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An Au Pair To Remember by Stephen Kaminski-Great Escapes Tour-Review/Giveaway

About the book 
From the author of the award-winning Damon Lassard Dabbling Detective series comes the Male Housekeeper Mysteries, focusing on charming characters, snappy dialogue, eclectic murders, and cunning confidence schemes. To his mind, Cam Reddick has failed—as a husband, as a father, and as a professional. After recognizing that his vanilla credentials didn’t stack up in a big city brimming with overachievers and toiling in drudgery for half of a decade, an emotionally raw Cam returns to his childhood hometown—the quaint and quirky village of Rusted Bonnet, Michigan. He’s determined to resuscitate relationships marred by youthful immaturity, most importantly those with his ex-wife Kacey Gingerfield (who doubles as the village’s Deputy Chief of Police) and their first grader, Emma. Armed with striking looks and an endearing proclivity for mixing metaphors, but saddled by “momma’s boy” tendencies, Cam takes the helm of his mother’s housekeeping business—Peachy Kleen. Access to homes across the village facilitates Cam’s penchant for amateur sleuthing as Kacey’s aide-de-camp. Surrounded by Kacey, his sophisticated mother Darby, garrulous senior housekeeper Samantha, and recuse fish cum confidant Bait, Cam’s circuitous journeys to solving murders and unravelling complex cons hasten his struggle down the path of self-healing to self-respect. And there’s hope that—just maybe—he can rekindle the romance he once had with Kacey.

In An Au Pair to Remember, Cam’s plan for a quiet return to Rusted Bonnet is dashed when a beautiful German au pair, Greta Astor, is found dead in Dutch McRae’s foyer with all signs pointing to a hastily disassembled trip wire at the top of the stairs. When Kacey learns that Cam was cleaning the McRae home the previous afternoon, she confides to him that Chief Bernie Leftwich is set on arresting Dutch for the murder—either alone or in tandem with Greta’s bartender boyfriend. But she worries that Bernie’s been duped. And later, when his mother Darby becomes a suspect, Cam inserts himself into the investigation and stumbles through a series of ostensible incongruities—a thief swallowing a cache of stolen diamonds, a snack food distributor laundering money, and a Cash-for-Gold scam. Meanwhile, Peachy Kleen’s young African housekeeper has disappeared with one of the company vans. All the while, Cam finds himself flirting with his new neighbor and struggling with his complicated feelings for Kacey.

And I thought
I was intrigued by the title and the synopsis.  I was wondering how 
this one would turn out and if I would 'like it'  and 'like' Cam. 
I thought 'What is up with this guy?'  He cleans houses. . . hmm.

In fact he begins cleaning houses when he takes over his mothers 
cleaning business.  He not only cleans but he runs the show.
Cam is a good guy trying to make up for a few mistakes.  Mainly
the mistake of marrying too young and then leaving town and  running from marriage and family.  

He's now back in town and trying to make amends. 

The ex Kacey is a big surprise.  The ex that forgives (mostly) and 
allows Cam into his daughters life which helps Kacey out when there is a murder in town and she has to investigate and she needs a sitter. 

There's alot going on in this plot and it took me awhile to read keeping up with the suspects and twists and turns. 

Cam gets in a bit of hot water as he begins to do his own sleuthing with the help of his next door neighbor.  

Is there some romance kindling there?  Or is he going to make a
second play for Kacey.  Hmmm...I'll not spill it. 

I will share that Cam turns out to be quite the sleuth.
I am looking forward to the next installment in this series now that I realize I really like Cam.

If your looking for a good cozy mystery check this one out. 

I received a complimentary copy. 
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