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Invitation To A Killer by G. M. Malliet My Revi


About the book 


Crime writer turned sleuth, Augusta Hawke finds herself drawn into her second mystery when a celebrity doctor is found dead at a party she is attending!

Callie Moore is no ordinary aspiring writer. Notorious wife of a Washington lobbyist, Callie believes no publicity is bad publicity and that publishing her scandalous memoirs will help her achieve her heart's desire: a diplomatic posting. She just needs crime novelist Augusta Hawke to be her ghostwriter.

It's hard to say no to Callie, but Augusta does agree to attend her dinner party. The guest list is impressive, and it's Augusta's chance to meet celebrity doctor Doc Burke. But before Augusta really gets a chance to chat with the famous humanitarian, the evening ends in his untimely death.

Signs point to a heart attack, but Augusta isn't convinced. Especially when his niece tells Augusta about the mystery woman who claimed the doctor's remains.

Augusta decides to host a writers' retreat and invite all the suspects, most of whom are connected in some way with writing. Isn't that what Agatha Christie would do? But the remote lodge soon becomes snowed in and the group starts to crack when it becomes clear the killer may not be finished killing. Can Augusta flush out the culprit before anyone else gets hurt?

And I thought  

If I had been reading the print copy I would have been turning the pages at break neck speed and reading into the wee hours of the night. 

As it was I was listening to the audio version even while my phone was plugged in charging. 

I am glad I got the chance to be introduced to the author and this fun series. 

And getting in at book 2 made it even better.  I only have 1 title to backtrack  too.  (book 1 is on my wish list) 

Invitation To A Killer was indeed a page turner.  

From the first page I was drawn into the main character  and the unfolding drama. 

Augusta North the main character  isn't  your normal Cozy Mystery Character.   She is not reluctant  to investigate.   She's ready and up to the task to find the clues once she realizes  the death of a doctor might not be what it appears. 

It was easy for this reader to keep up with the suspects all 10 or more.  I lost count but each character  was well described and it was easy to keep them all straight.  

From the Flamboyant Callie who is trying to get an appointment as an Ambassador to Felicity always seems to have a gun at the ready to Nell who unknowingly gives Agatha the clue she needs to release THAT the good doctor was indeed murdered.  

In The epilogue Agatha hints Nell just might be back in the future.  I enjoyed how Agatha retells the story to her editor in the end. 

I enjoyed and liked Detective Narducci and the building relationship with Agatha.  It was refreshing to see the cop accepting the sleuths help and even working together.  

There were a couple of different  story's to solve that intertwined around the murder(?). 

Not having been a reader of Aga Christy I didn't  get all the references  and probably  missed alot.  I suspect  a fan would love reading this book. 

I look forward  to reading book 1 and I will be reading other series by the author when I get a chance. 

I received  a complimentary  copy from Net Galley.  

My review will appear  on Amazon,  Good Reads and NetGalley.  

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