Friday, November 15, 2019

The ID Paradox by Jan Notzon-Cozy Mystery Review Crew Tour

The ID Paradox
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About the book 
After disastrous experiences as a lawyer and then as a teacher, Jake Kazmareck tries to hide out from the world in a job picking melons on a farm in the wilds of south Texas.

An estranged friend, Connors, tracks him down with news that their mutual bosom buddy, Artie, is not dead as they both believed, but rotting in a Mexican prison. The stage is set for Artie’s rescue.

Jake, Connors and Artie’s friendship was forged years earlier, during an almost fatal canoe trip in which only Artie’s genius for survival kept them alive. That brush with death unleashed a primitive beast in Jake that has never stopped plaguing him.

The prison rescue is successful, but Artie’s experiences in captivity have destroyed his spirit. Jake and Connors immediately enlist the help of psychiatrist Judith Neuwirth to try to piece together Artie’s shattered self.

In the process, Jake is again confronted by the beast in himself. Will he learn to accommodate it, or will it destroy him?

And others are saying 
"Brilliant. An intelligent, thought provoking book. The plot and characters are fantastic. This is a gripping read, powerful and at times very sad. I was sorry when it came to an end. Another amazing book from Jan. Highly Recommended."
"This compelling story is a must read! Interesting characters caught up in an incredible, dangerous adventure. I couldn't put the book down!"
"Written in a poetic way with a flawless description of the scenery and activities as they occur, the book can easily hold the readers’ attention in an addictive way by making you to feel at home with the thought process of the main character. The Id Paradox is packed with suspense, emotion and actions to keep one entertained and flipping through the pages till the very last!"

Read an excerpt
There are excerpts and more info on the authors site.  
Click here for a direct link to read an excerpt. 

A page turning adventurous suspense full ride that I am still 
I am enjoying every moment so far. 

ID Paradox was a great suspenseful read. The characters
were interesting.  The plot keeps you interested and turning the pages to the end.  

The cover spoke adventure to me.  And adventure is what we get along with a plot/story line that is interesting and intriguing. 

There are some great reviews on Amazon you can check out the reviews below at the buy the book click on the Amazon link. 

I received a complimentary copy from Cozy Mytery Review Crew. 

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