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To Love A Cowboy featuring Maple Bay


Welcome to Maple Bay, a small Midwestern town with heaps of heart—where family dinner is a must, and someone will always leave the light on for you. A new series perfect for fans of Debbie Macomber, Jenny Hale, and Susan Mallery.

An inheritance from a mother she never knew. But can this fixer-upper mend her heart?

Hazel didn’t think there was anything a homemade apple pie couldn’t fix—until her husband divorced her and left her broke. Trying her best to raise her ten-year old daughter and make ends meet, Hazel is desperate for a fresh start. When she inherits a fixer-upper in the small town of Maple Bay, Hazel and her daughter head to the country for the reading of her biological mother’s will. But a clause in the will says Hazel and her sister—the sister she didn’t know existed—must live together on the rural property for one summer, or forfeit their inheritance.

If Hazel can tough it out in the country for a few months, she stands to gain a historic carriage house. It needs renovation, but Hazel thinks she can fix it up, sell it as a bed-and-breakfast, and use the profits to begin her life anew, back in the city. She isn’t planning to stay in Maple Bay, or to fall in love with her sister’s best friend, Jesse—a single dad and handsome cowboy who is recovering from heartbreak of his own.

Hazel and Jesse are from two different worlds, but this horse-whisperer just might know how to speak to Hazel’s broken heart . . . until Hazel discovers a box of letters and a secret from her past that changes everything.

♥ ♥ ♥

Starting Over in Maple Bay is a sweet, feel-good small-town romance, and the first book in a new series by award-winning author Brittney Joy. This tale of second chances and newfound family will warm the hearts of readers—like tater tot hotdish or sweet apple pie. Curl up with your favorite blanket and visit Maple Bay today!

★ BONUS: Includes a Recipe for Hazel’s scrumptious Peanut Butter Pie.

Books in the Maple Bay Series (each book can be read as a standalone, and all Maple Bay stories are linked so you can enjoy time with all of your favorite characters):

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The Series

Starting Over in Maple Bay

Second Chance in Maple Bay

Running from the past is easier than facing it…

Kat swore off horses after a riding accident took her sister. Five years later she still blames herself and deals with the guilt by getting lost in city lights, a corporate job, and a sham of an engagement. But when she returns home for her brother Jesse’s wedding, the past comes creeping back. She’s not sure she can face the memories, especially because many of them she shared with her brother’s best friend, Creed—a man Kat’s been in love with since high school and who was with her that fateful night.

Creed lives for one thing—rodeo—and he learned long ago that family is more than blood. Creed’s best friend’s parents took him under their wing when he was a teenager, treating him like a son. Which is why Kat, his best friend’s little sister, has always been off-limits. But when Kat comes home to Maple Bay, a ring on her hand and sadness in her heart, Creed is pulled to her once again. But is she worth the risk of losing the only family he’s got?

A feel-good story of second chances and how love, family, and forgiveness can heal all hearts.


★Bonus: Includes a Recipe for Joyce’s Mulled Apple Cider.

Books in the Maple Bay Series (each book can be read as a standalone) 

Country Stars in Maple Bay 

Myra despises liars. And the biggest fake just stole her coffee shop.

Skyler Ridge, the famous country music star, is a fake. At least that’s what the tabloids say—that he doesn’t have a country bone in his body. Running from a scandal and the relentless paparazzi, Skyler lands in the small town of Maple Bay where he buys a failing coffee shop. He wants peace, quiet, and the chance to reinvent himself. Instead, he gets a cowgirl-barista with a surly attitude. But even though Myra drives him crazy, he can’t deny the fire she lights in him—a spark he hasn’t felt in years.

Single-mother Myra is edging on forty and has no room for a man in her life. She barely has room to breathe. But when she can’t save her coffee shop from foreclosure, the most irritatingly handsome man forces himself into her life. And she wants him out. Now. So when Skyler’s agent presents Myra with a deal to gain her coffee shop back, she jumps at the chance.

The catch? Myra must turn Skyler into a real cowboy and save his country music career—before his label drops him.

But there’s a reason Skyler ended up in Maple Bay. A secret he needs to unravel. And he’s not leaving until he finds the truth. Whether Myra likes it or not.

A sweet enemies-to-lovers romance full of hope, redemption, and how following your heart will always lead you home.


Sunday, June 20, 2021

To Love A Cowboy feat. Baer Truth By Jocie McKade

Welcome to the second annual To Love A Cowboy Promo Tour.
I am super excited to have a great collection of books and authors to share this is week.  

About the book 

Vegetarian punk rocker, Abby Clark is kicked off the band tour bus in the middle of nowhere. That happens to be Sentinel, Wyoming in the dead of winter. With a talent for cooking and the singing voice of an angel she manages to disturb a very cranky, cold-hearted bear -- Baer.

Joe Baer, is a sexy Wyoming beef rancher with women issues. His ranch is slipping through his fingers, he's been betrayed by family, and he discovers a family secret that leaves him reeling.

Snow, out of control tractors, a wayward, but affectionate Black Angus bull, one hot country superstar, an unforgettable rodeo, and two jaded souls that just might be able to melt each other's hearts when they find out, The Baer Truth.

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The series 

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Meet the author . . .

Jocie describes herself . . . 

I have a, well, a diverse background. I’ve lived in several states, and attended a local community college. I married a remarkable man who can fix anything. We have two daughters, and inherited two great son-in-laws and we now are the proud grandparents of, gulp, five grand-kids.

That was the official bio.

Now, for the truth. I live on Dust Bunny Farm, the name is self-explanatory. I often laugh out loud at the most inappropriate moments. I can find humor in nearly every situation, and I don’t take life all that seriously. I’ve been known to jump on stage and sing karaoke without ever having taken a sip of liquor, I am the person who pushes all the buttons on those holiday ornaments so they make annoying noise in unison and then I’ll turn around and blame it on one of my kids.

I am the person at the traffic light next to you singing to the top of my lungs and playing ‘air’ drums.

I prefer tea to coffee, and carbs to sweets.Here

I can write a story about anything. One of the first articles I ever sold was about the personality of an apron. I write stories that tend to be happy, because the world need less conflict and more happiness, and gee, we all need to laugh at ourselves a lot more often.

The above is a portion on an interview.  You can find the complete  interview over Here

Connect with Jocie . . .

Website click Here

Facebook click  Here

Jocie is also on Pinterest and Twitter.  You can links on her website  

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Raiders Of The Campsite by Jodi Linton

 June 18 – My Reading Journeys – REVIEW

About the book 

Welcome to Bushwhack, New Mexico: home to tourists, the great outdoors, and murder…

Camping for spring break should be a piece of cake for outdoor guide Andie Sullivan. She has her best friend and the sheriff tagging along as chaperones for the Wilderness Explorers. It should be all S’mores and ghost stories…but then Vivian is attacked and they discover a corpse.

Dang. The campsite went up in smoke.

With everything at stake, Andie must find answers about the attack—she has to dig deep into a community she’s called home since birth by asking all the right questions, sometimes at not the right time. As she tracks down clues to a suspect, Andie stumbles on a secretive treasure hunting group in Bushwhack. But one wrong move and Andie could become her own buried treasure.

And I thought
One of my new favorite  series.  I got in at book 2.  
I lived book 3.  They  keep getting better! 

Author Jodi Litton gives the reader and greaplot/storyline. 
That is supported with Great characters. 
A bunch of friends that watch out for each other and has each others back! 

Andi is a good strong main character  that doesn't  when she needs to do a bit of sleuthing to save friends or relatives. 

There is a bit of romance 
 . . Dirt of Andie and the hunky Sherrif dance around each other and their feelings. 

So on with book 4.  More mystery and a little more dancing will add up to another great read. 

I live this series can't  wait for the next one. 

I received  a complimentary  copy. 

My review  will appear on Good Reads and retail sites.  

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Over Her Head by JL Crosswhite Book Review Series Spotlight


About the book 

She's working on a new start...
...He's better with computers than people.
Can they build a relationship that fits their new life?

Fresh-out-of-cosmetology-school Jessica and whiz-software-engineer Austin have been thrown together by mutual friends. They even escaped a wildfire together. 

But do they have something more than friendship? 

Maybe a singles’ camping trip will make their future clear. 

When they encounter someone who needs their help, the relaxing weekend away becomes anything but. As the danger mounts and the challenges reveal who they truly are, will it pull them together or push them apart… for good? 

You will get lost in Over Her Head because the biggest adventure is falling in love.

Reserve your copy today.

And I thought 
This will be a longer than normal because there is just so much I liked about this book.  

From the plots/storylines (there are several) to the characters and the development of the main characters and their romance. 

I didn't need to read the previous books.  It was easy to get into the story line. 

It was easy to like the main characters  Austin and Jessica.  

I enjoyed that there wasn't a love triangle or ex that causes trouble. 
I get tired of those storylines and that kind of drama. 

What I had trouble with was the huge cast!  If I had read a print copy I would have liked a cast list to keep up with everyone.  

Jessica and Austin have a huge tribe at least it felt like it as I tried to keep everyone straight.  

There were two couples planning to get married.  And I love how that turned out.  No spoilers. But I loved how the wedding came off. 

The author did a great job of weaving the plots together to bring this reader a great page turning experience.  

The combination of Romance and Suspense was well done. 

I plan to read the rest of this series.  

I will post my review on retail sites and Good Reads. 

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The series

About the book  
She thought it was a road trip adventure…
…He figured it was the perfect opportunity.
But her stalker was on the road to retaliation, and she was his destination.

Relocation specialist Allie Ellis’s neatly ordered life is turned upside down by the reappearance of her old teen crush. And somehow he’s been recruited to join her family’s planned road trip.

Detective Steve Collins never got over the girl he let get away in high school. Now they are thrown together by mutual friends. 

And he’s not about to let her go without a second chance.

But a thwarted felon has mapped out plans of his own, marking more than caution signs around each bend.

Have Allie and Collins found each other only to discover another detour? A fatal one, over a cliff?

Off the Map, the first book in the new spin-off series In the Shadow, is Christian romantic suspense at its best. If you loved the Hometown Heroes series, you will love this page-turner because this trip packs excitement to the final page.

Buy Off the Map now.

About the book 
It’s her chance to prove she’s good enough.

It’s his chance to prove he’s more than just a fun guy.

Is it their time to find love, or does he have deadly competition?

Clothing designer and sister of the groom Kim grew up in the shadow of a perfect big brother. She’s determined to prove she can juggle the demands of launching her career's biggest break while handling the details of her brother's big day. The last thing she needs are distractions, like good-time Matthew or a crazy admirer who is growing creepier by the minute.

Matthew fell in love with Kim on their road trip. His humor is normally an asset but backfired with Kim. He screwed up, but she’s the best thing that’s happened to him. Will his fun-guy reputation keep Kim from seeing who he really is? Will his plan to win her back be romantic or a disruption?

Can Kim find strength and comfort in Matthew? When her life is on the line, will he come through for her? Can they figure out a way to make their differences work, or will they even get a chance?

Out of Range, the second book in the In the Shadow series, is Christian romantic suspense at its best.

You will love this page-turner because when love is on the line, no one wants to be Out of Range.

Get Out of Range now.
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Don't Let The Monkey Drive the Taxi by Gail Johnson Book Spotlight/Review


About the book . . . 

There's some serious monkey business going on in Elizabethtown...

Former beauty queen Cassie McCoy knows she doesn't deserve love. After all, she as good as killed her fiance Mitchell in Afghanistan when she sent him an "I'm in love with your best friend" letter. Now, two years later, she's avoiding said best friend Darby, while she carries her guilt and Mitchell's ashes with her in the front seat of the taxi she drives.

Things go sideways when Cassie is caught in the middle of a heist while picking up a customer at a local night club and her taxi is stolen--along with Mitchell's ashes. As the search begins, a rogue monkey who's been terrorizing the town is abandoned in her cab. What does the monkey have to do with the recent appearance of cocaine-stuffed candy bunny butts, and is Cassie now the monkey's mama?

Forging an unlikely alliance with the bitch across the street, an old man intent on being her bodyguard, and a stud-licious cop, Cassie is intent on solving the mysteries and getting Mitchell back...until she realizes there's much more at stake than her missing car. 

Buy the book . . .
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And I thought . . . 
This one is filled with Monkey Business.

The cover greets you and speaks humor.  And maybe RomCom.

The discription leaves you expecting RomCom and a little mystery. 

Turning the pages you find yourself giggling a little.  And more often than not having a good laugh. 

 Thanks Gail I needed that! 

Author Gail Johnson gives the reader a hilarious yet touching story. 

The characters and the adventure that Cassie gets into  make you chuckle as you devour the pages. 

I couldn't wait to see how all the calamity worked out and if Cassie had a Happy Ever After. 

No spoilers.  But I was happy with the ending. 

Check this one out! 

I received a complimentary copy 
My review will appear on Amazon and Good Reads. 

Murder in the Family by Lesley A Diehl


About the book

The past comes back seeking vengeance. To save her family and friends, Novice PI Eve Appel, pregnant with her second child, must outwit the bad guys in a final act of desperation, risking her life and that of the man she’s asked to help her, her mob boss friend, Nappi.

Someone is targeting the friends and family of Eve Appel Egret, owner of a rural Florida high-end consignment shop and part-time private investigator. The intimidation includes stealing the horse of one of Eve’s rancher friends, forcing her car off the road, attempting to kidnap her daughter and leaving messages on her phone threatening more dreadful acts to come. Eve almost succumbs to gas inhalation when someone enters the consignment shop and cuts the gas line while she is in the shop. And just when Eve could use the help of her mob boss friend, Nappi, with his far-reaching resources, she discovers he has gone into hiding, himself a target. By the time she finds him, he has lost all his financial assets and his influence, but not his determination to help Eve. It’s clear to Eve that someone from the past has returned to seek vengeance on her and those she loves. Her hunches lead her to believe she can bring the person responsible for the threats into the open by setting a clever and desperate trap. She knows, but she never counted on who they would be.

And I thought ...

One of my favorite  series! 

Lesley Diehl crafts a story/plot that keeps you turning the pages.

I love the characters.  

I couldn't  help but feel sorry for poor Eve as all the drama unfolds.  

And then instead of Nappi in the wings to help her out he disappears.   

Even though Nappi's not around Eve's tribe ..her husband Sammy, her father in law, her granny and Crusty the P.I. are great characters  that are helping Eve juggle parenting, homelike and chasing bad kids when necessary! 

Each book in this series seems to be better than the one before.  I have loved each one. 

I received  a complimentary  copy. 

My review  will appear on retail sitesand Good Reads

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The Corpse With The Iron Will by Cathy Ace Great Escapes Tour Review


About the book  

Welsh criminal psychologist and globetrotting sleuth, Cait Morgan, and her retired-cop husband Bud Anderson, are enjoying some well-deserved peace and quiet at home, in moody, mountainous British Columbia. The sudden death of a neighbor is a significant loss for them both, so Cait’s honored when Gordy Krantz’s “unusual” will requests that she eulogize him at his memorial.


However, delving into the dead man’s background becomes a pressing priority when a puzzling theft, and some surprising discoveries, put our favourite sleuths on high alert. Might someone living in their seemingly tight-knit – and certainly off-beat – rural community have wanted their neighbor dead? And if so, are more people they know at risk?


The tenth Cait Morgan Mystery from Bony Blithe Award-winning author Cathy Ace, The Corpse with the Iron Will, forces Cait and Bud to use the skills they’ve honed tackling cases around the world to unmask a killer who’s too close to home for comfort!

And I thought  
My favorite part of a Great Esca Tour is ... well I thought it was intervieesbut I realize it is ... finding new authors, new books and series.  
I have to say in all my browsing and shopping and recommendations from Amazon until now I have not met Cathy Ace and her Cait Morgan series.

Thank you Cathy for jumping in and touring  with Great Escapes! 

And now about Cait and her sleuthing... even though I stepped in at book 10 I felt right I was up to speed.  
This one is a little different  than the others in the series as they were all on location. 
In book 10 Cait and Bud her new husband are settling  into married life after several 9 to be exact cases to solve. 

But as with any good sleuth character  foul play must be in the storyline. 

Cath Ace wove a bit of suspense into a great read. 

I enjoyed the characters.

And now I have alot (9) of books on my wish list. 

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