Thursday, March 31, 2022

Vetted for Murder by D.W. Earnhardt My Review and Blog Parties Links

About the book 

Nothing stays secret in a small town...especially murder.

As the obituary columnist for a small NC mountain newspaper, Tori Mulligan is no stranger to death. But when a real-life murder mystery lands at her feet, she discovers that everyone has secrets—some more deadly than others. The sticky situation is further complicated by a handsome widower, an adorable dog, and a slew of sketchy characters. Can the sassy southern sleuth find “whodunit” without adding herself to the body count?

And I thought 

I am always  happy to meet a new Author.

Especially when a brand new series is included. 

It is always  fun to get in at book 1.  That doesn't  happen often but I am glad it did this time.  

Author  D.W. Earnhardt gave this reader a fun few hours of page turning  enjoyment. 

It's  even better when your turning the pages at page 1 unable to put the book down. 

The main characters are easy to get to know.  And the townsfolk and close friends  are fun and like able. 

The sketchy characters  are just that.  Sketchy. 

The storyline and plot were believable and I really liked it that the new Vet/Partner in town didn't  become a suspect.  Which would have been predictable.  Because it has been done several times. 

And Tori the main Character  for once wasn't  a suspect. 

But the author gives several clues and provides several suspects  and motives that might keep the reader asking questions and guessing.

I enjoyed the ending.  I was happy with what happens  to the dog on the cover.  

The cover was what drew my attention.  

I enjoyed that the recipe for White Russian  Tea was included at the end. 

And now I wait for book 2! 

I can't  wait for the next mystery and see what yummy recipes from Jo's Diner are included. 

It is super easy to award 5 stars! 

My review will appear on Amazon  and Good Reads. 

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Linking at the regular parties

Here's a sneak peek at the 1st line  . . . 

Killing  Craig was turning out to be harder than I imagined. 

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Prompts for the party . . . 
What did you recently finish reading? 
Vetted for Murder
 by D.W. Earnhardt 

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And on page 56 . . . 
"Take a right here.  And yes is what you think it is.  We have several of those pieces around town.   It started as a joke , but now the town counsel uses them to draw in tourists  and get them to express the area." 

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What are you currently reading? 

What do you think you'll read next?  


  1. This sounds like a fun read. My first line is from Of Time and Circumstance by Ann Elizabeth Fryer:

  2. Sounds like a fun cozy! I love the dog on the cover! Happy weekend!

  3. My first line comes from All That It Takes by Nicole Deese:
    As the door to our new life swung open and my ten-year-old son rushed across the threshold to explore the second-story apartment, the you-break-it- you-buy-it policy flashed across my mind like a hazard warning.