Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Love Auction by Lindsey Hart-Book Review/Release Day

About  the book
OMG! Did I just bid and win a date with Shane Rempel for over one thousand dollars?!

What the hell was I thinking? Was I not the one who just said I would never spend that kind of money for a date with a stranger?!

Apparently, all sane thoughts just flew right out the moment HE walked up on that stage at the auction.

I was hooked line, sinker and all.

And let me tell you, if you spend that much money for a date, you definitely go on that date. So, I went.

And guess what? It kind of ended with me starting a war with the guy on the said date. And I even did a walkout.

Yeps and after that disastrous first meeting, you definitely do not expect the guy to turn up at your workplace asking for another date!

But he did. And guess what I did...

Read an excerpt
A Naughty Sneaky Peak from LOVE AUCTION
Rayvn’s hands came up, roved across his chest and twined around his neck. She pressed every single glorious curve of her body against his. He could feel the peaks of her damn nipples right through her clothes. He imagined that wasn’t all she felt. As he thrust a knee between her legs, her dress rode up and the heat of her burned through her thin black panties, right through his jean and straight into his skin below.
    She pulled away with a sharp little gasp.
    “Sorry…” he muttered. “That was too fast. I know. I’m sorry. You said a kiss and the first thing I did was yank up your dress and-”
    “No,” Rayvn corrected breathlessly. “I said I wanted everything. But you could start with a kiss.”
    “Do you want me to leave?”
    She rolled her eyes and stared at him, exasperated that he could be so dense. “No. I don’t want you to leave. I want you to kiss me again.”
And  I am thinking
Still turning the pages but it's release day so I wanted to share a few thoughts. Finished it.  Loved It!

What a fun story.  What fun characters. 
There is heart and emotion in both Rayvn and Shane.

He really is just a 'nice' guy.  But in the beginning Rayvn thinks 'jerk'.

Nice guy Shane isn't usually too interested in serious dating.
A date or two is usually enough and then he' s on to the next beautiful woman crossing his path.  

Marriage and kids are just not on his radar.

Then he meets Rayvn and it all changes. 

And then there's Rayvn that is recently divorced and still reeling from the loss of a child.  Meeting another man is not on her radar either. 

This was just a good love story.  There are a few bedroom scenes and MaMa might want to toss it.  But Jazzy Grandma would tell her grab a fan and keep reading!

I really enjoyed Love Auction and meeting Lindsey Hart.  I will be reading more!

Check it out it's on sale today.  

I received a complimentary copy. 
This review will appear  on Amazon, Book Sprout, Bookhub 
and Good Reads. 

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  1. Great book review. A book I would read. Have a blessed evening. Madeline