Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Face In The Crowd by Christina Kirby

About the book 
Alexis Hightower considers trust a four-letter word, and she has no intention of getting serious with anyone. After all, her day job as a nurse is plenty serious enough. On one of her nights off, she attends a concert for her favorite band and ends up on stage. She never expected to meet the legendary singer in person or that he would be the one to make her question her way of life. But how do you learn to trust again when the one you want is desired by thousands? 

Oliver Honeycutt has it all, success, fame, admirers, but when his family is faced with the unthinkable, none of it matters. Stranded in Atlanta, he meets Alexis, who’s unlike any woman he’s known before. As his attraction grows, plans for the future change, which leaves someone desperate to keep them apart. But Oliver won’t be easily discouraged. To have a future with Alexis, he’ll do whatever it takes to make her see the man behind the image.

And I thought 
Pure romance within the first few pages. A Face In The Crowd
is just a good 'ole romance.  Maybe not written for an older mature crowd.  But this older mature reader really enjoyed it!

They had me at the cover!

The characters were just nice and sweet. 

Lexie is a young woman looking to have some fun on the weekend after many long hours at a stressful job.  Dealing with very sick patients can take it's toll.  But Lexie is very good at her job.  

After a brief encounter at a concert Oliver's brother lands in the cancer treatment center were Lexie works.  Lexie remembers the moment their eyes connected the night before.  

It doesn't take long for Lexie and Oliver to realize their interest in one another.   When another nurse makes a mistake Lexie ends up being assigned as Bailey's (Oliver's brother) head nurse. 

As Lexie and the brothers and the band members begin to become friends Lexie and Oliver struggle with their growing interest in each other.  

Lexie can't imagine a even a few months of a relationship with the famous band member let alone a lifetime.  Allowing ex-girl friends come on scene and the bands manager, and even her mother stir up trouble Lexie struggles with the truth that Oliver really is in love with her and wants a relationship.  

In the end after a bit of a surprise and twist in the managers relationship with the band Lexie and Oliver make the commitment to each other.  

I enjoyed the ending instead of an Epilogue the author gave us an Encore.  

If you are a fan of a good sweet romance with closed doors to the bedroom and no language you'll love A Face In The Crowd
It was refreshing to read a romance with a famous rock star that was just a nice guy.  

I received a complimentary copy from Buoni Amici Press.
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