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No Farm No Fowl by Julie Ann Lindsey My Review


About the book 

It’s out of the frying pan and into the fire for Thelma and Louisa in this new farm to fun cozy mystery series!

Polish chicken breeder Louisa Eggers and her beloved hen, Thelma, are enjoying life sunny side up in their earthy cottagecore community of Meadowbrook. Friends and neighbors can’t get enough of Louisa’s special breakfast recipes, and she has high hopes of feathering her nest with income from the budding egg enterprise.

But when a local naysayer, seemingly determined to bring bad press to Louisa’s community, lifestyle, and café is found dead with a belly full of her quiche, and the coroner crows murder, all eyes turn to Louisa for an explanation.

To save their business and reputation, Thelma and Louisa lay a plan to find the killer. Can they crack this case before it’s too late? Or will they find themselves in a heaping helping of trouble?

And I thought 

I was excited that Julie Ann Lindsey chose to offer a spin off series following the Bonny Balfour series set in the fictional town of Bliss, Georgia.  

I loved Bonny.  Her cat Clyde.  The sheriff and the town of Bliss. 

The new series is set in the adjacent town. 

I hoped that Louisa who was introduced in the Bonny  series could 'pull it off'.  In her secondary role as an almost murder suspect she is timid shy and real quirky. 

But give Louisa her own series and she steps up and shines.   Along with her prize winning pet chicken Thelma. 

 Louisa marches to the beat of her own drum and searches out the answers.  

Who wouldn't when the victim dies at your brand new cafe and your almost the suspect. 

Louisa's 'frienemy'  Mary from the Bonny series steps up and decides to like and help Louisa.   Louisa has a crush on her neighbor Eli.  The feeling is mutual. 

Joining the cast is Louisa's mother along with the story that explains why Louisa is the way she is. 

Mom is a grand southern lady and she knows it.  And she will tell you so if your naive enough not to get it. 

I 'got it' and I loved her.  She works behind the scenes using her position in town to get a few answers and help Louisa.  

After all the mystery is solved everything ends happily with a wedding (no spoilers).  I loved how the author includes subtle references to a couple of her other series. 

The only bad part about Louisa and Thelma's debut . . .

It ended! 

Oh I hope book 2 is 

In the works 

I enjoyed the beginning of this brand new series. 

I received a complimentary copy. 

My review will appear on Amazon. 


Buy the book 

I received an Advanced Reader Copy.   Available on Amazon Click Here

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