Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Children's Book Review-Gertrude and Toby Meet the Wolf

About the book (provided by ebooks for Review)
Gertrude the goat and Toby the tortoise are going fishing at Trout Lake for their Friday adventure. While at the lake, they see a little boy being dragged off by a hungry wolf! They follow the wolf and rescue the little boy, but the wolf doesn't give up. He goes after them, determined to get his lunch back!

And I thought...
Gertrude and Toby meet the Wolf is the 3rd book in the 
Fairy Tale Adventure Series. 
It's a delightful retelling of  The Three Little Pigs story with a modern twist.
All the characters including Gertrude and Toby are delightfully illustrated by Jim Heath.  
The story begins with Gertrude and Toby making plans to spend the day at the lake fishing. Their plans go awry when the wolf 
stalks a little boy when he can't find the 3 pigs.  Gertrude and 
Toby comes to the rescue and saves the day for everyone.  

This was a cute and fun story.  

Parents of younger children may wish to preview.   

I receive an e version of the book so I can't make comment 
as to the paper back or hard copy version. 
Based on other books I've seen and read as a preschool teacher I would be likely to buy the hard cover copy and read the story to my grandchildren.  

I received a complimentary copy from EBooks for review.
This review will be posted on Amazon and Good Reads.


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