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One Night Wife by Ainslie Paton-Pure Textuality Tour-Review/Giveaway

About the book
Finley Cartwright is the queen of lost causes. That’s why she’s standing on a barstool trying to convince Friday night drinkers to donate money to her failing charity. Hitting on the guy on the next stool wasn’t part of her plan. Still, hot but grumpy venture capitalist Caleb Sherwood might just be her ticket to success.
Professional grifter and modern-day Robin Hood, Cal Sherwood is looking for a partner for a long con. Sexy Fin, doing her best Marilyn Monroe act for her cause, has the necessary qualifications. By the time he cuts her free, her charity would be thriving, and she’d have helped him charm billions out of arrogant, gullible marks to fund his social justice causes.
But just when he thinks he’s about to pull off the best con ever, his feisty new partner gets the upper hand.
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Was she desperate enough to stand on a barstool in a crowded pub and ask for money? Finley Cartwright sipped her second Midori Sour and considered the state of her desperation and the amount of courage that was contained in a green cocktail.
She hadn’t meant to overspend on their new Dollars for Daughters website, or be the cause for her stressed business partner, Lenny Bradshaw, showing up for work that morning with her shirt on inside out.
Now they had to choose between paying for their gorgeous, new, electronic home or the rent on their pokey, made-of-old-bricks office.
The charity was supposed to be Fin’s way out of waitressing and sweating on her agent finding her a TV commercial or getting a callback after an audition for patient in coma orwoman’s legs.
The seed funding for D4D had come from Lenny’s filthy rich, Wall Street dad, and they’d expected it to keep coming. Enough money to rent an office and start saving the world one microloan at a time.
It’d been a good plan until he was arrested and charged for insider trading, racketeering, and money laundering and sent to prison for a wicked long time.
So yeah, Fin was desperate and in need of courage, because Lenny’s family was melting down, and for once, her superbly well-organized best friend was all out of solutions.
She took in the talent in the crowded pub. It was wall-to-wall suits, people in good jobs who could afford to make a charitable donation.
The barstool option was looking good.
She toasted herself, “Here’s to nothing,” downed the last of the drink and climbed on the stool, yanked her T-shirt down and gave the room her biggest smile—the one that regularly failed to get her into a second-round audition—and with arms thrown wide, began.
“Ladies and gentlemen.”
And I thought
Simply 5 Stars.  One Night Wife is a spectacular romantic read!
The main characters Finley 'Fin' and Cal are charming and have a 
charisma that I don't see often. 
From the beginning when her ex walks into the bar and starts being a jerk and Finley turns and says to Cal 'Go with it' following a knock his socks off kiss the sparks and sizzle starts!

It's not just sizzle it's just good 'ole sweet romance.  Cal keeps his hands to himself and charms and woes her.

He does have an ulterior motive but Fin is just Fin and wins his heart.  

There is only one bedroom scene and it is sweet and romantic.

Mama might blush a little and reluctantly turn the pages.  But Jazzy Grandma would be turning the pages for sure!

The other characters mostly Cal's family members and 'mark' all are woven smoothly into the story.  

This is one that I was glad ended with a happy ending.  But I was 
sad to see it end.  

One Night Wife is book one in the Confidence Game series.
I loved One Night Wife and look forward to read many more 
from Ainslie Paton.   
The cover begs you to open it and read!   Fin does get the ring
which is a family heirloom.

I received a complimentary copy.
My review will appear on retail sites Net Galley and Good Reads.

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