Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Busting Out by Diane Kelly Book My Review


About the book
Buxom motorcycle cop Chastity “Cha-Cha” Rinaldi has a tough reputation to live up to. On her first day as a rookie for the Mobile, Alabama police department, Cha-Cha pulled over a pickup hauling a trailer with a busted taillight, and unwittingly stumbled upon an international human smuggling ring. But now, the three creeps she put behind bars have busted out of prison. Have they fled the country, or could they be coming for her as they’d vowed upon receiving their life sentences?

A traffic stop puts Cha-Cha face-to-face with high school physics teacher Newton Isaac. Cha-Cha can’t imagine herself with the geeky yet undeniably appealing guy. After all, he’s her polar opposite. Still, he's a welcome distraction from her woes, and she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him, as if by some unseen super-magnetic force pulling on her underwire bra.

Is Cha-Cha destined to pose a one-woman defense against three violent brutes, or might Newt prove to be her nerd in shining armor?

And I thought . . . 
I looked forward to reading another book by Author Diane Kelly I had the opportunity to read Bending The Paw a series set in Fort Worth my hometown.

I was excited when the Author provided me a copy of Busting Out as part of my On The Road series taking the blog to Mobile, Alabama.  

Busting Out was a page turner.  Sometimes you just want to read a book that grabs your interest ... 
Well I guess you always do but for me it doesn't always happen. 
But Cha Cha had me at page 1 it was one of those page turners I didn't want to put down.  

I enjoyed the chuckles. The storyline kept me interested.  

I didn't like the bad guys cuz they were just mean and they just wouldn't give up.  It  was a bit ridiculous the effort and the means they took to 'get' Cha Cha but it was funny and kept me wondering what next. The were a bit like the "Energizer Bunny". 
 At least untill Newton and Cha Cha get ahold of them. 

The budding Romance between Cha Cha and a teacher she met on a traffic stop soon went full on 'Love of thier lives'.

Cha Cha and Newton became a great team in finally catching the bad guys.  

Busting Out was a great read and I can't wait to read more books by Diane Kelly. 

I received a complimentary copy.

My review will appear on Amazon and Good Reads.

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