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Murph Murphy And The Case Of Serious Crisis by Keith Hirshland-Book Review

About the book
Murphy Murphy comes from a long line of male Murphys. All were named Murphy and all were cops. This Murphy heads the Department of Redundancy Department and his superior officer, Captain David “Dud” Hill has found him a case. The Captain’s niece is in a rock ‘n roll band called Serious Crisis, and it seems items belonging to members of the band have started to disappear.
Were these items stolen? Were they simply lost? As Murphy Murphy works the case, he must chase down the clues all the while dealing with grammatical anomalies that drive him crazy.  As Murphy gets closer to the answers he seeks, one more “thing” goes missing; the Captain’s niece. Suddenly, in an instant, the stakes in the case of Serious Crisis become a lot more dire.
Part Jasper Fforde, part Michael Connelly; Murphy Murphy and the Case of Serious Crisis combines humor, mystery, and grammar goofs as the detective pursues clues and suspects from coast to coast. It’s an entertaining and educational read for all ages.
And others are saying

Praise for Keith Hirshland

“I really enjoyed following along with each person as you discovery more about each one along with how four unsolved mysteries may be linked to everything..’Big Flies’ story takes off like a flash.. This is a great adventure and one that I recommend you check out. You will not be disappointed.”-JBrownder Book Reviews
“ I found myself intrigued by this talented writer’s style.. A mystery woven into another mystery. The suspense was great. I enjoyed following the characters throughout the book.. this novel was realistic, stunning, and one that all readers can easily connect to in one or more ways. Brilliant, clever, and mysterious. Keith Hirshland has a way that lured me in deep. I couldn’t stop reading it.”-Urban Book Reviews
“This is an engaging story well told. The plot hinges on the power of secrets and secrets revealed but Keith fully understands the heart of the story is the unfolding of relationships fulfilled or not. Can we ever really know who we know? While this novel works beautifully as a nostalgic and fun caper tale it’s all wrapped up in fathers and sons, true and lasting friends and of course intriguing women. Keith is aiming high here. Really, really well done.”- David R. Hill, Amazon Reviewer
“I had to dig my teeth in the first pages but once I did I was on a twisty turning ride. This one turned out to be worth the ride.  A fast paced story with great characters. The plot had some twists making it entertaining.  As the bodies begin piling up it’s a race to solve the mystery.  I enjoyed reading ‘The Flower Girl Murder’. and look forward to reading more from this author. “-My Reading Journeys

“Author Keith Hirshland provides a multi-layered storyline that has enough mystery, suspense, drama, treachery, secrets, and intriguing twists and turns that keeps the reader guessing, while weaving an intricate and complicated web of what the motive of the murders could have been, and the spectrum of possible participants who could have been involved in committing them. And if that isn’t enough to captivate the reader, the author adds a wonderful touch of humor and a bit of romance into the mix to keep them entertained.”-Jersey Girl Book Reviews
And I thought
I didn't know what to expect but I like what I got.  This was a really good read.
Although the whole Murphy Murphy had me scracthing 
my head a bit but I did begin to chuckle.
There's alot of humor around Murphy.  He's kind of a 
stumble bum but he is endearing and dedicated. 
Finds layers or clues to unravel and the mysteries twist and turn keeping you turning the pages. 

A well written easy read for everyone.

I received a complimentary copy. 
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