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The Certain Hope by E.C. Jackson-Prism Book Tours- Review/Giveaway

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About the book 
The Certain Hope

(Hope Series #3)
By E. C. Jackson
Christian Contemporary Romance
Paperback & ebook, 318 Pages
December 5th 2018

Love at first sight. It’s every girl’s dream. But Tara Simpkins is finding out it’s not as easy as it seems. Is this truly the man God sent to be her husband, or is she just desperate to escape her loneliness? The recent loss of both parents has left her reeling, and close friends don’t think she’s in any position to make major life decisions. She and her new-found love are convinced they can live happily ever after in the home of their dreams. His family thinks he’s moving way too fast and might disappoint the kind-hearted woman he’s fallen head over heels for. And then there’s Leah. Leah is supposed to be part of his past, but what if she decides she’s his future? Tara’s match made in Heaven may be over before it truly begins.

Read an excerpt 
Two days ago, he’d completed a life-changing roof job. When he’d driven to the residence to bid the work, he’d developed a crush on the house. It struck his fancy. He coveted the vintage three-story building. Every feature appealed to him. Wrought iron framed the porch, and gargoyles were etched into the bricks.
The house needed only a minor overhaul. He was the man for the task if he was able to buy the place. Luke enjoyed restoring old houses. Especially one he hoped to make his own. As he’d climbed the steps, he was assessing the fair market value.
Then Tara had opened the door.
Luke had fallen in love on sight.
Entrapped by her guileless smile, he’d eyed her ringless finger.
Something about her says she’s single.
Luke was hooked. There was no turning back.
And I thought
What a refreshing story. It is refreshing to get a chance to read a good clean sweet story. 

 I enjoyed The Certain Hope.  

The characters were 'real' and likeable. 
I loved the small town feel. 
The plot/storyline was good and I enjoyed how things worked out for the couple in the end; even though the went through some ups and downs.  

I look forward to reading the other books in this series. 

I received a complimentary copy. 
My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads. 

I will also post on My Journey Back-The Journey Back on a future date. 

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