Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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 Wild About You

 by London James

Release Date: February 6th

War is brewing in the town of Stone Rivers, and flower shop owner Nicole Jones is in the middle of it.

When the new owner of the Moore Ranch won’t allow the town to use the barn for the Valentine’s Day Dance, Nicole doesn’t hesitate to confront the tyrant. His ego is as big as the barn, and he doesn’t care whom he has to take down to get his money out of the property. To not only save the town’s event but to stand up for the event’s legacy, she becomes a crusader, leaving no stone unturned in her quest to get the new owner to say yes. She is determined to not only plan the dance of a lifetime but also to shut down the greedy Derek Moore.

If there is one thing country western singer and star Derek Moore knows, it’s painful memories. His family has owned the Moore Ranch for more years than he can count, and although he loved going there every summer, he can't face the memories the property holds. He's looking to sell the place, and what he doesn’t need is a big town event messing up the barn or his plans. The problem is that everyone in the town of Stone Rivers doesn't understand, and now the flower shop owner and the planner of the event decided to wage war on him.

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A Sudden Romance

 The Billionaire's Reunion Book 2

 by Rose Fresquez

She hates being defined by the wealth she was born into. He sees her for who she is. Can a guy from the wrong side of the tracks overcome his insecurities to offer an heiress his heart?

Architect Iris Stone designs fabulous buildings but can’t manage her love life. Even seemingly perfect dates end up collapsing. Her family insists she’s trying to build castles in the sky without laying any foundation. But that doesn’t stop them from choosing her to plan the next huge family event—something she’s not sure she can pull off solo.

Painfully shy chef Sabastian Diakos, is content working behind the scenes for the billionaire Stone family, even if most of what he does has nothing to do with his culinary skills. They’ve been more than generous. But if he accepts their offer to buy him his own restaurant, he’d never see Iris again. Not that she has any idea of his feelings.

When Sabastian overcomes his shyness to help her with the reunion, he shows her that love is found in unexpected places. Until another billionaire starts pursuing her. Now, Iris is falling for the quiet chef, but not sure what to think. All the years in their house, he’s never shown admiration for her. Could he be the real deal, or is she building castles in the sky again?

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So You Want a Second Chance

 So You Want to be a Billionaire Book 1

 by Elizabeth Maddrey

A heart attack reunites him with the one who got away. But is he too married to his job to invest in a second chance at love?

Joe Robinson made his first million in his twenties and has expanded that in the decades since. Now a billionaire and active in running of all five of his child corporations, he eats, breathes, and sleeps work.

Cynthia Mitchell is a top-tier heart surgeon. Moving to the DC area involved a calculated risk that she might run into Joe—but she didn’t expect to find him on her operating table.

When he awakens after surgery to find Cynthia is his doctor, all Joe’s feelings from their college romance return, and he persuades her to go out with him. But he still has his tech empire to run and she’s not willing to take second place to his job.

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The Reluctant Cattleman 

Colter Sons Book 1

by Karen Baney

A heartwarming western romance and coming of age story set in Prescott, Arizona in 1887.

As Sam Colter takes on more responsibilities at the family ranch, he believes he is a disappointment to his father. He feels like the misfit of the family. When a journalist shows up to interview his mother, secrets from the past threaten his fledging sense of security. Can he overcome his fear and doubts to accept his role as a cattleman and rancher? Will he allow himself to love the woman who turned his life upside down?

Ellie Mae Thatcher moves to Prescott to start her career as a writer. When she misleads the Colters about her identity, she hurts the man she is falling in love with. Can she win back his trust and his heart?

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Show Me a Mistaken Identity 

Cowboy Crossing Romances Book 7

by Alexa Verde

Can a fun-loving cowboy with a precocious daughter and a guarded woman with a mistaken identity find a path to happiness together?

It’s far from love at first sight when business consultant Cat Larson steals cowboy Roberto Moore’s car—with his daughter in it—then returns both and explains her reasons. After a few meetings, he’s intrigued by the mysterious thief, but his little family has suffered enough from his ex-wife’s addiction. Still reeling from her suspicious death, he doesn’t want to fall again for a woman he can’t trust.

The abuse Cat suffered has taught her not to let men get close to her heart. But

 outspoken Roberto and his lovely daughter break down her defenses. When she stumbles upon his family’s secret, will it break them apart or will their love survive?

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