Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Upcoming Release The Dowagger'S Button by Lauara Domino


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About the book  

Friendzoned for life, Drew must help Sofia see how right they are for each other.

Drew, a billionaire’s son, comes home to reconnect. When his best friend’s apartment is more welcoming than his mom’s house, he reconnects with the family he practically grew up with. The only problem is, after five years away, he seems to be falling for his best friend’s sister.

Sofia, a seamstress at the local bridal shop, keeps Drew’s career change secret from her brother at Drew’s request. As she encourages him in his career and in his relationship with his mom, she feels the spark of love. However, she must protect her heart since she knows he’s only in town for a little while.

How can she trust him when their worlds are so different? How will Drew show Sofia how important she is to him?

Buy now to find out if Sofia has the courage to explore the opportunity for true love? 

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