Sunday, May 28, 2023

New Releases That Caught My Eye

 A few new authors to me . . . 

Murder Off the Books

 by Tamara Berry 

Author Tess Harrow is looking to get back in the town of Winthrop’s good graces after she uncovered not one, but two long-forgotten murders. With the perfect plan of combining her new book release with her bookstore’s grand opening she’ll have the chance to wine and dine the locals and some big press contacts. 

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Inspection Deception 

by Barbara Emodi 

Summer is building time in Nova Scotia. Inspector Kenny McQuarrie will make sure everything is done by the book. That is until a summertime renovation digs up an old murder, and the victim looks just like him. What regulation covers a situation like this one? Kenny hopes for an insight from the reliable Max, but his bulldog is just as confused as he is. 

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A Dead Herring 

by Helen Golden 

Details are sketchy at this stage, but it is believed businessman Ben Rhodes (38) was found dead in his bathroom at the king’s Scottish home by his twin brother Max, where the pair were guests at a shooting party hosted by Lord Frederick Astley (39), brother of Lady Beatrice (36). The cause of Mr Rhodes’ death is not known, but he started receiving death threats from football fans after his controversial takeover of the club and had recently employed his own personal security. 

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