Saturday, March 28, 2020

Saving The Captain-Jennifer Youngblood/Jewell Allen-Book Review

Saving the Captain (Jackson Hole Firefighter Romance Book 5) by [Youngblood, Jennifer, Allen, Jewel]

About the book
Adam Lockhart has plenty on his plate as captain of his fire station crew—his son might be dabbling in drugs and his new firefighter is giving him heartburn. When his son's teacher, Rosa Garcia, starts poking into his family business, he's annoyed, but intrigued. Not only does the beautiful brunette persist, but she awakens emotions the widower thought he'd buried long ago. And daydreaming about Rosa is much more enjoyable than dealing with real-life issues.

Rosa Garcia just wants to help her student Trey. When she and Trey's hunky dad Adam start falling for each other, a few stolen kisses put her job on the line.

Rosa's heart has never been on fire like this before. Is the hard-nosed captain the man to set everything right, or will he cause her heart and her career to go up in flames?

Look for more Jackson Home Firefighter Romance.
Here’s the order:
Saving the Billionaire’s Daughter (Intro story)
Saving His Heart
Saving Grace
Saving the Rookie 
Saving the Captain 
Saving Forever is coming soon!

And I thought
I knew that I would enjoy this book because I enjoy every book that Jewell Allen pens. 
This is the first time I have read one that was co-authored and I wondered how it would be. 
Saving The Captain  I think had a little more Faith (but not much) as part of the story than the books that Jewell normally pens.  At least that is what I took from it.  
And, I think that is good.  
Adam the hunky fireman is struggling with the death of his it happened... how he moves on with a teenage son...and how God plays/played into it. 
Rosa our fun and cheerful high school teacher has also recently had a death in her family.  
The two have some things in common. 
There are quite a few characters that interweave into the story because they are apart of Adam and Rosa's separate lives. 
The authors did a great job of introducing everyone and weaving in their parts of the story.  
I loved all the characters.  Adam's mom who is a retired school teacher and his sister who teaches Marshall Arts were a  fun addition.  And of course they subtly play cupid wishing the best of Adam and Rosa even when 'talk' starts going around town and 
their jobs are both become between their budding romance. 
In the end everything works out even the teen age son comes around.  I suspect a romance coming on with a couple of the other characters.  
Will they be the couple in the series next?

If you love a good wholesome romance and this one to your reading pile.  You will  not be disappointed.  

I received a complimentary copy.
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