Wednesday, March 2, 2022

The Billionaires Path by Emily L Scott My Review


About the book 

WARNING: This book contains scenes of domestic abuse for dramatization purposes.

Dean Harvester has it all. He’s the CEO of an award-winning real estate firm in Manhattan with a personal net worth of more than two billion. When he’s not conquering the business world, he’s sprinting on a treadmill in the gym, trying his best to deflect the attention of every woman who passes by.

He lives in an opulent world of isolation, silently longing for a deeper connection to … something.

Things are bound to change however when a timid and unassuming woman clutching a bible joins his firm.

At first, Dean sees nothing defining in Lilian, dismissing her as a bible thumper, but it doesn’t take long before he senses something exceptional about her. She carries a quiet and natural beauty and her faith is unwavering, to his surprise … somewhat alluring.

Lilian doesn’t act in the slightest like she’s attracted to him, and she’s missing all of his signals. Dean’s curiosity builds and his feelings deepen as he spends more time with her.

But she’s trapped in her own dark world of pain, fearing for her life, and not seeing the way out. With Lilian’s help, he’s ready to open up his world and be led back on the path of righteousness, and in turn, he just might be able to help Lilian escape her own world of darkness.

And I thought  

A new to me author.  

I always like a chance to meet a new author.  Emily L. Scott did not disappoint with this read even though it was a mere 35 pages there is alot there! 

I did kind of feel  like it was too good to be true.  Too fairy tale 'ish'.

But since it is written  as a Christian  Romance should I question? 

The main Character Lillian has a strong faith that she is not afraid to share. 

Even though  she's  gotten herself in an abusive  relationship  she still trusts God to the point of accepting her fate. 

At least until she lands a new job and her boss ends up to be a great guy with a bit of baggage of his own. 

Lillian's simple faith and friendship  draws Dean in.  And her desire for him to meet God brings the together in a fairy tale happy ending. 

I enjoyed this short read which is free on Amazon.  

All the other books in the series are short ranging from 45 to 60 or so pages and are .99. 

If you like just a short check out he series. 

Buy the book  

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