Sunday, May 21, 2023

Cozy New Releases A Few That Caught My Eye


Blueberry Blunder

 by Amanda Flower 

Bailey King, star of TV’s Bailey’s Amish Sweets, is building her dream candy factory in Harvest, Ohio. But no sooner is the frame of the new building up than she finds the dead body of a surly contractor who has a long list of enemies—including people in the Amish community. To add to the drama, Bailey is being filmed by a crew for her upcoming show. 

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Spring Break Slaying

 by Jody Holford 

t’s spring break in Rainbow Falls and true crime aficionado Annie Abbott is hoping to cater to the hoards of college kids descending on her coastal town by hosting a Gatsby-themed murder mystery party. She’s hoping her twenties era whodunnit at a local historic mansion will increase tourist revenue and build her business’s brand. 

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Poppy Harmon and the Shooting Star 

 by Lee Hollis 

Poppy never planned on speaking to her old acting rival Serena Saunders again, let alone accepting her as a client. But familiar drama barges back into her life when Serena requests an urgent background check on Ned Boyce, her fiancé, before tying the knot. And the flighty film star is behaving out of character by wishing to start over with Poppy—this time as friends .

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