Sunday, April 28, 2019

A Note To My Readers

Hello friends, authors, publicists, tour hosts.  Recently I have had to slow way down on reading and reviewing.    
The last few months have been difficult and I have had a hard time putting into words.  
This morning I saw this on FB.  I gasped when I began to read it and then weeped when I read it to The Cowboy.  
Yesterday we attended a Memorial for his brother who passed away a few weeks ago shortly after my mother passed.

Below is the most precious remembrance shared by my daughter.  This was very special to me and I thought that it would share a little of my heart.    

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As I read this on my phone I was unable to really see it well I did not realize at first she had written it.  Because we 'share' alot of other peoples horse stories.  The photo's are hard to see and I didn't even know that she still had these.  It wasn't until I reached the third line and the mention of NYC I realized what I was reading. 
Here's her beautiful story . . . 
 I’ve ridden a lot of horses in my life and I’ve owned a few that make my heart leap. 
But this story is about a horse named Bach. He was a big bay thoroughbred gelding and he lived at Claremont Riding Academy just blocks away from Central Park in NYC. I rode him once and the memory will be forever etched my mind.
Back before I had FB, an iPhone and before I’d ever even taken a selfie I rode Bach.
You see, my uncle invited me to visit him in NYC back in 2002. For the first time I rode in a taxi, aabnd the subway, I ate sushi (and I liked it), I saw where the Twin Towers had been, I saw Times Square, I ice skated in Rockefeller Center, I ate the best bagels and pizza I’ve ever had...and I rode Bach. My uncle had made reservations for us to ride through Central Park.
He knew I LOVE horses. (He did too)
My uncle spent the afternoon riding with me in a setting that I won’t forget. It was like a movie. Little kids saw us and said “mommy, look horsey!”. We waved and smiled. Our horses knew the path, they were well seasoned at carrying riders thru the park. 

Bach was a beautiful horse and I felt special to share that time with my uncle. The way to this girl’s heart is thru horses-he knew that.
The Claremont Riding Academy was such a neat place. I’d never seen a barn right in the middle of a busy city. There were multiple levels; one for stalls and an indoor arena. When you go for a ride they send your horse down a ramp to you so you can catch the reins. It was so foreign to me, so different than riding in TX where we have plenty of space.
At that point in my life I had already been more trail rides than I could count and even competed in different states but I gotta say riding Bach in Central Park still ranks as one of my best riding memories.
Uncle Bruce, thank you for the ride. This memory won’t be forgotten, it’s ours.
I’m still riding and I hope you are too; heaven is paradise so there must be horses there.

Please forgive my absence.  I am trying to get back to a routine.

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