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Cozy Releases That Caught My Eye


Good Morning.  Welcome  to the blog. 

And Welcome to a new week of fun Releases. 
This week I am featuring a few Cozy New Releases that caught my eye. 

Bake, Borrow, and Steal 

by Ellie Alexander 
As the autumnal hues of November fall over the Shakespearean hamlet of Ashland, Oregon, Jules and her team at Torte are working on their biggest event ever. They’ve been invited to create chocolate showpieces for the gala opening of a new exhibit, Shakespeare’s Lost Pages at SOMA. The museum, located on the campus of Southern Oregon University, is getting ready to unveil the Bard’s lost manuscript, Double Falsehood, which is being touted as the greatest artistic discovery of modern times.

Murder at the Opera House

 by Dawn Brookes 
Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe reluctantly agrees to accompany her irritating cousin-in-law, Edna Parkinton on an organised tour, starting in Romania. Looking for rest and relaxation after their last trip ended up as a murder investigation, things don’t quite go to plan. Edna is pleased when they encounter Horace Tyler from their previous holiday and Marjorie believes she will have a new friend in Frederick Mackworth.

Last Words and Ladybirds 

by Sherri Bryan
It’s summer in Bliss Bay. Ladybirds have descended upon the village, and event organiser Megan Fallon has a diary as clear as the sky. Although her wedding to American fiancĂ© Jack Windsor is a year away, excitement surrounding the biggest event of her life (after the birth of her daughter Evie, of course) is already building, and she’s determined that nothing will take the edge off it.

A Memoir of Mystery by Danielle Collins (Cozy)
The Keys Bed and Breakfast is hosting a reclusive author and a famous actress who are working together on a new memoir. It soon becomes apparent that not everything is as it seems. And then the dead bodies start showing up. Can Eva and the Murder Mystery Book Club sort fact from fiction and solve another deadly mystery?

Witch Trial

 by Cate Conte 
The Full Moon crystal shop in North Harbor, Connecticut, offers healing stones for all sorts of ailments. Unfortunately, there’s nothing among the gems that can help owner Violet Mooney learn how to wield the magick she inherited from both sides of her family—the legendary Ravenstar and Moonstone clans. As if being an apprentice witch weren’t difficult enough, Violet’s tutors are her estranged mother Fiona, a sister she never knew she had named Zoe, and a familiar in the form of a black cat, Xander.

The Perils of Paris

 by Ana T. Drew 
The Provence sweet shop owner rushes to the home of her twin sister in Paris. Julie’s main question is: Who would want Cat, a professional medium, dead? Unfortunately, Cat doesn’t have a clue. But since when has the absence of clues deterred Julie? Soon enough, she uncovers a suspicious death, unsolved disappearances, and a spiritual community with a dark secret to protect.

Death by the Finish Line 

by Alexis Morgan 
Overcommitted Abby has once again been drafted to use her organizing superpowers—this time for a 5k charity run that’s part of the Founder’s Day Celebration in Snowberry Creek, Washington. At least she has help, albeit from an unlikely source: Gil Pratt, a member of her handsome tenant Tripp Blackston’s veterans group and co-owner of a motorcycle repair shop with his brother. Abby and Gil may seem like an odd couple, but they work great together.

Jane Darrowfield and the Madwoman Next Door 

by Barbara Ross 
Megan, who’s purchased the house next to Jane’s, needs some help from her snooping neighbor. Megan’s been having blackouts, hearing voices—and feeling like someone’s following her. Are these symptoms of an illness—or signs that she’s in danger? Considering the extensive security system in Megan’s house, it seems like she should be safe—yet she soon vanishes into thin air.

Murder in the Meditation

 by Kari Lee Townsend
Sunny’s parents and Granny couldn’t be happier—or more overbearing—with the news of their first grandchild on the way, and Sunny’s new husband Detective Mitch Stone couldn’t be more terrified—or overprotective. Even her biggest ally Morty the cat has turned against her and partnered up with her husband, which is something she never thought she’d see in this lifetime. All because trouble has a way of seeking her out.

Tea is for Tragedy

 by Karen Sue Walker 
April May is intrigued by the fog-shrouded lighthouse where a troubled woman lost her life a decade earlier. When the woman’s sister chooses to re-examine the past, secrets are revealed that threaten the peaceful town and its residents. Meanwhile, the long-dead French chef who haunts April’s kitchen has a heartbreaking secret of his own that may change everything for one family.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Frosted Yuletide Murder by Kim Davis

 December 16 – My Reading Journeys 

About by the book 

Set against the holiday cheer of twinkling lights, costumed carolers, and a festive line of extravagantly decorated boats participating in the annual Christmas boat parade in Newport Beach, California, cupcake caterer Emory Martinez finds that the grinch has crashed the party. Together with her sister Carrie, Emory is catering a delectable feast of holiday cupcakes and cookies aboard a luxury yacht for the new Mrs. Blair Villman and her guests.


Sparks fly when Carrie comes face-to-face with the hostess, who just happens to be Carrie’s high school frenemy, and old grievances are dredged up. Adding fuel to the fire, Blair’s stepson brings his mother, the former Mrs. Villman, to the party. Instead of celebrating holiday cheer, someone seems intent on channeling the Burgermeister Meisterburger and shutting down Blair’s party permanently. When Emory finds a body aboard the yacht, she needs to discover who iced the victim before the Scrooge ruins not only her livelihood but her freedom as well.


Includes delicious holiday recipes.

And I thought 
A yummy Cozy Series that I really enjoy more and morewith each new book. 

I began the series with book 1 and fell in love with Emory.   She's  has her ups and downs in each book what with always being involved murder. 

But she is growing as a sleuth. 

There are several  characters in the permanent  cast including Emory's sister Carrie who kind of seems to always be the one who puts Emory into the wrong place where a murder just happens. 

I liked the Christmas  setting and the nautical theme/location. 

Author Kim Davis is expertly describes the scenes making you feel like you are apart if what is going on.  

As always  I find putting  books in this series down. I am kept turning the pages in desperation  wanting to get to the end.  

And then there's  the let down when the story ends and I just can't  wait for the next one.  

With Emory and Carrie meeting thier sister I was literally wondering if she'll be dragging Emory into sleuthing! 

I always enjoy the covers and the recipes!  

This is fun series that is sure to please with each book written  as a stand alone. 

If your new to the series you might enjoy the series  best by reading in order and meeting each of the characters and thier relationships with each other as the series develop.

I received  a complimentary  copy. 
My review will appear on Amazon and Good Reads. 

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Monday, December 13, 2021

Lingering Shadows by Juliette Duncan-My Review


 A charming Irishman. A jilted school teacher. A chance to escape their pasts and start again..

"A story of love, life, triumphs & troubles, but most of all, God's goodness."

Born of wealth and privilege, Elizabeth Walton-Smythe's future should have been set in stone. The headstrong teacher and her minister beau should have been married. That was the plan, as far as Lizzy was concerned. But, that wasn't to be, and one fateful encounter with a roguish Irishman quickly alters Lizzy's future and sends her heart and her life into a tailspin.

Marriage shouldn't have been an option, but in her haste to rebel and escape, it soon became her reality. Now, she's faced with a new, different kind of fateful decision. One which will test her faith and her resolve. With secrets from Daniel's past lurking and deep, dark secrets of her own to contend with, can the love that should have never been be salvaged, and will these two seemingly lost souls be able to endure the greatest challenge of their lives?

This is a Christian romance, a story of passion, love, and of God's inexplicable desire to free people from pasts that haunt them, so they can live a life full of His peace, love and forgiveness, regardless of the circumstances.

Grab your copy today and start reading! 

Lingering Shadows is Part 1 of a 5 book Christian Romance series, and is not a stand-alone novel. The story continues in Book 2 "Facing the Shadows" 

And I thought...
I enjoyed this sweet clean Christian  Romance.

I enjoyed the story and characters.   

The story does include mild abuse caused by alcoholism.  Caution to readers that might be distressed by the subject. 

This story is very well written  with characters  that warm your heart.  

Since the main characters  Daniel  and Lizzy seem to get married after a very brief courtship I think the readers would benefit from a prequel. 

I wasn't  immediately  drawn into the characters.   

Because of his alcoholism Daniel was a less than ideal male lead.  
And put me off a bit.  But the story is about Love, forgiveness  and redemption.  

I leaned toward having the same feelings  that Lizzy's  dad did but my feelings were more grounded.   Lizzy's  dad just didn't  give Daniel a chance for his own reasons.  Which made this reader like Daniel all the more even though his behavior  was a turn off to me. 

Lizzy  was a strong and independent woman who wasn't  afraid  to stand up for herself  and tell her husband  and father  how she felt.  

She unashamedly stood  up and spoke about her relationship  with God.  

And in the end helping her husband  accept Christ.  

I received a complimentary copy of book 1 and 2 from the author.  

I didn't  realize that the series is written  as a serial.  Book 1 leaves the reader on the cliff. 

The reader is left with Lizzy and Daniel separated and Daniel deep in the throws of alcoholism.  

Because  this series is written  in a discipleship manner I wish that book 1 & 2 were combined into one volume.  

If a reader has a limited budget as I do the message contained  in these pages might be missed by someone who needs to hear about God's love and his redemption  plan. 

I enjoyed books 1 and 2.  I liked the Happy ending and was pleased that Daniel become an honorable husband  and believer. 
I looked forward  to the chance to read more of this series.  The boxed set includes books 1-5 are on my Christmas  wish list! 

I received a complimentary copy. 

My review will appear on  Amazon and Good Reads.  

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Gallant by Claire Eckard Book Reviee I Read Book Tours

Book Details:

​Book Title:  Gallant: The Call of the Trail by Claire Eckard

Category:  Young Adult Fiction (Ages 13-17), 300 pages

Genre: Young Adult

Publisher: Mill City Press

Release Date: September 2021

Formats Available for Review: print- Softback (USA), e-book PDF

Tour dates: November 22 to December 10

Content Rating:  PG-13 : It’s a saga about love, relationships, personal growth and adventure, set against a backdrop of endurance racing. A strong middle grader/pre-teen could read it.

Book Description:

​A gripping journey of a young girl and a foal who are raised together in The Valley of Hearts Delight. Gallant and Gracie have a special bond, rarely seen between a human and a horse. Separated by a bad accident when Gallant is five, each gets a second chance of happiness pursuing the long-distance sport of endurance riding, neither knowing they are leading parallel lives. Will Fate bring them together again? Gallant’s arch nemesis, The Almighty Flash, threatens to destroy all that Gallant has worked for. His misguided ambition and greed, developed at the hands of an abusive owner, has created a darkness in his soul that turns to blind fury when his endurance career is threatened.

And I thought 

The pages were easy to turn. 

Page 1 brought me back to a  delightfully cozy and special time.

I was reminded of sitting with my teenage son and daughter  and reading a special book together.   

Gallant is a special book that horse lover readers of all ages will enjoy.  

So well written  and intriguing that it just might get a non reader to turn the pages too. 

Gallant is written for a preteen audience but avid younger readers and aged horse lovers would enjoy turning the pages. 

The illustrations bring the this delightful story to life. 

I have plans to order copies for my son and daughter to read and enjoy with their children. 

Thank you Author Claire Eckard and I Read Tours Lauren Carr for the opportunity  to read this book.


I received  a complimentary  copy.

My review will appear on retail  sites and Good Reads.

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Beauty And The Deceased by Debra Sennefelder Great Escapes Tour Review


About the book 

Kelly Quinn’s Long Island consignment shop offers high style at secondhand prices—but when a body is found on the beach, she needs to start hunting for a wolf in sheep’s clothing . . .

Kelly is thrilled when she gets a visit from a cousin she hasn’t seen in years. Becky’s cosmetics company is taking off, and she just might have laid the foundation for a big-money buyout. It’s a time to celebrate—but Kelly is heartbroken when a killer puts an end to their happy reunion during a mysterious midnight meeting near the shore.

Despite multiple warnings to steer clear, Kelly starts shadowing a variety of suspects both inside and outside the beauty business—when she isn’t busy filling the racks of the Lucky Cove Resale Boutique with lots of new inventory from a local shopaholic. Gossip and accusations are flying, but there’s no glossing over this ugly crime, and she’s going to make sure the culprit faces justice…

And I thought  

I am always happy to get an invite to read a new book by Author Debra Sennefelder.  

I love the Resale Shop series. 

Debra Sennefelder gives the reader some great characters that are easy to like.  They become your friends as you root for the them and wish them the best. 

Especially since they tend to get involved with solving murders. 

I always love the covers in the series.  I wonder what might be buried in the sand?  A clue? Or two perhaps.  

If this is a new series for you don't hesitate to jump on anywhere.  

I don't think you'll enjoy it as much as I do. 

I received a complimentary copy. 

My review be will be appear on retail be sites and Good Reads. 

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A Murder Yule Regret by Winnie Archer Great Escapes Tour Review

 December 1 – My Reading Journeys – REVIEW

About the book  
Freelance photographer and Yeast of Eden bakery assistant Ivy Culpepper has just scored the job of a lifetime shooting the Dickensian dress-up X-mas party thrown by It Girl film actress Eliza Fox . . . until an unwanted guest appears.

A holiday costume party in the sleepy coastal town of Santa Sofia could be just the boost Ivy needs for her fledgling photography business. At the party, Ivy enters a Victorian fantasy come to life, all courtesy of the fabulous Ms. Fox. Ivy gets to play shutterbug while hanging with Scrooge, Marley, the Cratchits, and more classic Dickens characters. But what begins as the best of times turns out to be the very worst for one of the party guests—a tabloid journalist with more enemies than Ebenezer himself.

When the man’s body is found sprawled across the jagged rocks below the house, the fingers begin pointing at Eliza. Meanwhile, Ivy gets roped into helping prove the starlet’s innocence. Her festive photos are now official evidence—and the Ghosts of Christmas Present could mean the party for Eliza is over, once and for all.


And I thought 
One of the best from this series! 
It might just be the holiday be theme.  
Prob the Dickens party theme for sure! 
Author Winnie Archer never disappoints with this series! 
With each one I am enamoured with the series cast.   
Filled with a bit of fantasy and nostalgia the costumed characters provide a few suspects, details,clues and evidence to be  unraveled. 

I loved the cover.  Watch out for those holiday cookies!  Does the Santa Skull hold a clue? 

A Murder Yule Regret  gave this readers hours of pleasant page turning.  

I love this series. 

I received it a complimentary copy. 
My review be will appear on Amazon and Good my Reads. 

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Mailbox Monday featuring Author Debra Parmley



Every day we are alive is a beautiful day.” – Debra Parmley  

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Killer Words by V. M. Burns Great Escapes Book Tour Review

 November 30 – My Reading Journeys – REVIEW

About the book 

Bookstore owner and mystery writer Samantha Washington comes to the aid of the cop who once arrested her own grandmother . . .

Sam and Nana Jo are back in sleepy North Harbor, Michigan, where Sam is eagerly awaiting the publication of her first book. In search of more immediate excitement, Nana Jo hits the casino with her fellow Shady Acres Retirement Village gal pals—but they get more than they bargained for when they witness Detective Bradley Pitt decking mayoral candidate John Cloverton.

As Sam well knows, mystery novels are full of brilliant detectives, genius sleuths, and hero cops. Detective Bradley Pitt—aka “Stinky Pitt”—is another story. In the past, the dull-witted detective has mistakenly accused members of Sam’s family for crimes they didn’t commit. Now, it’s his turn: when Cloverton turns up dead, he’s arrested. With his predilection for polyester, Pitt has been wanted by the fashion police for years, but Nana Jo knows her former elementary school math student would never commit murder—it doesn’t add up. Somebody’s framed the flatfoot to take a fall, and Sam and Nana Jo must step in to restore the reputation and good name of Detective Pitt.

And I thought 

Another fun  cozy from V.M. Burns. 

It was delightful to be back across the one with Sam and the girls. 

Seeing the in their hometown and stomping grounds was fun after meeting them on their trip to England. 

I enjoyed it he tour of their hometown of  North Harbor and visiting Sam's book shop. 

Nana Jo and cronies were hilarious and I enjoyed their retirement village!  

I enjoyed this read and I have a good size list of the previous titleson my Wish List now. 

I received a complimentary copy.

My review will be post on Amazon and Good Reads. 

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Thanksgiving Day Greetings From A Few Friends

 Hello and Welcome to a special 

Thanksgiving Day post featuring a few friends . . .  

I followed a few around to see what they were up to today . . . 

Even though our fried Cheryl Wright doesn't celebrate the day in her neck of the woods she stopped to say Hello . . .

We have enough food to go around. Join us!”

Greetings from Australia!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and love-filled Thanksgiving. 

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Our friend Alison Henderson shared a special parade . . . 

Greetings from Carmel, California!  

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Jocie McKade sends special greetings from Dust Bunny Farm 

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Birgit Stubblefield share's puppies first Thanksgiving photo shoot 

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Amy Pershing invited us to her festive table! 

We're just in time check her newest Release too! 

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Thanks everyone for making our day special. 

I think I'll go see if I can find us some dessert! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

All At Once by Lindsay Harrel My Review


About the book  
She loved him once—and he broke her heart.

Letting herself fall again would just be foolish.

When Gabrielle and Tyler are paired together as leaders for a weeklong kids summer camp, they interact for the first time in a decade—and she realizes the immature boy who left so long ago has become a man.

A very muscular, all-too-handsome man who still has the ability to make her swoon.

But no matter how much chemistry between them, the problem remains—Tyler lives three thousand miles away in New York City, where he runs a nonprofit he’s passionate about. Meanwhile, Gabrielle’s heart is rooted in their small hometown of Walker Beach, California, where she takes care of the only family she’s got left.

It seems the only answer is to buckle down, ignore the sparks between them—and simply survive the week. If only they could get their traitorous hearts on board …

You’ll love this clean beach romance, because everyone adores a story of high school sweethearts who get a second chance at love.

This was originally written as a 25,000-word prequel novella for the Walker Beach Romance series. The other books in the series are longer. Since all books in the series can stand alone, you can choose to skip this book if shorter books are not your cup of tea. But if you love a complete love story that you can read in under 2 hours, this will be right up your alley.


Read all the books in the Walker Beach Series, a clean and sweet collection about people finding love in a small town. Books can stand alone but are best read in order.
1. All at Once
2. All of You, Always
3. All Because of You
4. All I’ve Waited For
5. All You Need Is Love

And I thought 
A fun Sweet read.  This one was short.  But sometimes that is  A-o.k.
when you have a little time and want a good read.  

All At Once  was my introduction to the author.  I am glad to find a new author that brings a nice romance that anyone could read. 

MaMa and Jazzy Grandma would enjoy.  Even a teenager would turn the pages. 

The story moved quickly.  

The characters were nice and developed well.   

I liked Tyler and Gabrielle I was glad they were able to find each other again and work out their jobs to be able to finally have a future as a couple. 

There was a nice 2nd it with Gabrielle sisters and her son.  
I hope to see them again.   

I really liked the cover but I felt like the boat on the beach didn't really play into the story. 

I have already purchased book 2 
All at Once 

My review will appear on Amazon and Good Reads. 

The series 

   Available on Amazon

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Sunday, November 21, 2021

New Releases


Matt Jackson never expected being a police officer would give him wings… and an angel!

When bombs went off while on duty, he’s thrown well over ten feet in the air, waking to the most wonderful dream a man could wish for! His nurse was a curvy bombshell with an incredible smile and a personality that matched his own. Even his K-9 dog, Barbie, adores the gorgeous nurse smuggling in homemade doggie treats.

Alice Chadwick was a just an ordinary girl. A nurse, fur-baby momma, and wannabe chef, her schedule gives her little time to find that someone special. When the gorgeous officer flirts as she’s taking his vitals, she isn’t sure what to make of him. He’s got a snarky sense of humor, making her laugh more during her twelve-hour shift than she had in years. Perhaps Officer Jackson bumped his head a little harder than anyone thought, or was he was a brutal tease toying with her heart?

For every quip, every joke, Alice had a witty comeback that left him yearning for more—even after she refused to go out with him. When fate intervenes and it’s up to Matt to rescue his damsel-in-distress, will his luscious lady love realize that maybe he’s not such a bad guy after all?

*** Step into the world of Disaster City Search and Rescue, where officers, firefighters, military, and medics, train and work alongside each other with the dogs they love, to do the most dangerous job of all — help lost and injured victims find their way home.  

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Christmas Candy Corpse
by Rosemarie Ross

Christmas has come early to the beautiful Poconos resort that’s the setting for the American Baking Battle’s holiday special, where chef Courtney Archer is on hand to sample festive fare—and lift the lid off a killer . . .
Six ambitious bakers are competing for glory and a grand prize, showcasing their most delicious candies, cookies, and desserts. Courtney detects some on-set grinchiness from her coworkers, especially judge Shannon Collins, but she’s hoping the sweet treats will restore everyone’s festive spirits. That Christmas wish swiftly fizzles when assistant director Kinzy Hummel is found strangled—with an apron from Shannon’s new product line . . .
Shannon insists she’s innocent. Meanwhile, Kinzy had been under pressure from a disgruntled attorney to settle her late grandfather’s estate. But could that be a motive for murder? The show must go on even as Courtney sifts through competitors and crew for likely suspects. But unless she can quickly get to the truth, there’ll be another helping of homicide amid the pinwheel cookies and fruitcakes . . . 

Available on Amazon
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Police Navidad by Becky Clark 

The only thing Charlee Russo wants for Christmas are some silent nights so she can work on her mystery manuscript. Instead, she gets snowballed into writing and directing a Christmas play as a fundraiser for an elementary school to be held at the local senior center. But when the actor playing Santa drops dead at rehearsal, Charlee must deck the halls with thoughts of murder.

Available on Amazon

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A Secret Never Told by Shelley Noble (Historical)

Philomena Amesbury, expatriate Countess of Dunbridge, is bored. Coney Island in the sweltering summer of 1908 offers no shortage of diversions for a young woman of means, but sea bathing, horse racing, and even amusement parks can’t hold a candle to uncovering dastardly plots and chasing villains. Lady Dunbridge hadn’t had a big challenge in months.

Available on Amazon 

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Murder in Second Position 

by Lori Robbins (Traditional)

Ballerina Leah Siderova belongs onstage. Not in an interrogation room at Manhattan’s Twentieth Precinct. And yet, for the second time in less than a year, that’s where she has a starring role. It wasn’t her fault someone killed the autocratic new director of the American Ballet Company. And it wasn’t her job to find the killer. 

Available on Amazon 

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Friday, November 19, 2021

My Review Seven Deadly Sequins by Julie Ann Lindsey


About the book 

Bonnie & Clyde are at it again!

When the death of a local baker threatens to shred the fabric of their lovely town, this dynamic sleuthing duo bolts into action. The results will leave you in stitches.

It’s summertime in beautiful Bliss, Georgia, and while second chance dress shop owner, Bonnie Balfour, would prefer to spend her time redesigning gowns for the upcoming Founder’s Day parade, her grandma, Gigi, is too hot under the collar to concentrate. It seems Gigi’s former friend is using her recipe to sell cobbler at the local festivities, and she’s claiming Gigi’s treat as her own!

Things go from uncomfortable to downright ugly when Gigi confronts her friend publicly about the unseamly pattern of behavior, only to later find the woman dead! With Gigi’s prints on the murder weapon, and dozens of material witnesses to their earlier scrap, Gigi cuts straight to the top of Sheriff Wright’s suspect list.

Now, Bonnie and her kitty companion, Clyde, must don their sleuthing hats once more.

To mend Gigi’s reputation and deliver justice for the victim, Bonnie must lace together a string of clues about what really happened that night. Will she wind up on the killer’s cutting board in the process?

And I thought  

I was super excited to be offered the chance to return to Bliss! 

Author Julie Ann Lindsey is keeping readers busy by churning out this wonderful series!  

I would call this one a true series because the books and storylines all progress through the series.   

I have enjoyed each book.  Don't be afraid to hop in here.  You'll easily come up to speed as you meet Bonnie Balfour and her cat Clyde.  He has sticky paws.  He likes to pilfer objects.   Clyde adopted Bonnie in the beginning of the series and he is her constant companion and protector.  He even helps the hunky and handsome police chief save Bonnie and her GiGi when they are about to be kidnapped.  

I love this series!  

The characters are fun.  The plots are interesting.  

I am looking forward to more in this series! 

I received a complimentary copy. 

My review will be posted on Amazon and Good Reads.

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