Monday, July 19, 2021

Sand Trapped by Joanna Campbell Slan Great Escapes Tour

About the book  

A Cozy Mystery That’s a Real Hit! 

First they warned Jocelyn Johnson. 

Then they ticketed Jocelyn Johnson. 

Then someone murdered Jocelyn Johnson. 

And Cara Mia Delgatto was looking for a lost ball when found Jocelyn “JJ” Johnson face down in a sand trap. Gave a whole new meaning to “take a drop.” 

It wasn’t a surprise. The neighbors hated JJ for the reckless way she drove her golf cart. Sure, she lived on the grounds of a swanky golf club, and yes, she had tons of money, but JJ ruined flowerbeds, terrorized grandkids, and made a nuisance of herself. 

Except…except…she’s quiet now. Lying there in the dirt at Hole #6. Someone bashed in JJ’s head. (Who would risk ruining an expensive Homna golf club like that?) 

Cara doesn’t want to get involved. But when Gerta Hunsickler is named the prime suspect, and Gerta’s husband is so angry at his wife that he’s starting divorce proceedings, Cara can’t sit on her hands. She knows what it’s like to be unfairly accused. So she promises to take a swing at it and see if she can hit a long drive down the fairway of justice! 

Meanwhile, back at The Treasure Chest, Cara’s friends are busy creating fabulous and fun Mother’s Day gifts. There are two brides-to-be working for Cara, and their two mothers-in-law-to-be have decided not to play nice. Can you say, “Mama’s boy” ten times really fast? I thought you could. 

If you love warm-hearted, clean books, that feature female amateur sleuths, fur babies, family, and friends, you’ll love this charming DIY/recycling/upcycling series set on the Southeast Coast of Florida.

And I thought 

What a fun read.  I really enjoyed my introduction to this series! 

I love coastal reads.  

I was intrigued with to coastal cover! 

I love the DIY/recycling/up cycling theme.

Mix in some fun characters and you have the makings of a great read! 

So we have a victim that probably more than one person would have liked to whack.  

J.J. (the victim)  just didn't get along with anyone. 

Then a sleuth that just doesn't want to get involved.  

And well a typical plot cuz said sleuths friend becomes the suspect of course our Heroine sleuth main character Cara has to solve the crime. 

But Author Joanna Campbell takes the typical to a whole new level and weaves a pleasantly Cozy Mystery that will have you turning the pages.  

Check it out for a great beach read or Cozy by the fire read. 

Many thanks to the Author and Great be Escapes Tour for introducing me to this fun series.

I can't be wait to read more! 

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