Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Beyond Believing by D.D. Marx-Book Review with Giveaway

Beyond Believing Book Review


About the book

When Olivia gets news of her best friend Dan’s fatal car accident, her entire life is upended. Shattered with grief and struggling to find any meaning or purpose to life, she trudges along with a gaping void in her heart. Finally, when her frustration reaches its peak, Olivia decides to trust Dan’s eternal friendship. That trust allows him to break through to her from the beyond, and Dan guides Olivia through the twists and turns of her life into something new and entirely unexpected.
When Olivia exposes a gigantic internal scandal at work, her career implodes. With no job and no one to turn to, she escapes to Palm Springs for the sympathy and care of her beloved cousin, Garrett. He isn’t quite the comfort Olivia hoped for, but on that journey, meets someone who fills the void in her heart. She’s never experienced such a deep love. It heals her soul and rekindles her spirit – and just may have been the design of her dearly departed friend all along.

And I thought 
I was taken by surprise.  Beyond Believing was not what I expected.  It was much more!
This is a book filled with friendship, love, hope and much more. 
As Olivia struggles through everyday life without her best friend she ends up meeting Finn who is struggling too after the death of his wife.  
Beyond Believing was a surprise read for me.  It was a book that was hard to put down.  An engaging and heartfelt read kept me turning each page. 

Check it out and plan a few hours to spend deep into a sweet story.  

I am looking forward to reading the remainder of the series. 

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