Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Killer Hooks by Betty Hechtman My Review Great Escapes Book Tour


About the book 

When a baby girl is dropped off on Molly Pink’s doorstep, her life is thrown into disarray as she is putting together a troublesome author event at the bookstore where she works.

The author is a demanding former Hollywood columnist whose book is filled with upbeat stories, but who wants to promote a true crime podcast she is about to launch based on the dark side of what she left out of her columns.

At the same time, Molly’s son has asked her to investigate a potential investor in his production company. The baby, who happens to be Molly’s estranged granddaughter offers her an opening into an elite mommy group, a member of which is the wife of the person Molly is to investigate.

When the columnist dies suddenly, Molly finds herself in the crosshairs of an unfamiliar detective who considers her the prime suspect. Molly recruits the help of the Tarzana Hookers to help with all.

And I thought 

First how did I miss book 1-14? 

Iove a good Cozy Mystery. 

I love one with a dog or two running the show. 

I love to crochet. 

And that cover!  It just beckons.

 It did it's job of luring me in.  I sure would pick this one up and add to my cart! 

So how did I miss the previous books? Who knows. 

I am just glad author Betty Hecthmann chose to tour with Great Escapes. 

Second I didn't really read the blub till I received my copy. 

And wow I had to read it slow cuz my head was spinning! 

 The main character Molly has her hands full.  

And she handles it all with ease.  

When she needs a little help once things get more out of control  she gets her crochet buddies to help. 

I loved the plot. 

I really enjoyed the characters. 

And the house full of dogs. 

The cats played thier roles. 

I liked the dogs better. 

I don't love I missed 1-14.  

But now I have plenty to read.  I'll be talkin' to Santa! 

I received a complimentary copy. 

I willpost a review on Amazon and Good Reads. 

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