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Two ladies named Lucinda.

Lucy never uses her real name and is surprised when Rev. Caldwell calls her that at the pie auction. She's even more surprised when Ty Goodson bids on her pie. He's never shown her a bit of interest, and whoever wins her pie will share the dessert with her.

What follows is a series of misadventures and a night spent in a cave. That night with each other leads them into a forced marriage—a shotgun marriage with Ty’s father doing the forcing.

How will Lucy win the love of a man who longs for a different Lucinda? And what about the men chasing Ty and Lucy? Will they return?

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How to Woo A Cowgirl  Lucy McConnell

Zoey Carroll trusts her intuition and it pays off. Hunter Westbrook works it out on paper and it works out in life. Opposites may attract, but a lasting love needs more than an explosive first kiss. USA Today bestselling author Lucy McConnell and Ellie Thornton explore the relationship between personal nature and love in this sweet fall romance full of small town charm, falling leaves, warm cider and the Harvest Ranch Family.

When Zoey Carroll decides in a whim to move to Harvest Ranch during the busiest time of year, in hopes of bringing her family back together, she has high hopes and no idea how she's going to pull it off. Her biggest distraction is the next door neighbor--Hunter Westbrook.

Hunter has a dream and a plan--he's always got a plan--but he didn't see Zoey coming.

With two strong personalities and a whole lot of work to get done before winter, these two will have to figure out how to mesh her spontaneity and his logic or they'll miss out on a lifetime of love.


We've included the recipe for Cash's Lemon Bars that play a key roll in bringing Zoey and Hunter together. Share them with someone you love today!  

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Partners in Lim by Bree Baker
In the sixth book of the popular Seaside Café Mystery series, Partners in Lime, Everly Swan just wants to enjoy Charm's annual outdoor play. But a when a surfer rolls into town then turns up dead and Everly's EMT friend Matt is the prime suspect things gets dicey. Will Everly be able to crack the case and save her friend by opening night?

Hitting all the sweet tea spots, this series is:

A delightful Tea Shop and Café Culinary Mystery
The ideal cozy beach read
Perfect for fans of Laura Childs and Kate Carlisle
It all seems to be smooth sailing for Everly Swan. The island of Charm, North Carolina is hosting tons of fun summer events, her iced tea shop is a hit, and best of all, she's finally dating the handsome Detective Grady Hays. But their romantic bubble bursts when tragedy strikes: a surf-pro is found murdered on the beach, killed with a theater prop.

Grady follows the evidence, all of which points to Matt, Everly's friend and one-time fling. As Grady does his job, so does Everly—her unofficial chef-turned-sleuth-job, that is. She's determined to clear her friend's name but the arrival of a fancy new teashop and The Town Charmer, a gossip blog determined to rock the boat, complicates things. As Everly tries to keep rumors at bay and investigate the murder (and her new tea rival), the killer leaves a message in the sand...


"A smart and likable protagonist, a vividly rendered setting, a suitably twisty plot, and some colorful supporting characters are the ingredients for a concoction as appealing as any of Everly Swan's specialty sweet teas."—Livia J. Washburn, national bestselling author, for Live and Let Chai

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Pumpkins Are Murder
 by Teri Barnett
A dead carver, dueling witches, and more tricks than treats.

Bijoux, Michigan is serious about Halloween. Known as the most haunted town on the Lake Michigan shoreline, Bijoux hosts the annual Pumpkins and Poe Festival—the town’s annual homage to Edgar Allan Poe and all things spooky. Pumpkin carvers from around the country flock to Bijoux, slicing and dicing their way into Halloween history. But when one of the carvers turns up dead with a jack-o-lantern on their head and a note with the word Nevermore pinned to their apron, police captain Morgan Hart is called in to investigate.

After solving multiple murders at three previous Bijoux events, the beleaguered police captain steps into the fray once again, along with her down-in-the-dumps deputy, JJ Jones, recently ditched by his girlfriend, local cupcake maven, Hannah Bellamy. Meanwhile, Morgan’s own “weak and weary” heart keeps getting tested by Caleb Joseph, owner of the Raven’s Nest bookstore. The too-hot-for-his-own-good former Gothic Lit professor has made a hobby out of snooping around Morgan’s cases. It’s up to Morgan to thwart various Halloween high-jinks around Bijoux while preventing the town from panicking as she tries to catch a killer who’s turned “trick or treat” into the darkest diversion of all—murder.

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