Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Breaking News from Author Sara Blackard


Question time: Have you ever wondered what your favorite characters were up to? Ever wanted more time hanging out with them after the book was done? Do you think of characters as friends or is that just me?

Well, from the amount of emails I get asking if this character or that one will be in any more books, I'm thinking there are a lot of you that are like me. I also get emails asking when we'll be heading back to the past to visit our friends we met in the Vestige in Time series.  

The Breaking News

So, I've set up a Patreon to help fulfill all our burning questions.

So what is Patreon, and why use it?

Patreon is a platform unlike any other. It's a place to support creators and become an active participant in the creative process. The great thing about Patreon is that for less than a cup of latte per month, you can get amazing exclusives.

In each new book I write, there are always small check-ins to see what some of our favorite characters are up to. Yet, I often get requests for certain couples to be highlighted or for follow-up stories to be told, and I was never able to justify putting most of those stories together. It’s time that I not only could spend writing new books for readers to fall in love with (and, you know, pay my bills and feed the five kids. They eat a lot, and groceries in Alaska are expensive—hello, $5 gallon of milk) but also could be having adventures of my own with my chaotic crew.

Patreon will change that. Each month, patrons will have the ability to pick what short story they'd like to see written. Missing Zeke, Samantha, and Eva? Want to see more of Jake and Chloe? Just want endless months of Hunter and Viola stories that give us a glimpse of what their HEA looks like? Need to know which couples are having babies, facing various life challenges, or getting into shenanigans?

Patreon is the place to be.

On top of monthly short stories, I've also set up levels where patrons will get exclusive access to historical romances as I write them (remember Sparrow, River, and Trapper Dan? Yeah, their stories will be coming there.) Other levels are available, including writing a book together and exclusive Book Birthday Boxes.

In addition to that, all tiers will get early access to my indie titles. 2-4 weeks before release, you get your eBook copy! 

 To sign up Click Here 

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