Thursday, May 14, 2020

Fireworks, Firecrackers and Foul Play by D.E. Haggerty-Great Escapes Tour-Review

About the book 
How do you plan the perfect July 4th wedding with the groom in jail for murder?
Anna is not about to find out. And no way is she getting married in the jail house. Not happening. Instead, she’s off to uncover the actual murderer, because there’s no way her fianc√© Logan would hurt anyone. Yeah, sure, he looks kind of intimidating, but he’s a cop. He fights crime. He doesn’t commit it!

Will the gals of Callie’s Cakes solve the mystery before Anna’s wedding is ruined?

Cupcakes not included, although recipes for all the delicious cupcakes Anna bakes are.
And I thought
I love this series.  I have had the chance to read each fun, funny and yummy read.  
Each book is written as a stand alone and each one gets better.  
No need to start with book 1 . . .  but I will warn you I had a bit of a time in the beginning keeping up with the girls and the guys.  And there are only 3 but they are all so funny and quirky but a bit a like. I couldn't keep straight which was which at first  But it is well worth taking the time to keep them all straight.  

I am looking forward to what new mystery the girls will get themselves into. 

The guys (the boyfriends are burly hunky men who fight crimes and fires) watch out for the girls sometimes from the background making sure the girls stay of out trouble.  Which is a bit hard to do when they start snooping into murders and crimes. 
If you love a good cozy try this series.  Each book is a fast read and will have you turning the pages at break neck speed to get to the end.  
I love the series and can't wait for the next one. 

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to read and review Anna's book. I'm glad you liked it. I'm working on Kristie's Halloween book now. It's really fun.