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Dangerous Delays by Joyce T. Strand-Beck Valley Tour-Book Review

Dangerous Delays: An Emily Lazzaro Mystery - Joyce T. Strand
About the book 
Finding a corpse buried with Native American artifacts wasn’t the first delay of the renovation Emily faced. But she was not prepared for what followed. A murder investigation, excavation to uncover more artifacts, and drug dealers looking for missing product further delay the mansion's restoration into an iconic B&B. While facing these setbacks, Emily is also realizing her growing attraction to a local chef, a man who believes a relationship isn't possible due to his commitment to care for his brain-injured brother.

About Emily Lazzaro
Emily Lazzaro is the daughter of Wayne Lazzaro, the winemaker for the Hilltop Sunset winery in the previously published three Brynn Bancroft mysteries. She moved with her fiancé to Ramona, Calif., a rural community near San Diego, following graduation from college with a degree in hospitality. Her fiancé was eager to purchase a vineyard and develop a winery in the up and coming Ramona wine region, which suited Emily’s goals.

However, after moving to Ramona, it becomes apparent to Emily that she is not a good match for her fiancé. She discovers that he does not respect her opinions and insists on making decisions without her input. So she breaks off the engagement.

She decides to remain in Ramona despite her fiancé living there with his new vineyard. She appreciates the unique rocky terrain and proximity to the ocean and San Diego, along with the mixture of fine wineries, artists, and equestrian activities.  She makes her living doing people’s taxes, and when Dangerous Changes opens, we discover she is looking to make a career change.

And others are saying 
"If anything can go wrong it will-at the worst possible time! There were numerous twists and turns in this book before it is revealed who the murderer was. I honestly did not guess this one." - reviews Miki's Hope

"I loved that there were hints, but then you doubted yourself and wondered what you were thinking. Really a fun read that I could not put down." - reviews Hollybee Tells

And I thought 
I became of fan of Joyce T. Strand when I read book 1. And I expected book 2 would be just as good.
Book 2 is just as good as the first one. But don't be concerned if you haven't read Dangerous Changes. Each book in this series is written as a standalone so you can jump in with either one. But 
be warned you'll be reading both! 
In this one she had me at the covers. Both the front because I wanted to see just what was down that road. Is it a safe road to travel? Hmm. And then I read the synopsis on the back and I was all in. Traveling the road with the twists and turns was a fun and suspenseful read. 
This series is just filled with some great characters, great plot and edge of the seat suspense that will have you turning the pages 
unable to put it down. 

I expect the next one to be just as good! 

I received a complimentary copy.
My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads.

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