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Matchmaker by Evangeline Kelly-Review


About the book 
A Contemporary Christian Romance 

She only wanted to survive her coffee date . . .
Ellie Parker had a date set up through an online Christian dating site. Shouldn’t be too bad, right? Except Ellie believed she was a walking disaster. After twenty-three set-ups, she’d never been asked out a second time. Meeting the new guy for coffee might be promising—if only she could pronounce his name right. Then enters Noah Donovan-- devastatingly handsome and completely unattainable. Too bad he wasn’t her date.
When Ellie spills coffee all over Noah’s shirt, she’s mortified to say the least. The guy she was supposed to meet hadn’t even arrived yet, and she’d already created havoc.
Noah had a reputation for being a matchmaker, even though his last relationship was a complete failure. He couldn’t take his eyes off the frantic redhead wearing the ugliest gold shawl he’d ever seen. Not only did she fumble her date, she practically ran the guy off. That’s when Noah stepped in and offered his services as a dating coach.
But what happens when the coach falls for the student? Will he be able to risk love again? And what if the student has insecurities that threaten a wall between them?
Can Noah convince Ellie that love is worth fighting for?
This is the second book in the Santa Clarita Love Stories Series, but it can be read as a standalone, and out of order.
And I thought 
So much better than I expected.  This is a great read for any age audiance. 
The characters are a fun group.  Some quirky and endearing as in Ellie the female main character.  I couldn't help but just love her!

Neither could Noah.  A guy that is almost too good looking.  A 
guy that could get any girl in town.  A guy that is burned from a past relationship.  But much to his chagrin he can't get Ellie out of his system or off his mind.   

Even when he sets her up with a good friend.  And then has second thoughts!  

It takes him awhile to realize/figure out he really has feelings for 
Ellie.  It takes his sister Olivia and her man Jax (who is Noah's best friend) and even Ryan the guy he tried to set Ellie up with to get him to look as his own feelings and give love a chance.  

When he finally decides that love might be in the cards for him everything ends in a great Happily Ever After.  He's the kind of guy that was so into his girl he bought her a live rabbit for a pet.  

There are parts in this book that are so good.  It's all good but it was just written well and the story flows and kept me really interested.  

I realized when I did the research to write this post it is #2 in the series.   It is written as a stand alone.  

Book #1 featured below is on my TBR pile.  

I loved Matchmaker it is refreshing to find authors that write a good romance that is inspirational.  

I recommend Matchmaker to any reader.  

I received a complimentary copy. 
My review will appear on retail sites and on my other blog over 
at My Journey Back-The Journey Back.

The series
Shaken: A Contemporary Christian Romance
Olivia Donovan fell for her brother’s best friend, Jax, years ago and thought the feeling was mutual. How wrong she’d been. He’d invited her to meet him at the oak tree at her parent’s house, and then never showed up. She avoided him for years and moved on with another boyfriend.

On the day of her move to a new city, Olivia’s brother informed her that he wouldn’t be available to help, but not to worry, he set up a replacement. When Jax Hunter showed up at Olivia’s door, she was determined not to like him. After all, he was the stereotypical bad boy from her high school days and she wanted nothing to do with him.

But when a colossal event took place, relationships were tested and character revealed. Truth always has a way of rising to the surface. Will Olivia be able to trust God to make the biggest decision of her life? Or will she let the fear from her past hold her back?

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