Tuesday, June 23, 2020

To Love A Cowboy Tour Day 2 Feat-Lost Billionaire Heir by Sophia Summers

book cover of Lost Billionaire Heir

About the book 

A man who doesn't know he's about to be a billionaire. A woman who is forced to marry well.

The tall Texan ranch hand leaned back against the corral fencing as he waited for the ranch guests to gather by the stable. His cowboy hat was pulled down shading his eyes as he chewed on the end of a tall piece of grass. This was his time to get a good look at the guests before he saddled their horses and helped them into the saddle. Working at the exclusive Rio Lago Ranch gAmazave him a birds-eye view of a class of people much different from those in his home town in Minnesota. Jacob could size up most of the guests just by watching them a few minutes. Some guests were more trouble than others. He had learned how to avoid the advances of the women who found him very similar in appearance to the cover models on the western romance novels they loved. He wasn't interested; the only woman he had ever loved he met on the run hiding floating down the Mississippi River years ago. What will happen when she shows up as a guest at the Rio Lago Ranch? 

Will his late grandfather's lawyers find him before she marries someone else?

And I thought
I really enjoyed this book.  So much that I invited the author to be a part of this tour.  Click here to read my review.

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