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Prestige, Privilege & Murder-by Christa Nardi-Great Escapes Tour-Review/Giveaway

About the book 
Money isn’t worth killing for, or is it?
When her estranged husband is murdered, Stacie Maroni Noth is quickly identified as the main suspect. With divorce papers not yet signed, she may get a substantial inheritance – a clear motive in the eyes of both Noth’s family and the police. His family and law firm strive to keep up the pretense that all is above reproach and idyllic. In her quest to prove her innocence, however, Stacie discovers she’s not the only one with a motive for murder. Could it be a colleague at the prestigious law firm where he worked? Or is it tied to the victim’s stance on domestic violence? Or maybe even his threats to reveal family secrets? Whatever the true motive may be, it soon becomes clear that Stacie might be the next victim.
And others said 
This has been an interesting read, with charming characters and a complex plot.
The pace moves well and clues are subtly included if the reader is open to them.
~Laura’s Interests
And I thought
Let me just jump in straight away and say this book was very, 
very good!  
I can't say enough good things about the authors writing style, 
plot and character development.  
I am expecting much more in this new series.
Christa Nardi took a cozy mystery and crossed the line a bit taking it to a whole new level by sub-plotting the story around domestic violence was a little different.   Bold move Christa. 

Prestige, Privilege & Murder is a great title for this cozy comfortable read.  The main character Staci Maroni is a great
character.  She is strong yet she has a vulnerable part of her that
still is having a bit of a hard time getting past her husband of 
10 years was a cheater.  And who knows what else.  
He ends up getting murder.
And who is the first suspect?  Staci.  To make matters worse the
cop (with a partner) that makes the visit to tell her the ex got whacked is non other than the hunky Adonis she meant at a club only days before. 

Which btw didn't go to well when Staci has 2nd thoughts about stepping out into the single scene. 

As the police enlist Staci to help look for missing personal items at the crime scene some strange secrets begin to emerge pulling Staci unwittingly into trouble. 

The plot thickens when Staci and the victims personal assistant 
are almost run down just when they are going to retrieve a box
of personal things from the office of her ex. 

The plot takes a few twists and turns and keeps the reader 
really on the edge of the seat.  And Staci watching her back.

Staci is surrounded by family and a few friends that are on her side and want to keep her safe. 

And then there's that cop that notices the empty ice cream carton in the trash which was her alibi for the murder.  

As I turned the last page and all the secrets were revealed I couldn't help but wonder just what book 2 would be about. 

I liked ending.  Staci gets a new carton of ice cream and decides to go and visit that cop bar again with a new and a few old friends
Staci was a different kind of lead character.  She isn't a P.I. she
isn't really a sleuth or a snoopy sort of gal. 

So where is this series going to go? I for one am along for the ride and anxiously awaiting. 

If you love a good clean read with some mystery, a little suspense,
a strong plot that deals with real life you'll love Christa Nardi's
Prestige, Privilege & Murder

I received a complimentary copy.
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One For The Price OF Two- Goddess Fish Promo Tour

About the book 

Fraternal twins are raised by an ambivalent aunt who provides an unusual childhood experience. One twin leaves home to join the armed forces and is ultimately assigned to a special forces unit conducting clandestine operations in North Korea. The death of one his unit members produces an introduction to an organized crime family specializing in murder for hire. The funeral for the family's son and an interest in their daughter brings new blood and methods to the family business. 

And I thought
An interesting read.  One For The Price Of Two was really 
not what I expected. 
Twins Logan and Kim were raised in a really strange environment by their aunt leading the two to be estranged from each other. 

Logan as a teen leaves the home to join the military.  He was a good and likeable character.  Until his return to the states and 
eventual retirement from the service.  
A good, decorated and honorable serviceman turns into a less than noble character when he turns into a gun for hire. 
Kim his sister makes some really bad choices.  And ends up 
in Las Vegas and runs into Logan.  
The two become acquainted again.  
This was a bit of a slow read for me. 
The beginning was the back story and young life of Logan and 
Then when Logan leaves for the military the story revolves around his service to his country.  Although it was interesting it was a bit of a slow read and took up alot of the book.  It wasn't until I was almost through that I was really interested.  Sadly though the more I read the less appealing the story become.  
I couldn't help but think it was a combination of The God Father
with Logan's families business.  And Kill Bill when Kim becomes 
adapt at martial arts actually taking out the son of one of 'the families' rivals.
Although this book wasn't really one for me I have to say it was 
well written.  The characters were engaging and interesting.  
If your a fan of crime families and suspense you'll enjoy reading this one.  
I received a complimentary copy. 
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Book Spotlight-Love's Bittersweet Beginning-Pure Textuality Tour

BITTERSWEET BEGINNING, a new story by Traci Wooden-Carlisle in the First Street Chruch KindleWorlds. Now available on Kindle & Kindle Unlimited!  Get your copy today!
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First Street Church Romances: Love's Bittersweet Beginning (Kindle Worlds Novella) by [Wooden-Carlisle, Traci]
Tony Cahill is at the top of his game as the starting kicker for the Scranton Sparrows. A crushing hit places him on the injured list, but even worse is the news of his grandfather’s passing. If that isn’t enough, his grandmother shares her desire to move back home to Sweet Grove but she is hiding something.

Once they reach Sweet Grove he is surprised by his usually healthy grandmother’s decline. Meagan Rowe, his grandmother’s new nurse/companion is an unexpected pleasure. She is the only woman with the ability to take his breath away when he’s in her presence. He can’t help but be drawn to her no matter how many miles will soon separate them. Though she seems a little young and overqualified as a support care worker, her energy and zest for life makes her perfect for his grandmother.

Meagan Rowe has lived in Sweet Grove for most of her life. It was a place of refuge after the death of her twin brother. Her brother’s terminal illness influenced her decision to become a nurse practitioner. For years it was the only career that made sense, both to her heart and for her family’s decimated budget. She loves helping people whom others have given up hope on but has begun to wonder if her chosen path is just a way to keep her brother close.

Imagine her distress when she discovers that the handsome and charming grandson of the sweet woman she cares for is on the Upton Foundation's board of directors. The same foundation that denied her family the financial help needed to take care of her brother as they felt he deserved.
Will hard feelings and a heartbreaking secret sideline this budding romance?

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Clues In The Sand-by Terry Ambrose 5 Star Read-Great Escapes Tour w/ Giveaway


About the book 
To Rick Atwood’s dismay, the police find a body on the beach near his Seaside Cove B&B. The dead woman held a pottery shard from an ancient rice bowl, which the cops believe is a clue to her murder.
The chief suspect is Flynn O’Connor, a female archaeologist known for her hatred of treasure thieves. Trouble is, Rick’s daughter Alex sees Flynn as a role model and will not believe her friend is a killer.
Alex pressures her dad as only a ten-year-old can to prove Flynn is innocent. The mayor is also making demands—for Rick to stay out of the investigation. With his daughter and the mayor at odds, Rick sees trouble brewing. He knows too well how much Alex loves sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Especially when there’s murder involved.
And I thought 
First thought 'out of the gate'....Opp's this is not a racing them book well anyway  5 Stars it is!   Check this one out. 

Charming. Delightful. Pleasant and Likeable are the words that come to mind.  Full of f un and some mystery

The characters are delightful and charming.  Who wouldn't like 
Rick's 10 (going on 20) year old daughter that stands up in a town meeting and tells everyone "What is up!".  And she curtsies when 
she is done!

I was so charmed by Alex that I requested to interview her.  See the interview on this post.  

Along with Alex her dad Rick is just a great guy just trying to 
'lay low' and run his inn.  But when a murder happens on the beach not far away and one of his guests is implicated he has to step in 
and help out with the investigation.  Mainly because if he doesn't
Alex will get in over her head while trying to help out her 
favorite guest and role model. 
And it turns out Alex does get into a couple of tight fits but 
all turn out in the end.  When Rick and the authorities listen 
to Alex and investigate another guest the mystery is solved 
and all ends well. 

There is a little simmering romance between Rick and his inn 
manager Marky so I am expecting future installments will bring them together as a couple.  Of course that's because Alex already has her sights set on the three being a family!

The rest of the characters/towns people are just a fun group of people.  I expect many more installments in this series with this great cast of characters!

I can't wait for the next one.  But I think I'll go over to Amazon 
and buy #1 while I'm waiting.

I received a complimentary copy.
This review will appear on Amazon. 
(I would like to see this book available at other retail sites)
This review will appear on Good Reads. 

Character Interview

Hello Alex.  It is nice to get a chance to chat.  Have you ever been Interviewed for a blog before?  

This has totally been a big year for me and bloggers. They’ve all been awesome and I’ve made a lot of new friends. My dad was a newspaper reporter. Hey, don’t tell anybody, but I used to help him write his articles and gave him some of his best ideas!

I hate to admit it.  I don’t know a lot about your B&B. I would love for
you to tell me all about it.  Have you and your dad lived/owned it long? 

We lived in New York until about a year ago and then we moved to Seaside Cove. At first I didn’t want to come here ‘cause I thought I was gonna miss all my friends from school. But when we got here we got a super big welcome from Marquetta and some of the other locals. Marquetta’s our cook and she’s totally awesome. She’s super organized and knows everything!

It must have been a big change moving to such a small town and changing schools.
How is school going?  Have you made friends? 

I have a lot of fun in school. The teacher says I’m one of her best students. I kinda think she says that a lot ‘cause she’s one of those really nice people. My best friend is Robbie Sachetti. Can I tell you a secret? He’s got dreamy blue eyes and we’re gonna get married when we grow up. But don’t tell anyone! I don’t want Robbie to hear 'cause Marquetta told me boys mature slower than girls and I don’t wanna scare Robbie off.

Do you help your dad at the inn? 

Daddy says I’m learning the business from the ground up. I get to do all sorts of cool stuff like check people in and take the coffee up to the second-floor coffee station. My favorite thing is when I get to work with Marquetta in the kitchen. Me and her make a great team.

What is your least favorite part of running an inn? 

It’s totally the laundry. When you’re like stripping the sheets it can get pretty gross. We had this one guy who sweated a lot and the sheets smelled really bad. I can’t even tell you what he did to our towels ‘cause you wouldn’t ever ask me back!

Have you had famous people stay at the inn?  If so who was the most interesting? 

I don’t think she was real famous, but my favorite was Flynn O’Connor. She’s a lady archaeologist and has been all over the world. The thing I totally like the most is her enthusiasm! She’s kinda like me. I get super enthusiastic, too! 

It sounds like such a fun place to live with a lot of character what with it being so old an all.  I wonder are there any secret rooms or other fun places? 

We have this dumbwaiter that goes between the first and second floors. I totally wanna ride it. Marquetta told me she got to ride it when she was little and it awesome. We also have a big oak tree on the side of the house where me and Robbie like to hang out. That’s really fun. The one place I’m not allowed to go is the attic. It’s super creepy! I totally got in trouble for going up there the last time. 

Seaside Cove sounds like a nice little town.  Are there any special shops or other places to visit or fun things to do when your not helping at the inn? 

My favorite shop is Scoops & Scones. It’s an ice cream shop and Mrs. Carter has the best chocolate ice cream. Daddy takes me there sometimes when we walk in for groceries at the little market. Mrs. Carter is our mayor, but she’s kind of a big busybody. She knows everything that’s going on in town. I guess that’s kind of a mayor job, but it totally seems like she loves her work more than she should. My other favorite place to visit is Isabelle’s Pet Shoppe. Mrs. Murdoch owns that and she’s pretty cool herself.

Since Seaside Cove is so small it must be kind of hard for your dad being single
and all to find nice lady friends or maybe they find him?  Do you ever help him maybe ‘set him up’ or introduce him?  Or give your advice or opinion? 

Oh man, Daddy’s love life is super complicated! He’s still married to my mom, but she lives in New York ‘cause she wants to be a big actress. They had lots of problems ‘cause my mom was hardly ever home. Daddy says things were spiraling out of control there, so when he inherited the B&B he moved us here. That’s when we met Marquetta. We’re alike in a lot of ways and when I’m around her I totally know what it feels like to have a real mom. In fact, can you keep another secret? I have a plan to get Daddy and Marquetta together.

There must be a lot of drama that happens around an inn especially when it’s peak season.  Can you tell us what is/was the most interesting or exciting thing to happen? 

It’s totally the murder investigations. Seaside Cove only has one deputy right now on our police force and he doesn’t know much about investigating murders. So when we have a suspicious death, me and my dad have to help out. Daddy doesn’t always wanna help ‘cause he thinks I’ve got some super big fascination with murder. Well…maybe just a little. But I got it under control.

Wow it sure does seem like you have a fun and busy life.  It was such a fun 
time chatting with you!  

Thanks for visiting!

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Uneasy Prey-Annette Dashofy-Great Escapes Tour-Review

About the book (provided by Great Escapes Tours)
On the way to the emergency room, an elderly woman regains consciousness long enough to inform paramedic Zoe Chambers that her fall down the basement steps was no accident. Before she can say more, she succumbs to her injuries, launching Zoe and Police Chief Pete Adams into the investigation of a burglary ring targeting the area’s vulnerable senior citizens.
Zoe—in spite of Pete’s objections—takes it upon herself to act as protection detail after the con men, disguised as water company employees, set their sights on Zoe’s beloved former landlady. It’s a decision that eventually puts Zoe in harm’s way.
With Zoe already recovering from one close call, Pete must race against time to stop the crime ring—and a dangerous killer—before they strike again.
And others are saying
I love Annette’s writing. She’s created characters where the mystery always feels personal to Zoe and company.
~A Chick Who Reads
This had been a quick but interesting read, Zoe Chambers is a character who not only “investigates” murders, but also she loves her friends and family and always takes care of them.
A poignant, complex story with lots of heart … I read a lot of good mysteries, but every now and then I come across a gem, and that describes Uneasy Prey by Annette Dashofy.
~The Power Of Words
Uneasy Prey was a wonderful read. Well-written with a strong plot and supreme characters that kept me totally entertained start to finish.
~Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book
The characters are well developed, well rounded and three dimensional. I think that Zoe and Pete are some of my all-time favorite characters. Individually they are both loyal, tough, caring and hard working. As a couple, they are loving, unsure and totally devoted to each other.
~MJB Reviewers
The story is intriguing and keeps you wanting to turn pages.
~Laura’s Interests
And I thought
Another great one!  I met Zoe and Annette Dashofy last spring 
when I had the chance to read/review No Way Home.  I loved 
book 5 in this series.  I have not had the chance to read the 
earlier books.  
Book 6 is another page turner.  I was engaged and captivated
with page 1. (just like in book 5) 
UNEASY PREY was a totally different story/plot than the 
previous book.  
The characters are the same and of course a few new ones.

The story revolves around the crimes committed to the elderly. And the drama and struggles families face as their loved ones need help and professional care. 

Zoe gets involved in investigating a burglary ring that is targeting the elderly. 

I totally got this one.  While I could see this really happening as my mother is 94 and we have concerns about people taking 
advantage of her. 
She reminds me a bit of Zoe's mom so I have a little more empathy for her even though she's a bit of a piece of work (Zoe's mom). 
I couldn't help but turn the pages.  The story/plot was not only 
interesting and entertaining.  
Zoe is a great gal always wanting to help and investigate even when she puts herself into danger.  
I'm still routing for Pete and hope that the romance sparks in the next book!
I enjoyed reading UNEASY PREY and hope for the chance to read the remaining books in this series. 

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Uneasy Prey by Annette Dashofy-Great Escapes Tours-Spotlight Tour Stop

Uneasy Prey (A Zoe Chambers Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
6th in Series
Setting – Pennsylvania
Henery Press (March 27, 2018)
Paperback: 286 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1635113204
Digital ASIN: B078RWM8S1

About the book (provided by Great Escapes Tours)
On the way to the emergency room, an elderly woman regains consciousness long enough to inform paramedic Zoe Chambers that her fall down the basement steps was no accident. Before she can say more, she succumbs to her injuries, launching Zoe and Police Chief Pete Adams into the investigation of a burglary ring targeting the area’s vulnerable senior citizens.
Zoe—in spite of Pete’s objections—takes it upon herself to act as protection detail after the con men, disguised as water company employees, set their sights on Zoe’s beloved former landlady. It’s a decision that eventually puts Zoe in harm’s way.
With Zoe already recovering from one close call, Pete must race against time to stop the crime ring—and a dangerous killer—before they strike again.

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You Can Lead A Horse To Murder-Tara Meyers-Beck Valley Tour-Review

About the book 
There’s a killer in Sanctuary, and the prime suspect is a horse.

When spirited Ember Burns is led back home to open her own veterinary practice, her first client lands her in the middle of a mystery. It starts as a desire for Ember to clear her name, and turns into a personal entanglement in a rapidly unfolding story of lies and deceit.

The small mountain town of Sanctuary has always had its secrets. Who can be trusted? It’s been ten years since Ember lived there but roots run deep. Discerning friend from foe isn’t an easy task. Relying on her intelligence and instinct, Ember tries to piece the clues together as the town gears up for its centennial celebration.

From the quaint historic shops, to the rugged mountains surrounding them, Ember works to unveil the true culprit before time runs out.

And I thought
They had me at the cover.  I knew I was going to like this one. 
But I didn't!  I loved it!  
From the beginning Ember Burns captured me and didn't let go! 
I loved her character.  I loved her strength, devotion and her spirit!

I loved the other main characters too. 
 Her Aunt Becky who is only a few years older than Ember is bold and strong and doesn't let anyone run rough shod over her or Ember or anyone else she cares about.  Aunt Becky even takes on the Mayor when she gets out of hand criticizing Ember.  

Ember is new to town.  Well returning to town and she feels 
she is looked on as an outsider.  There's no romance yet but there 
are a few suitors.  I am expecting a few sparks in the next installment.  

While Ember tries to figure out why the horse Butterscotch could 
harm a human more mystery and old secrets are discovered.

All the while someone makes threats and causes trouble for 
Ember to get her off the trail that will lead to the answers and 
a ticket to Hoosegow. 

In the end Butterscotch is cleared and all ends well for everyone 
but the criminal(s).

I enjoyed reading You Can Lead A Horse To Murder and 
I can't wait for the next installment.  

I received a complimentary copy.
This review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads.

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The Uninvited Corpse-Debra Sennefelder-Great Escapes Tour-Spotlight/Giveaway

About the book 
Leaving behind a failed career as a magazine editor and an embarrassing stint on a reality baking show, newly divorced lifestyle entrepreneur Hope Early thought things were finally on the upswing—until she comes face-to-face with a murderer . . .
Hope’s schedule is already jam packed with recipe testing and shameless plugs for her food blog as she rushes off to attend a spring garden tour in the charming town of Jefferson, Connecticut. Unfortunately, it isn’t the perfectly arranged potted plants that grab her attention—it’s the bloody body of reviled real estate agent Peaches McCoy . . .
One of the tour guests committed murder, and all eyes are on Hope’s older sister, Claire Dixon—who, at best, saw Peaches as a professional rival. And suspicions really heat up when another murder occurs the following night. Now, with two messy murders shaking Jefferson and all evidence pointing to Claire, Hope must set aside her burgeoning brand to prove her sister’s innocence. But the closer she gets to the truth, the closer she gets to a killer intent on making sure her life goes permanently out of style . . .
Includes Recipes from Hope’s Kitchen!
 And others are saying 
Wow- where do I begin? This is a fantastic start to a new series I hope will offer many future books. This series has all the wonderful elements cozy readers look forward to.
~Laura’s Interests
The small town of Jefferson, Connecticut is a great setting, as I love anything associated with New England, and I was quickly drawn into the community.
~The Power of Words
The promise made by the book synopsis was excellently fulfilled by the reading of the text. Two things that caught and held my interest while reading The Uninvited Corpse was Hope’s character and the mystery(ies) itself.
~Back Porchervations
And I'm thinking
I am still turning the pages and loving every minute of it!
The story is fast paced and keeps you interested. 
Filled with some fun characters. And filled with my favorite things.  Cozy Mystery, blogging and food!  A win, win, win.
I can't wait to get to the end.  

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Rock Legend by Tara Leigh

Title: Rock Legend
Author: Tara Leigh
Event Date: June 28th
Genre: Rocker Romance/Contemporary Romance
I’m no Prince Charming.
Most people know me as the drummer for Nothing but Trouble. Depending who you ask, I’m also a playboy, a loner, the life of the party, a screw-up, or according to my fans, “The Sexiest Rock Star on the Planet.” Apparently, I’m a legend.
Am I surprised? Hell, no. It’s a reputation I’ve earned behind my drum kit and behind closed doors. No one thought foster kid Landon Cox would become famous. Infamous, maybe. Notorious, probably. But successful? Never. No one except Piper Hastings. But I had to make a choice: my woman or my career. I picked fame and fortune . . . and spent every damn day since pretending I don’t regret it.
Now fate’s dropped Piper back into my life. I want to believe it’s a second chance for me—for us. But while I can give her a few great nights, I can’t give Piper a future.
Because there’s a difference between a legend and a fairy tale . . .
Only one of them ends happily ever after.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Cinco De Murder-by Rebecca Adler-Great Escapes Tour-Review/Giveway

About the book 
Tex-Mex waitress and part-time reporter Josie Callahan serves up more Lone Star justice in this spicy mystery from the author of The Good, the Bad, and the Guacamole.
It’s fiesta time in Broken Boot, Texas, and tourists are pouring into town faster than free beer at a bull roping for the mouthwatering Cinco de Mayo festivities. Tex-Mex waitress Josie Callahan, her feisty abuela, and even her spunky Chihuahua Lenny are polishing their folklórico dances for Saturday’s big parade, while Uncle Eddie is adding his own spicy event to the fiesta menu: Broken Boot’s First Annual Charity Chili Cook-off.
But Uncle Eddie’s hopes of impressing the town council go up in smoke when cantankerous chili cook Lucky Straw is found dead in his tent. And when Josie’s beloved uncle is accused of fatal negligence, she, Lenny, and the steadfast Detective Lightfoot must uncover who ended the ambitious chilihead’s life–before another cook kicks the bucket.

Read an excerpt
Chapter 1
Folklórico Rehearsal
On such a gorgeous May morning, what could be better than a power walk to Cho’s cleaners with my long-haired Chihuahua, Lenny? The morning sun had tossed a wide blanket of gold over the Davis and Chisos mountains, awakening the piñon pines and the weeping junipers from their slumber, illuminating the bluegrass and scrub so they looked like desert jewels. The plan had been to retrieve my abuela’s folklórico costume and burn some extra calories. And though we made good time—considering the length of my canine sidekick’s pencil-thin appendages—the morning sun galloped down Broken Boot’s cobbled streets while I paid Mr. Cho with a crumpled five-dollar bill and a coupon for a dozen free tamales.
“Yip.” Lenny lapped from the pet fountain in front of Elaine’s Pies, soaking his black-and-white coat.
“¡Vámonos, amigo!” If we were late to the final dance rehearsal before the   Cinco de Mayo parade, God only knew when Senora Marisol Martinez, our matriarch, would permit me to call her abuela again.
During my first few months back home, I was elated to find I could accomplish tasks in far less time than in the crowded thoroughfares of Austin. Almost a year later, I was forced to admit the slower pace of our dusty little town didn’t aid me in my quest to check things off my list. It merely encouraged me to meander.
On that happy thought, Lenny and I raced down the sidewalk toward Milagro. Suddenly I tripped over the plastic clothes bag, nearly kissing the pavement with my face. “Whose great idea was it to rehearse this early?”
“That’s what I was afraid of.”
When we barreled through the front door of Milagro, the best, and only, Tex-Mex restaurant on Main Street, I expected the folklórico rehearsal to be in full swing. Instead my best friend, Patti Perez, glared at me, which only made me smile. I was wise to her marshmallow center, in spite of her ghostly Goth appearance.
“Sorry,” I mouthed. After all, it had been my idea for all of us to join the local folklórico troupe—my way of embracing life back in good old Broken Boot, Texas.
“About time,” she chided as I draped Senora Mari’s costume over a stack of hand-painted wooden chairs. In my absence, the other dancers had cleared the dining room to create a dance floor on the beautiful Saltillo tiles.
“I would have called,” I began.
“But I was trapped in a dead zone,” we said in unison. Service was so bad in Broken Boot and its outlying communities that folks were slower here than in the rest of the country in ditching their landlines.
“Where’s Anthony?” When our headwaiter offered his newly formed mariachi band to play for our first performance, I didn’t have the heart to say no. Beggars can’t be choosers, or look a gift band in the mouth.
“Tsk, tsk.” Across the room, Anthony’s new fiancée placed her hand over the bar phone’s mouthpiece. Though christened Lucinda, we’d quickly dubbed her Cindy to avoid calling her Linda, my aunt’s name, and vice versa. “He says his truck has a flat tire.” She scowled at whatever Anthony said next and responded with a flurry of Spanish.
“Who doesn’t keep a spare in the desert?” Patti, whom I referred to as Goth Girl if for no other reason than to hear her snort, delivered this line with a deadpan expression and a flick of her rehearsal skirt.
“Yip,” Lenny said, chasing after her ruffles.
Goth Girl snapped her head in my direction and gave me the stink eye. “Tell me you replaced your spare.”
“Uh, well, not yet, but I will after Cinco de Mayo.” Money was a bit tight, what with the loss of tourists during the winter months.
To my right, Aunt Linda, a stunning middle-aged woman with warm chestnut hair, modeled her bright-colored skirt better than any fashionista in Paris. “That’s what you said about Valentine’s Day.” She was my late mother’s older sister. She might look great in her Wranglers, but she and rhythm had never been introduced.
“And Saint Patrick’s,” chimed in Senora Mari, executing a double spin. This morning she wore a rehearsal skirt of black-tiered lace along with her Milagro uniform of peasant blouse, gray bun at her nape, and large pink flower behind her ear. No matter how much I rehearsed, none of my moves could compare to her sassy head turns and flamboyant poses. Who knew my seventy-something, four-foot-eleven   abuela would turn out to be the star of our ragtag troupe?
A sharp clapping interrupted our chatter. “Let’s try it on the counts,” cried Mrs. Felicia Cogburn, mayor’s wife and self-appointed dance captain.
“Yip,” Lenny agreed.
“Why is that dog here?” Mrs. Cogburn demanded, her hands raised in mid-clap.
“He has a key role, remember?” My abuela smiled, an expression so rare on her dear weathered face it made folks uncomfortable.
Mrs. Cogburn blinked several times. “Of course.” Before she could begin, a small truck landed at the curb with a bed full of musicians, trumpets and guitars in full serenade. The band stopped playing long enough to hurry inside.
¡Ay, Dios! Senora, I had to borrow a spare. Mine was flat.” Anthony waved his friends into a semicircle just inside the door.
Senora Mari thrust a finger into the air. “So you say.” She snapped her head dramatically to the side. “Play.”
With a worried look, Anthony counted off, and the group of dark-haired men and boys began to play the "Jarabe Tapatío", the Mexican hat dance. I spied a familiar face on trumpet. Anthony’s little sister Lily gave me a wink and a nod.
As the trumpets and guitars played, Mrs. Cogburn called out, “And one, two, three, four.”
“Where’s your skirt?” Patti asked as we twirled first right and then left.
“Ah, chicken sticks.” I dodged the dancers, ran up the stairs to my loft apartment, and retrieved my long skirt from a chrome dining chair.
“Yip, yip, yip,” Lenny cried from the bottom of the stairs.

“Sorry.” I found his straw hat on the yellow Formica table and made it downstairs without mishap. “Here you go, handsome.” I perched the hat on his head and tightened the elastic under his chin. As we danced, Lenny would spin in place on his back legs, melting the hearts of the crowd faster than fried ice cream in August.

And I thought
Maybe I am just smidgen biased but Cinco De Murder was a 
super great read for this Texan!  I think I have found a new series that is a favorite.  A Taste of Texas Mystery series promises to 
be a favorite for this reader. 
Admittedly I couldn't help but sneak a peek at the end to see 
the recipes that followed.  And, this foodie was not 
disappointed.  From Pralines to Texas Chili I couldn't help but 
The story/plot was fun and interesting.  Meeting Josie her sweet 
little dog Lenny who not only dances but speaks up whenever it's necessary.  His little 'yips' got my attention. 
It seems that the series follows a pattern of Josie stumbling into 
murder scenes.  

And ends up having to investigate and find the real villains so that her friends and family are saved from the cell block. 

In Cinco De Murder Josie is hard pressed to find the culprit this time to keep her Uncle Eddie from taking the fall. 

I enjoyed my first visit to Broken Boot, Texas.  I'll be planning 
a trip back and catching up with the previous installments in the series. 

BTW our towns don't have names like Broken Boot. 
 But it's o.k.I loved the book anyway. 
If you enjoy a little or a lot of Tex-Mex.  A good 'ole cozy. 
Then you'll love Cinco De Murder!
I received a complimentary copy. 
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