Monday, October 15, 2018

The Trouble With Billionaires-By Michelle Pennington

The Trouble with Billionaires (Southern Billionaires Book 1)
About the book
She's sworn to never fall for another rich man.
He's determined to change her mind.

​Charlotte Mabry moves to a small town in Alabama, full of plans for a better life, especially for her son Taylor. Cash is short, but at least she's free from the crushing heartbreak of being married to a man who only cared about money. So even though Nate Haverton sends her pulses racing from the moment they meet, she refuses to let her heart lead her back into misery. Because he might be her son's t-ball coach, but he's also a billionaire.

Nate's drive and genius for solving problems have made him insanely wealthy, but not happy. With no time for a committed relationship, he tries to fill the emptiness inside by giving back to his home town. But then Charlotte moves in, and he knows that all this time he's been waiting for someone like her. She's beautiful, sweet, and strong...but adamant about keeping him at arms length. 

When his good intentions go wrong and rumors fly in their small southern town, this may be one problem he can't solve—even though it's the one that matters most.

This is a sweet romance.
And I thought 
A welcome change.  I couldn't put it down.  Turned the pages and finished in 1 day.  
I really enjoy a sweet clean romance. I really enjoy sweet clean romances with a good story/plot.

Michelle Pennington gives the reader all of the above in this one. 

The Trouble With Billionaires is a great read.  My emotions
went from interested to sad to see it end. 

Although it did end in a great Happily Ever After which is normally what readers expect from a great romance.  That is what this reader got. 

All the characters are charming.  Even the ones you tend not to like.  The wanna be girlfriend of the Billionaire.  The small town girl and her mom that are hoping to catch him.   The characters are well developed and add to the story. 

And then of course Charlotte whats not to like.  She was sweet and a good mom with a few issues.  But she works through them. 
Nate the Billionaire is a great guy that cares about other people.  

A couple of  the sub characters like Sam (Nate's assistant) and 
Lanelle (Charlotte's next door neighbor) are charming in their own right.  I wonder of Sam will end up with his own love story in a future book?   

If you like a good sweet romance check this out.  

I recommend for adults and teens both.  

I received a complimentary copy. 
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