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A man who lost everything.

A woman squatting on a property that's not hers.

An aunt who suggests a marriage of convenience.

When Smith Long strides into his new hometown, he doesn't expect to get bowled over by a woman chasing her cow whom she claims has fallen in love with a pig. Doesn't every small town have that one crazy person?

He's not laughing later, though, when his aunt informs him that in order for him to receive the old, rundown property she'd promised him, he has to marry the crazy woman he'd hoped to never see again.

Abrielle Adams is squatting on Sweet Briar Ranch and hoping that she'll get back on her feet before the heir shows up. Wishful thinking since she finds out that the man who'd kept her from catching her cow is the very person she was trying to avoid.

But now Abrielle has been offered the one thing she could really use - half ownership of the Sweet Briar Ranch - and all she has to do is marry a (grumpy, sour, and okay, handsome) stranger.

To both Abrielle and Smith, marriage is more than convenience and a vow is a lifetime commitment. Will they see how much they have in common and decide they need each other?  

Hard Landing:

Two wary souls get a second chance at love…

If a killer doesn’t find them first.

When a stalker turns to murder, pilot Kelli Spencer needs protection. What she doesn’t need is her old love Jack Reese returning to stir things up, but the former Navy SEAL and his team of protection specialists are the best of the best. Trust him with her life? If she has to. Her heart? No way.

Fast Landing

Old secrets, and a killer willing to do anything to keep them buried.

When a sniper’s bullet narrowly misses cafe owner Lauren Lowe in her own driveway, her life spins out of control. Who’d hire a professional assassin to eliminate a church-going restaurant owner?

Forced to take Lauren on the run, former SEAL Austin Daggett vows to keep her safe…and away from his own, grieving heart.

No Landing

She’s loved him forever, but will a determined killer destroy their chances for a happy ending?

Star Brannigan might know more about computers than people, but she’s certain her brother was murdered because of the dangerous ransomware program he and their friends thought they’d destroyed years ago.

Now she's got proof. The killer's stalking her.

There’s only one man she can turn to for help: former SEAL and Knight Tactical operative Ethan Hernandez, her brother’s best friend, an expert cybergeek, and the man she betrayed.

Longing for Lily

 (The Bloom Sisters Book 5) by Tara Grace Ericson

Sale price: 99 cents

Sale dates: January 18th - 25th

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A rift twelve years in the making, and a second chance to do it right.

Lily Bloom is confident, capable, and better off alone. She experienced true love once, and she thinks she’ll never find it again. Instead, she throws her energy into building her event business at Storybook Barn, helping others take the dive into happily ever after.

Josh Elliot is the life of the party, with a successful photography business and wonderful friends. But there is something missing. He never had a doubt about the woman God made for him, but he failed her twelve years ago. Forever isn’t in the cards for them, but since she started hosting weddings at Bloom’s Farm, he is tortured with the unobtainable love of his life nearly every weekend.

Lily’s wedding venue and Josh’s photography business bring their worlds colliding once again, bringing old wounds to the surface and forcing the question: is what happened twelve years ago going to keep them apart forever? Or can God rescue the pieces of the love they once shared?

Her Brother's Best Friend 

(Love Off Limits Book 2)

 by Hannah Jo Abbott

Sale price: 99 cents

Sale dates: January 16th - 21st

Available in Kindle Unlimited.

Emily Franklin is a five-star chef, but outside the kitchen, she doesn’t see herself as anything special. Navigating the wedding world as her best friend’s maid of honor, she’s certain it’s the only wedding planning she’ll be doing.

Cole Sanford is cool and confident and could have any girl he wants. At least that’s what everyone thinks. Truth is, he’s terrified to commit to a relationship. It doesn’t help that the only girl he can think about is his best friend’s sister. He knows better than to risk the friendship, especially in the middle of his job as best man.

When the maid of honor and best man are asked to plan a couple's shower, Emily and Cole find themselves spending a lot of time together. Between cake tastings and menu planning, their mutual attraction is hard to hide.

Can Cole overcome his fear of a relationship and admit his feelings, or will they be forever stuck in the brother’s best friend zone?

brother’s best friend zone?

Hard Target

 (Last Chance Downrange Book 2)

 by Lisa Phillips

Sub genre: Romantic suspense

Sale price: 99 cents

Sale dates: January 17th - 24th

Available in Kindle Unlimited click 

“Lisa Phillips is the master of edge-of-your-seat action and suspense!” - USA Today best-selling, RITA winning author, Susan May Warren

A new start.

An all too familiar threat.

Burned by the CIA, Lyric Thompson signed on with the Accountant’s Office for the fresh start she needed. Running a resort of vacation cabins—the site of more than one murder—isn’t going exactly to plan, but she wasn’t trained to quit. When a developer puts the pressure on, she has to choose to fight back alone…or accept help from the one man she never let go of.

Isaac Amrakov has never been given the chance to plot his own course. When the Accountant’s Office offers him a new life in Benson, he doesn’t know just how much God plans to restore in his life. But the construction crew he’s signed on with are up to something. The man he wants to be would wade in, but Isaac can’t do the right thing and keep Lyric safe at the same time. Not without putting everything he wants in jeopardy.

These two trained operatives are in for the fight of their lives. But will they stand together, or let life tear them apart again?

This stand-alone story is part of the accountant’s office series, Last Chance Downrange.

An all-new setting. An all-new set of characters.

Action and adventure await readers in this riveting historical series about redemption, faith, and the healing power of God’s love.

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