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The Captive Heart--Michelle Griep-Book Review

About the book...(provided by Christian
Escaping a cruel employer, English governess Eleanor Morgan must settle for the only reputable option available to her in the colonies---marriage to a stranger. Meanwhile, woodsman Samuel Heath is a hardened survivor who's determined to find a mother for his daughter. But no upstanding woman wants to marry a murderer. Will Eleanor be the exception? 
Editorial Reviews (provided by Barnes and Noble)The Captive Heart is filled with heart-tripping action and romantic tension between a half-Cherokee frontiersman and a proper English governess. Quickly engaging, fast-paced, and set on the American frontier, the novel reminded me of The Last of the Mohicans in all the right ways. Well done, Michelle Griep!”
-Julie Klassen, bestselling author
“Bold and captivatingly beautiful, Captive Heart is a book destined for accolades. Fans of the movies The Patriot and Last of the Mohicans have found new characters to love in Samuel and Eleanor. A masterpiece, from first page to last.”
-Elizabeth Ludwig, author of Tide and Tempest
“Reminiscent of the wildness, adventure, and romance of The Last of the MohicansCaptive Heart sizzles on every page. This is Michelle Griep's best book yet and one that played out before my eyes like an epic movie I kept wanting to watch over and over.”
-MaryLu Tyndall, author of the award-winning Legacy of the King's Pirates
“I am adding Michelle Griep to my list of favorite authors!”
-Laura Frantz, author of The Mistress of Tall Acre
Oh, wow! Not enough praise can be given to Michelle Griep’s The Captive Heart. This riveting, action-packed adventure set on the American frontier will leave you breathless with its beauty and power. By far, my favorite book of the year.
—Margaret Brownley, author of Left at the Altar
And I thought...
The Captive Heart was my introduction to the works of Michelle Griep.  And; to this era of history.  
I found the story interesting.  I was captivated from page 1.
As I continued reading I was drawn looking forward to the ending.  (in a good way)  This was a fast and easy book to read.  The kind I like.   
I enjoy a good romance.  And a good suspense.  

This book is both.  It is suspenseful from the beginning.  

The Captive Heart is a stand alone novel and not part of a series.  I would like to see more of some of the sub characters in the story.  Eleanor's friends traveled from England as indentured servants and ended up in service in the same town.   
I wasn't captivated by the hero Samuel.  Although he had a personality that was intriguing.  He was closed mouthed and secretive.  
Upon meeting Eleanor he was abrupt and demanding forcing her into marriage.  
The author left this reader a bit annoyed as the intricacies of Samuel's past, present and future unravel.   Although he means well Samuel is allusive, mysterious and closed mouthed.  

Eleanor becomes a  strong woman from her experiences.  
She is honest and open and becomes somewhat fragile once she realizes that she has fallen in love with Samuel.  

Although Samuel and Elanor enter into a marriage of convenience they end romantically involved toward the end of the book.     

Overall The Captive Heart was an great read.  A very good story for any audience.  There is no violence or bedroom scenes.  

I received a complimentary copy from Barbour Books in
exchange for my honest review.  

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