Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Meet Author Amy Pershing


Hello Amy. Thank you for visiting the blog this week. I am so super happy to share your series and your Newest Release!

And I’m so happy to be here with you!

Let's start our little chat over lunch. Shall we?

Sure! I love talking with my mouth full!

If we were to meet one of your  characters where would we meet? What would we dine on? 

You’d probably meet Samantha Barnes, aka the Cape Cod Foodie, at the local clam shack, where we could chow down on a delicious mess of fried clams and onion rings. But if you’re feeling like a splurge, Sam would highly recommend the lobster roll!  

Let's have dessert. Is Chocolate okay? 

Chocolate is more than okay. Chocolate is a necessity.

Nuts or no nuts? 

Nuts, please!

Since you are about to release An Eggnog to Die For, I was wondering how did you celebrate when you write The End?

I wish I always wrote The End at exactly 5:05 so I could celebrate with a glass of wine, but since it’s almost always around 2:25 or so, I like to go for a lovely long walk with He Who Must Be Fed (aka, my husband).

I love the covers. How much input do you have? 

My publisher (Berkley) has been wonderful from the beginning about seeking my input on the covers. That being said, all credit goes to the amazing cover artist, Julia Green. Her work is amazing.

Do you have a pet that keeps you company? 

Oh, now you’re making me sad. We shared our lives for many years with our lovely Australian sheep dog, Ray, and we still miss her. We console ourselves, though, with visits, real and virtual, from our grandpuppy, Millie, and grandkitty, Zero. We wuv them.

Cape Cod just seems like such a lovely place. If I was able to visit, would you suggest a B & B or Private Bungalow? 

Both can be wonderful. The Cape is famous for its charming B&Bs, which have the advantage of super nice hosts who can advise you on where to go and what to see. But if you prefer a bit more space (and the opportunity to cook the Cape’s bountiful seafood for yourself!), you can’t beat a rental cottage!

Let's pretend... If you could go anywhere in the world to research it and write your next book where would you go? 

Italy. Italy, Italy, Italy.

Would you take snacks? What would you take? 

No need to take snacks to Italy – there’s a gelateria on every corner!

What is your favorite season?

Summer. Summer on the Cape is heaven. Sail, swim, eat, sleep, repeat. Heaven. 

You’re planning a Romantic Dinner for two … 

What is on the menu? 

Where will you dine? 

What kind of flowers will he bring?

Oh, that’s easy. We’ll be sitting outside on the terrace on a warm summer’s evening with the sun just sinking over the horizon, a jam jar of daisies on the table and a nice bottle of chilled sparkling wine like prosecco. We’ll start with a small plate of sliced ripe, red tomatoes and fresh mozzarella drizzled with a good olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. Then He Who Must Be Fed will grill some right-off-the-boat scallops, which we’ll have with a green salad topped with goat cheese and chopped pistachios. And for dessert, the super easy blender chocolate mousse from An Eggnog to Die For!

Gosh we seem to have to chatted the afternoon away. 

I'll let you get to those dinner plans! 

We must do this again!  And you can tell us all about that amazing Romantic Dinner! 

Isn't Amy just alot of fun.  I wish I could actually go to Cape Cod for a visit. 

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