Sunday, January 13, 2019

Release Day-Murder at Blackburn Hall by Sara Rosett

About the book

Murder at Blackburn Hall (Book Two)

A missing author and a sleepy English village rife with secrets . . .

September, 1923. Despite closing her first case, high society lady detective Olive Belgrave hasn’t found a new client. She’s taken a job as a hat model to pay for her poky boarding house room. But then a job offer comes her way—make discreet inquiries about a famous author who’s disappeared. 
Olive travels to the English countryside to hunt for the missing mystery author. But soon after she arrives in the sleepy village, a body is discovered. Then a second murder focuses the police’s attention on Olive, and she must clear her name before the murderer pens a plot that frames her. 
Murder at Blackburn Hall is the second book in the High Society Lady Detective series, a lighthearted cozy historical mystery series set in 1920s England. If you love novels that take you back to the Golden Age of detective fiction with interesting plots, posh settings, and twisty mysteries, you’ll love the High Society Lady Detective Series from USA Today bestseller Sara Rosett. 
And I thought
This series is quickly becoming a favorite!  That says alot
because I don't normally really enjoy period stories or 
Historical fiction.

But Sara Rosett found a believer out of me!

Perhaps it is the vivid descriptions of the period that takes you there.  I felt I was journeying right along with
Olive as she leaves London High Society and travels to the countryside.  I do love the practise of the day of days/week long events.  The practise of dressing for dinner and the elegant dinners that are served are intriguing to me and brought to life through this series.

In Murder at Blackburn Hall the reader tags along with
Olive as she investigates a missing author.  Having been
hired by the publisher she is sent to an event hosted by potential author giving Olive the perfect 'cover' to snoop.

And snoop she does!  It doesn't take her long to find out where the reclusive author lives when she happens to meet his(?) typist it's a small world.

But instead of finding the writer hard at work on his next great book it is discovered there won't be any books as he who turns out to be a she and is found dead.

Olives hands are full when 1 murder leads to 2 and all kinds or drama!   Help arrives in the form of her
'friend' Jasper arrives to help and keep an 'eye' on Olive.

Together Olive am Jasper tool around town an discovery
the secrets and Who Dun It.  And as things are wrapped
Jasper is off into the wind leaving this reader saying
'Hmm."  and anticipating for book 3

If you enjoy a great Cozy Mystery check this one out.

I received a complimentary copy.
My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads.

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