Thursday, November 16, 2017

Beyond Love by D.D. Marx- An I Read Book Tour

Beyond Love Book 2 by D.D. Marx
About the book 
After trusting in her beloved friend Dan’s guidance from the beyond, Olivia is finally on the path to realizing her destiny. Staring at a blank canvas after ditching her raucous corporate life and meeting the love of her life, Finn McDaniels, a hot, widowed celebrity chef, she is ready to begin anew.

Arriving back in Chicago, she receives more frightening news further delaying her future journey with Finn. Unable to control the outcome, she begins questioning her trust and faith in Dan once again. She distracts herself the only way she knows how, by diving head first into a new project. What seemed like a time-killer may actually be the thing that saves her and catapults her into a world she never dreamed of.

When Olivia and Finn finally reunite, a looming secret is uncovered threatening to ruin the relationship she has waited for her entire life. Olivia is forced to decide whether to tell Finn or let it live in the past forever. Is their relationship strong enough to weather the storm or will it cause them to part ways for good?
And I thought
Not a stand alone.  Book 1 is a great read and definitely a pre-read to Beyond Love.  
The characters Olivia and Finn move forward in their romance from book 1.  Olivia still is seeking advise/help from her friend Dan's who is in the 'here after'.
As the Olivia and Finn struggle to keep the relationship strong and struggle through the storms the reader is kept captivated and 
ready to applaud at the end. 
These are like able characters that tend to worm their way into your heart and keep you interested.  

I am looking forward to a huge happy ending with book 3.  
I am wondering a little if the happy ending is really coming!

I enjoyed Beyond Love and am patiently waiting for a chance to read book 3. 
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