Wednesday, July 20, 2022

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His Radiant Bride 
by Autumn Macarthur

She's sworn off love. He wants to give his daughter a loving home. Neither of them want to risk their heart. It should be a perfect marriage.

After her fiancé dumped her just weeks before the wedding, elementary school teacher Rebecca “Rusty” Matthews vowed never to fall in love again. She’s completely happy with her life in small-town Sweetapple Falls, Oregon. If marriage and a family isn’t part of God’s plan for her life, she’s fine with that. She has her work, her faith, her friends, and chocolate. Who needs romance?

Reluctantly divorced mechanic Tom Davis suddenly becomes a full-time father again when his ex-wife leaves their ten-year-old daughter, Ava, with him. Tom wants to help his beloved child settle back into life in Sweetapple Falls, but it seems his ex-wife was right—he only understands machines, not emotions. Managing Ava’s moods and outbursts after her life is torn apart for the second time are beyond him. He turns to the one person his daughter trusts. Her Sunday school teacher, Rusty.

A marriage of convenience will give Ava the loving, stable home she needs. But will Tom lose them both when he falls in love with the woman he married, who could just be his ideal bride? 

Will the 4th of July fireworks light the way to love for Summer and Ace when they find themselves thrown together in Friday Harbor this summer? 

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Fireworks in Friday Harbour 

by Annee Jones

Seattle marketing specialist Summer Connelly welcomes the assignment to supervise the construction of a company float for the annual 4th of July parade in Friday Harbor, WA. Not only will it be a chance to prove her leadership skills to her boss, but an opportunity for a much-needed escape, especially since she hasn’t taken any time off since her divorce was finalized over a year ago.

Ace Lockhart is tired. He works himself to the bone at his Portland contracting company, but something in his life feels off. When doctors tell him his elderly father has taken a turn for the worse, he heads to Friday Harbor to be with the old man, simply because no one else in the family will even speak to him after what he did.

As fate would have it, Summer’s plans for the parade go up in smoke before any fireworks are even set off. Can Ace be the ticket to light at the end of the tunnel? Will their days together prior to the big show lead to fireworks in more ways than one?

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