Friday, October 15, 2021

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Murder At the Christmas Cookie Bake-Off by Darci Hannah Great Escapes Book Tour Review

October 7 – My Reading Journeys – REVIEW

About the book

Tucked away inside an old lighthouse in Beacon Harbor, Michigan, bakeshop café owner Lindsey Bakewellis ready to make her first Christmas in town shine bright. But her merry plans crumble fast when murder appears under the mistletoe . . .

With the spirit of the holidays wafting through the Beacon Bakeshop, Lindsey thinks she has the recipe for the sweetest Christmas ever—winning the town-wide cookie bake-off. Unfortunately, striving for a picture-perfect December in Beacon Harbor is a lot like biting into stale shortbread. Low on staff and bombarded by visits from family, Lindsey can barely meet demands at work, let alone summon the confidence to face fierce competition . . .

Self-appointed Christmas know-it-all Felicity Stewart is determined to take the top spot in the bake‑off, and she’s not afraid to dump a little coal in everyone’s stocking to do it. Just as the competition heats up, everything falls apart when the judge is found dead—and covered in crumbs from Lindsey’s signature cookie!

Solving a murder was never on Lindsey’s wish list. But with her reputation on the line during the happiest time of the year, she’ll need to bring her best talents to the table in order to sift out the true Christmas Cookie culprit.

Includes Delicious Recipes! 

And I thought

The charm began at the cover! 

Author Darci Hannah provided this reader with a page turning Cozy Read with charm.

From the main character Lindsey who owns the most charming bakery in a light house of all places! 

To even the not so nice bakers that want to win bad.  Felicity sounds like such a pretty and charming name but ...

And then the book takes place at Christmas time.  What could be more charming until someone does the unspeakable and literally tries to set up Lindsey! 

I had a jolly time following the clues and trying to figure out who's next kitchen was gonna be behind bars.  

Since Darci included recipes it's time now to go bake.  

I received a complimentary copy. 

My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads. 

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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Stitch, Bake, Die by Lois Winsto Great Escapes Book Tour Review/Giveaway

 October 13 – My Reading Journeys – REVIEW

About the book  

With massive debt, a communist mother-in-law, a Shakespeare-quoting parrot, and a photojournalist boyfriend who may or may not be a spy, crafts editor Anastasia Pollack already juggles too much in her life. So she’s not thrilled when her magazine volunteers her to present workshops and judge a needlework contest at the inaugural conference of the NJ chapter of the Stitch and Bake Society, a national organization of retired professional women. At least her best friend and cooking editor Cloris McWerther has also been roped into similar duties for the culinary side of the 3-day event taking place on the grounds of the exclusive Beckwith Chateau Country Club.


Marlene Beckwith, wife of the multi-millionaire pharmaceutical magnate and country club owner, is both the chapter president and conference chairperson. The only thing greater than her ego is her sense of entitlement. She hates to lose at anything and fully expects to win both the needlework and baking competitions.


When Anastasia and Cloris arrive at the conference, they discover cash bribes in their registration packets. The Society members, few of whom are fans of Marlene, stick up for the accused and instead suggest that Marlene orchestrated the bribes to eliminate her stiffest competition.


The next morning when Marlene is found dead, Anastasia questions whether she really died peacefully in her sleep. After Marlene’s husband immediately has her cremated, Anastasia once again finds herself back in reluctant amateur sleuth mode.


With the help of Cloris, Marlene’s personal assistant Rhetta, and a laptop someone will stop at nothing to find, Anastasia soon unravels evidence of insurance scams, medical fraud, an opioid ring, long-buried family secrets, and too many possible suspects. And that’s before she not only stumbles over the body of yet another member of the Stitch and Bake Society but also finds Rhetta unconscious.

Can Anastasia piece together the various clues before she becomes the killer’s next target?

Crafting tips included. 

And I thought  

A fun series  that I love.  

I have read several of the books. 

And each seems to just better as the characters  are developed.  And as their relationships grow and change.

Lois Winston has created  some great characters and great  storylines in this series.  

 She's even given her main character  Anastasia  her own real blog.  Anastasia  leaves Comme  on the posts on the tours too. 

The craft tips and ideas included in each book are a fun little  extra. 

If you like a good read that has some Mystery.  A murder or two.  

Some great  characters  you'll Anastasia Pollack's world. 

I have enjoy of the books in this series. 

I received  a complimentary  copy.

My review  will appear on retail sites and Good Reads. 

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Podcast Author Melissa Bourbon Introduces The Whole Truth

 This week we are featuring Author Melissa Bourbon . . .

Today she is sharing a Podcast

The Whole Sleuth

The Whole Sleuth is a new podcast all about cozy mysteries. I was honored to be the 3rd ever guest. Traci and I had a fun chat about my books. Take a listen!

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Monday, October 11, 2021

Mailbox Monday featuring Author Melissa Bourbon

 Good Morning  & Welcome 

This week's featured  Author is

Join us this as we feature  Melissa  and her fun Cozy Mysteries. 

Yesterday  at My Journey Back we featured Melissa's  tips in making a Charcuterie  Board which  is featured  in this book . . . 

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Sunday, October 10, 2021

New Releases October 11


A Brush With Murder by Bailee Abbott

For Chloe Abbington, the transition from fine art painter in New York City to painting-event business owner in charming Whisper Cove is more than a little jarring. But when poison-pen journalist Fiona Gimble writes a viciously negative review of the newly opened Paint with a View, Chloe learns that critics are the same everywhere. And when she finds Fiona’s body behind her shop with a painting knife in her neck, Chloe realizes that this picture-perfect town offers anything but peace and quiet. 

Available on Amazon 

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Stabbed in the Tart by Carol Ayer 

Home bakery owner and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Kayla Jeffries has been hired for the Gourmet and Stay Valentine’s Weekend at the historic Countryside Inn in Los Robles, CA. When one of her fellow cooks is murdered during dinner service, she becomes a person of interest-and a possible suspect. 

Available on Amazon 

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Once Upon a Seaside Murder by Maggie Blackburn 

There’s no place like home for the holidays, even if home is sleepy, beachside Brigid’s Island, NC. During this season for giving, the town wakes up to a welcome throng of shoppers–and Beach Reads is no exception. But bookseller Summer Merriwether’s Christmas cheer turns to cringing fear when she uncovers a deadly secret about her late mother–a secret someone will kill to keep. 

Available on Amazon 

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God Rest Ye, Royal Gentlemen

 by Rhys Bowen 

Georgie is excited for her first Christmas as a married woman in her lovely new home. She suggests to her dashing husband, Darcy, that they have a little house party, but when Darcy receives a letter from his aunt Ermintrude, there is an abrupt change in plans. She has moved to a house on the edge of the Sandringham estate, near the royal family, and wants to invite Darcy and his new bride for Christmas. Aunt Ermintrude hints that the queen would like Georgie nearby. Georgie had not known that Aunt Ermintrude was a former lady-in-waiting and close confidante of her royal highness.

Available on Amazon 

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Claws for Alarm by Rita Mae Brown

Pharamond “Fair” Haristeen is known throughout Crozet, Virginia, as a good horse vet and a better man. So when Benjamin Wagner, a new vet in town, is found dead in his unopened clinic, local police turn to Fair for help getting to the bottom of things. Fair quickly realizes Ben’s clinic has been robbed of ketamine, used by doctors as a horse tranquilizer but also a popular recreational drug. Then Fair’s own ketamine goes missing from the back of his truck. Was Ben killed for his supply? Or was he mixed up in something bigger? 

Available on Amazon 

Click Here

Digging Up Trouble by Kitt Crowe 

Life is sweet when you live in Confection, Oregon. Or, at least, that’s how it’s supposed to be. But on a summer day, when tourists and locals alike gawk at the majestic mountains, quaint Craftsman houses, and lovely flowers–particularly the renowned Confection Rose–the last thing anyone has come to see is a dead body, unearthed from a shallow grave by a curious dog. 

Available on Amazon 

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Slashing Through the Snow by Jacqueline Frost 

Reindeer Games Christmas Tree Farm is going into the B&B business, and Holly White is looking forward to her new role as innkeeper. Even better, Mistletoe, Maine’s sheriff, Evan Gray, has deputized his little sister Libby to help Holly wrap presents for Mistletoe’s toy drive. But a cold wind ruffles the cheery holiday decorations when a new guest checks in: Cleo, a vicious B&B critic, who could make or break the new inn.  

Available on Amazon  

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Mistletoe Cake Murder by Lena Gregory 

For a native New Yorker, palm trees and warm temperatures don’t equal winter, much less Christmastime. Nevertheless, Gia Morelli’s friends have decked the halls and trimmed the trees to truly welcome her into their “family” with an old-fashioned Boggy Creek, Florida holiday season. Even more joyous, Savannah Mills is getting married on Christmas Eve—the greatest gift Gia could ever wish for her best friend. 

Available on Amazon 

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In In Hot Water by Kate Kingsbury

Vivian Wainwright is living her dream. The middle-aged widow owns the Misty Bay Tearoom, a quaint, English-accented shop on the Oregon coast. But on the eve of the tearoom’s second anniversary, the dream turns nightmarish when a man falls to his death from a hotel balcony. The body belongs to Dean Ramsey, ex-husband of Vivian’s assistant, Jenna. 

Available on Amazon  

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Seven Deadly Sequins

 by Julie Anne Lindsey

It’s summertime in beautiful Bliss, Georgia, and while second chance dress shop owner, Bonnie Balfour, would prefer to spend her time redesigning gowns for the upcoming Founder’s Day parade, her grandma, Gigi, is too hot under the collar to concentrate. It seems Gigi’s former friend is using her recipe to sell cobbler at the local festivities, and she’s claiming Gigi’s treat as her own! Things go from uncomfortable to downright ugly when Gigi confronts her friend publicly about the unseamly pattern of behavior, only to later find the woman dead! 

Available on Amazon 

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Death at Greenway

by Lori Rader-Da

Bridey Kelly has come to Greenway House—the beloved holiday home of Agatha Christie—in disgrace. A terrible mistake at St. Prisca’s Hospital in London has led to her dismissal as a nurse trainee, and her only chance for redemption is a position in the countryside caring for children evacuated to safety from the Blitz. Greenway is a beautiful home full of riddles: wondrous curios not to be touched, restrictions on rooms not to be entered, and a generous library, filled with books about murder.   

Available on Amazon 

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Mango, Mambo, and Murder

 by Raquel V. Reyes 

Food anthropologist Miriam Quiñones-Smith’s move from New York to Coral Shores, Miami, puts her academic career on hold to stay at home with her young son. Adding to her funk is an opinionated mother-in-law and a husband rekindling a friendship with his ex. Gracias to her best friend, Alma, she gets a short-term job as a Caribbean cooking expert on a Spanish-language morning TV show. But when the newly minted star attends a Women’s Club luncheon, a socialite sitting at her table suddenly falls face-first into the chicken salad, never to nibble again 

Available on Amazon 

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Thursday, October 7, 2021

A Perfect Bind by Dorothy St. James Great Escapes Book Tour Review


About the book 

Librarian Tru Beckett, ardent defender of the printed word, is about to find out that keeping murder checked out of her beloved library is much harder than she thought…

Tru Beckett succeeded in building a secret book room in her now bookless library, where book lovers from lovely Cypress, South Carolina, can rejoice in the printed word. Now she’s working hard to maintain the little library downstairs while keeping her “real job” upstairs in the bookless technology center. The last thing she needs is a mysterious vandal who seems intent on breaking into her secret book-filled sanctuary and creating chaos. The nasty interloper doesn’t steal anything, but brutalizes the books, damaging them and knocking them off shelves.

A patron of the secret book room tells Tru that there have been creepy goings-on at the library for years, especially in the basement where the secret book room is located. He’s heard rumors of a poltergeist that haunts the library, determined to scare off readers. Tru is certain it’s hogwash, but she’s at a loss to think of who might be vandalizing the beautiful books she fought so hard to protect. And when a dead body shows up right behind the library, Tru is certain that it’s not a ghost but a cold-blooded killer that she and her trusty tabby Dewey Decimal will need to uncover.

A few others are saying . . .

A Perfect Bind is a cute cozy mystery with a murdered mechanic, a bothered bookroom, a prodding detective, apple pie problems, a meddlesome assistant librarian, and a fun Fall Festival.

~The Avid Reader

As someone interested in history and the past, I loved the town history and the story of the basement area of the library. Before it was a secret bookroom or a storage area, it was a bomb shelter, and long before that, it was an illegal speakeasy!
~View from the Birdhouse

I love everything about the Beloved Bookworm series by Dorothy St. James, and A Perfect Bind made me smile just as much as its predecessor.
~Reading Is My SuperPower

A PERFECT BIND is a perfect blend of books and murder. Local history and tradition add interest and fun and that dash of romance makes a great read even better.
~Cozy Up With Kathy

St. James’s cast of characters are high-spirited and create the perfect stage for madcap moments, outrageous behavior, and laugh-out loud situations–the very elements that draw cozy mystery fans into a series and leave them anticipating the next installment.
~Book Club Librarian

There are some really strong women living within these pages . . . They strive to do the right thing.
~Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book

This cozy is filled with quirky and unique characters. The friendship between Tru, Flossie, and Tori is fun and sweet. They truly care about each other. The characters come to life with each page.
~Socrates’ Book Reviews…

And I thought 

Another  great read in a newish series!  

It was nice to come back to the Cozt town and it's  kind of funny and quirky characters.

Tru has some beasties that always  have her back. 

Dewey  Decimal Tru's (she adopted  in book 1) kind of tends to get into mischief.  I mean look at the cover! 

And speaking  of covers . . .

The art work is some of the best I've.  It draws you making you want to see what is between  the pages. 

As with book 1 APerfect Bind gave me a few chuckles.  A mystery that kept me guessing.      

I've the clever theme of a secret  library.   I think that Dorothy St. James brings  a newness to the Cozy World.  

I am looking forward to much more! 

I received  a complimentary copy. 

My review  will appear  on Amazon and Good Reads. 

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