Friday, December 2, 2016

Elise's Journey-Karla Gracey-Book Review

                                Mail Order Bride - Elise's Journey: Sweet Clean Historical Western Mail Order Bride Inspirational Romance (Eagle Creek Brides Book 1) by [Gracey, Karla]
A fun new title and new series from Karla Gracey!  

About the book...provided by the author
Welcome to the majestic mountains, and the small town of Eagle Creek where brave folk are busy making new lives and new connections. The land may be rugged, but it is beautiful and the men and women are determined to make their mark.
Elise Mitchell is no stranger to traveling huge distances to follow her heart, but this time she is making the move to take back control. Tragically widowed and with a young son to look out for, she finds herself beholden to her husband’s family and their grip is chafing. Having come from Scotland, she knows the mountains and the fresh air will be a tonic for her and her son, Bailey, but will the wilds of Montana be far enough away for her to be free of the Mitchell’s clutches?
Tom Greening loves his land, loves his cattle, and loves the single life. But, when his housekeeper decides to take matters into her own hands to find him a bride he finds himself intrigued, and even begins to think he might just be the marrying kind after all. But Tom has a secret, and it has haunted him for too long. Will it ruin everything and take from him the family he never knew he wanted?

And I thought. . .
Delightful.  What a fun story.  Every now and then I want to read a sweet story.  Elise's Journey was 'it'.  

Admittedly it's kind of hard to believe.  But isn't that what a great read is all about?  

After Elise's husband dies unexpectedly she is left completely at 
her 'in laws' mercy.  Although she tries she finally comes to the realization that she is going to 'butt heads' with them over her son Bailey's future.  

While considering her options she runs across the ads for Mail Order Brides and stumbles onto Tom's ad.  

Even though Tom isn't the one that places the ad it takes almost no time for them to decide that they want to pursue a relationship. 

I enjoyed the story.  The interaction between Tom and Elise and Tom's acceptance of Bailey's son is sweet and heart warming.

Tom not only romances Elise but he romances Bailey as well when he buys him a dog. 

Elise's Journey was truly a sweet story that kept me interested from the very beginning.  

It's nice to read a good clean book that has a happy ending.  

Another thing that I think is different in this story and the others I've read by this author is her ability to provide the reader with opportunities to learn more about the time period.  

The author uses words to describe things that I've never heard before but are relevant to the story.  Making this an excellent story for even younger and older readers to build their vocabulary's and learn a little about different time periods while reading a wholesome story. 

I enjoyed reading Book 1 of the series and look for many more installments.   

Another 5 star read for Karla Gracey and Elise's Journey

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About the author provided by Good Reads
Karla Gracey was born with a very creative imagination and a love for creating stories that will inspire and warm people's hearts. She has always been attracted to historical romance including mail order bride stories with strong willed women. Her characters are easy to relate to and you feel as if you know them personally. Whether you enjoy action, adventure, romance, mystery, suspense or drama- she makes sure there is something for everyone in her historical romance stories!

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I received a complimentary copy from the author. 


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