns in this movie left me breathless. I saw none of it coming. I guess you can tell that I love unexpected twists and turns. Love roller coasters, too.

4. Is there a genre that you particularly enjoy reading, but could never write? Or are you primarily a mystery/suspense/thriller reader?
I am primarily a murder mystery writer and reader. I always have been and I love murder mysteries. When I was a child reading the Bobbsey Twins, I would turn the mystery of the missing sea shell into a kidnapping story.

5. This many books into a series, is it easier or more difficult to keep going? What challenges are you finding doing this that you didn't expect?

So far, the difficulty is in keeping up with the various directions that the characters themselves want to go. I am always one book ahead in my mind. So, while writing a book, I have a very good idea what direction that I will be taking my characters further down the road.

For example, right now I am writing Twofer Murder, which is a mystery novel that includes all of my series characters. Keeping in mind my plot for the next Mac Faraday Mystery, I am able to plant seeds for that installment and even the Lovers in Crime and Thorny Rose mysteries that will be following the next book. These droppings aren’t necessary clues—rather, they are Easter eggs that will make faithful readers go, “Ahh, I remember Mac saying something about that back in Twofer Murder.”

However, I insist on writing each of my mysteries as stand alones, even if they are part of a series. So, those readers who don’t pick up Twofer Murder aren’t going to be lost because they haven’t read it.

The biggest challenge, I have found is characters. I fight to keep my characters diverse and interesting. Readers may find this hard to believe, but I look for characters. I’m a people watcher and I’m always on the lookout for unique personalities who have depth.

There are characters in my books who everyone loves. But then, sometimes I will introduce a new character who I find unique and different who some readers object to. This happened with Cameron Gates in the Lovers in Crime mysteries. Some readers loved her. Others didn’t. The same thing is happening now with Dallas Walker in the Mac Faraday mysteries. She appears to be a love her or hate her character with nothing in between.

Which goes to prove the fact of life—you can’t make everyone love you.

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Book Review & Giveaway-The Trouble with Harriet by Dorothy Cannell

About the book (provided by Great Escapes Tours)
In a murder mystery so charming it could only have come from Dorothy Cannell—hailed by Nancy Pickard as “America’s P. G. Wodehouse”—Ellie Haskell is shocked when her long-lost father shows up on her doorstep with some rather . . . compromising baggage.
Ellie Haskell and her husband, Ben, haven’t taken a vacation in years. Now their suitcases are packed, their tickets are booked, and they’re ready for a romantic getaway in France. But everything goes awry after a chain-smoking fortune teller makes a dire prediction: “Take that trip at your peril!” Those ominous words ring true when Ellie’s prodigal father, Morley, suddenly appears with the remains of his ladylove, Harriet, whose untimely death in a car accident has left him bereft.
But after Morley loses the urn in a bizarre series of events, Harriet’s family is furious. Now a bewildered Ellie finds herself asks some probing questions: Who or what was in that urn? Could her father be a pawn in a deadly game? And what exactly is the meaning of that darn prophecy? Ellie just hopes she lives to find out whether the answers are worth the trouble.
And I thought
I truly don't know what rock I've been under to have missed 
Dorothy Cannell and the Ellie Haskell cozy mystery series.

First the cover captured my interest.  And then . . .

From page one I was captured by Ellie and the other characters.  
The towns folks were genuinely charming.  I felt I was transported to the quaint little English village. 

Ellie and her husbands dream romantic holiday in France (without the kids) is put on hold when her father shows up totin' the remains of his beloved Harriet. 

The urn disappears,  there is a car crash and Ellie's father becomes a suspect.  

I enjoyed The Trouble With Harriet and look forward to checking out the series.  

I received a complimentary copy from Great Escapes Tours.
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The series
The Ellie Haskell mystery series features Ellie Haskell, an interior designer; Bentley Haskell, a writer and chef; and Hyacinth and Primrose Tramwell, a pair of zany sisters and owners of Flowers Detection Agency.
  • The Thin Woman (1984)
  • The Widow's Club (1988), sequel to The Thin Woman
  • Mum's the Word (1990)
  • Femmes Fatal (1992)
  • How To Murder Your Mother-In-Law (1994)
  • How to Murder the Man of Your Dreams (1995)
  • The Spring Cleaning Murders (1998)
  • The Trouble with Harriet (1999)
  • Bridesmaids Revisited (2000)
  • The Importance of Being Ernestine (2002)
  • Withering Heights (2007)
  • Goodbye, Ms. Chips (2008)
  • She Shoots to Conquer (2009)
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Book Review-No Turning Back-by Tracy Buchanan-Giveaway

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And I thought
A good fast paced thriller. Full of suspense and twists and turns.

I couldn't help but side with poor Anna as she tries to hold onto normally daily life while trying to figure out 'who did it'. 

I couldn't help but be 'annoyed' with the doofus police who can't seem to figure out what is/was going on!  Personally I didn't see why they kept suspecting poor Anna.  But indeed they did!  

Then, her friends shun her.  

Her x-husband who in my opinion was a bit of a jerk begins to accuse and starts threatening to file for full custody of their sweet 8 month old daughter.  Sighting that their baby is in danger being with her Anna.  Then hello the sweet little baby is actually kidnapped while in His mother's care at her professional day care.  Hello?  That part just got me. 

Sadly because I couldn't help but see how all these events could actually happen!  

The only person who seems to want to help is Jamie the older brother of the boy she accidentally kills.  

But the reader along with Anna is left questioning his intentions! 

All this takes the reader through a wild twisty turning ride.  
That finishes with a few surprises.  

I totally enjoyed reading No Turning Back!   I was intrigued from the beginning to the end.  

I received a complementary copy from Great Escape Tours
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Protocol by Kathleen Valenti-Cover Review-Pre-order June 12
Freshly minted college graduate Maggie O’Malley embarks on a career fueled by professional ambition and a desire to escape the past. As a pharmaceutical researcher, she’s determined to save lives from the shelter of her lab. But on her very first day she’s pulled into a world of uncertainty. Reminders appear on her phone for meetings she’s never scheduled with people she’s never met. People who end up dead.
With help from her best friend, Maggie discovers the victims on her phone are connected to each other and her new employer. She soon unearths a treacherous plot that threatens her mission—and her life. Maggie must unlock deadly secrets to stop horrific abuses of power before death comes calling for her.




Protocol by Kathy Valenti will be available
September 5 from Henery Press!!
Book will be available for pre-order June 12!!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Designer Dirty Laundry-by Diane Vallere-Book Review

About the book (provided by Great Escape Tours)
                                           Meet Samantha Kidd.
Ex-buyer turned trend specialist turns amateur sleuth! She designed her future with couture precision, but finding the fashion director’s corpse on day one leaves her hanging by a thread. And when the killer fabricates evidence that puts the cops on her hemline, even a chance run-in with hot shoe designer Nick Taylor can’t keep her life from unraveling. She trades high fashion for dirty laundry and reveals a cast of designers out for blood. Now her job, her love life, and her future are put on hold as she tries to expose a diabolical designer before getting marked down for murder.
And I thought
I think I was lucky.  And you will be too! Getting in on book 1 of a series doesn't happen often for me!  I am glad it did with this one.
Join quirky Samantha Kidd on a fun, fast paced, twisty turning ride on the way to a Gala.  Before we get there which btw the book cover depicts Samantha dressed for the Gala Samantha discovers a dead body in the elevator on her way to her first day of work.  

Not a great start to a new job when the dead person is her new boss!  When Samantha wakes up from a dead faint her laptop is missing and the hunky Nick past acquaintance is acting all cozy, friendly yet mysterious. 

This reader along with Samantha can't decide if Nick is a good guy or a bad guy.  You'll have to read the book to find out.
Just a hint he always seems to happen to appear when Samantha gets into trouble or shortly there after.  
White Knight
Along to help Samantha investigate the murder and hopefully save her job is Eddie who Samantha met briefly in high school.  Eddie helps and cautions Samantha not to get involved as she begins to receive warnings and threats.  

Samantha leaves no stone un turned or tree un-climbed to find the answers.  

Designer Dirty Laundry was a great start for a new series. 
I look forward to seeing this writer develop and to see whats 
waiting in book 2 for Samantha.

This book was super clean and I would recommend for any audience.

I received a complimentary copy from Great Escape Tours.
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To Celebrate the 5 Year Anniversary of Samantha Kidd Humorous Mystery Series by Diane Vallere Great Escapes Book Tours is hosting #Samanthapalooza!