Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Cozy Releases That Caught My Eye


Good Morning.  Welcome  to the blog. 

And Welcome to a new week of fun Releases. 
This week I am featuring a few Cozy New Releases that caught my eye. 

Bake, Borrow, and Steal 

by Ellie Alexander 
As the autumnal hues of November fall over the Shakespearean hamlet of Ashland, Oregon, Jules and her team at Torte are working on their biggest event ever. They’ve been invited to create chocolate showpieces for the gala opening of a new exhibit, Shakespeare’s Lost Pages at SOMA. The museum, located on the campus of Southern Oregon University, is getting ready to unveil the Bard’s lost manuscript, Double Falsehood, which is being touted as the greatest artistic discovery of modern times.

Murder at the Opera House

 by Dawn Brookes 
Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe reluctantly agrees to accompany her irritating cousin-in-law, Edna Parkinton on an organised tour, starting in Romania. Looking for rest and relaxation after their last trip ended up as a murder investigation, things don’t quite go to plan. Edna is pleased when they encounter Horace Tyler from their previous holiday and Marjorie believes she will have a new friend in Frederick Mackworth.

Last Words and Ladybirds 

by Sherri Bryan
It’s summer in Bliss Bay. Ladybirds have descended upon the village, and event organiser Megan Fallon has a diary as clear as the sky. Although her wedding to American fiancé Jack Windsor is a year away, excitement surrounding the biggest event of her life (after the birth of her daughter Evie, of course) is already building, and she’s determined that nothing will take the edge off it.

A Memoir of Mystery by Danielle Collins (Cozy)
The Keys Bed and Breakfast is hosting a reclusive author and a famous actress who are working together on a new memoir. It soon becomes apparent that not everything is as it seems. And then the dead bodies start showing up. Can Eva and the Murder Mystery Book Club sort fact from fiction and solve another deadly mystery?

Witch Trial

 by Cate Conte 
The Full Moon crystal shop in North Harbor, Connecticut, offers healing stones for all sorts of ailments. Unfortunately, there’s nothing among the gems that can help owner Violet Mooney learn how to wield the magick she inherited from both sides of her family—the legendary Ravenstar and Moonstone clans. As if being an apprentice witch weren’t difficult enough, Violet’s tutors are her estranged mother Fiona, a sister she never knew she had named Zoe, and a familiar in the form of a black cat, Xander.

The Perils of Paris

 by Ana T. Drew 
The Provence sweet shop owner rushes to the home of her twin sister in Paris. Julie’s main question is: Who would want Cat, a professional medium, dead? Unfortunately, Cat doesn’t have a clue. But since when has the absence of clues deterred Julie? Soon enough, she uncovers a suspicious death, unsolved disappearances, and a spiritual community with a dark secret to protect.

Death by the Finish Line 

by Alexis Morgan 
Overcommitted Abby has once again been drafted to use her organizing superpowers—this time for a 5k charity run that’s part of the Founder’s Day Celebration in Snowberry Creek, Washington. At least she has help, albeit from an unlikely source: Gil Pratt, a member of her handsome tenant Tripp Blackston’s veterans group and co-owner of a motorcycle repair shop with his brother. Abby and Gil may seem like an odd couple, but they work great together.

Jane Darrowfield and the Madwoman Next Door 

by Barbara Ross 
Megan, who’s purchased the house next to Jane’s, needs some help from her snooping neighbor. Megan’s been having blackouts, hearing voices—and feeling like someone’s following her. Are these symptoms of an illness—or signs that she’s in danger? Considering the extensive security system in Megan’s house, it seems like she should be safe—yet she soon vanishes into thin air.

Murder in the Meditation

 by Kari Lee Townsend
Sunny’s parents and Granny couldn’t be happier—or more overbearing—with the news of their first grandchild on the way, and Sunny’s new husband Detective Mitch Stone couldn’t be more terrified—or overprotective. Even her biggest ally Morty the cat has turned against her and partnered up with her husband, which is something she never thought she’d see in this lifetime. All because trouble has a way of seeking her out.

Tea is for Tragedy

 by Karen Sue Walker 
April May is intrigued by the fog-shrouded lighthouse where a troubled woman lost her life a decade earlier. When the woman’s sister chooses to re-examine the past, secrets are revealed that threaten the peaceful town and its residents. Meanwhile, the long-dead French chef who haunts April’s kitchen has a heartbreaking secret of his own that may change everything for one family.

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