Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Dog Days of Summer City Dog Walking Safety & Etiquette by Sunny Weber


About the book 

Dog walking is easy—right?

Just snap on the old leash and head out the door, until. . .

•Your dog pulls you off your feet

•You meet an off-leash dog or stray

•You’re nearly hit by a speeding bicyclist

•You encounter a coyote or a snake

•A passing runner causes your dog to go ballistic

City Dog Walking Safety & Etiquette covers all the scenarios you and your dog can expect in urban and suburban environments. You will learn simple commands to help you understand each other, find the best equipment, become aware of local hazards, and appreciate basic manners so you and your pup are welcome wherever you go. Sunny Weber will help you enjoy the outdoors with your furry friend—safely! 

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Thank you Sunny for sharing your book.

Happy Dog Days of Summer from Melissa Bourbon and Dobby

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  1. Thank you for featuring my book, Sherry! I hope everyone finds some great tips on bonding even closer to their canine companion!